Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-03D: This and that

Theft by government – Congress in action
McClintock: $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill ‘Moves Our Country in the Wrong Direction’


Nathan: In other words, no change in the situation from the last couple dozen budgets and spending bills.  The nation continues to go to perdition in a pushcart.  But probably at a faster rate, of course.

Government-ruined, Theft-funded schools – The “messiah’s” minions
Prediction: Racial Quota for School Discipline Will Aggravate Zero Tolerance


Nathan: Clearly Holder and his bosses and thugs don’t think that the FedGov had ENOUGH control over the “public” schools and is going to push more.  And clearly, he is hoping for a backlash to give and EXCUSE for even more control.  Presumably, this will allow the DoJ to flush out the few remaining non-liberals in the school systems, and to create databases that will track students from pre-school on – for life.

Congress in action – No more liberty
Sen. Rand Paul: ‘You Name It, Your Freedom of Choice Is Gone’


Nathan: Yes, he is right.  But he still seems to be willing to make compromises to give up a little more here, a little more there, and of course, the other 99 members of the Senate also seem happy to do so.  I admit, Paul is pushing more than most, but he will be even more ineffective with the loss of Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who is resigning two years early, perhaps in the hope that a new Senator elected from Oklahoma in 2014 will be a firebrand willing to push for a decade plus of quasi-libertarian actions in the Senate.  But I wouldn’t count on it.

The “messiah” – Rule by imperial edit
Obama Says He Won’t Wait for Legislation: ‘I’ve Got a Pen and I’ve Got a Phone’


Nathan: Yes, and a whole lot of guns and panzers and drones…  We (supposedly) elect a man who has severe personality and security and power issues, give him what seems like unlimited power, and then we wonder why he turns into another Nero or Caligula, and treats even other members of government like trailer trash.

Culture wars: killing babies
Study: Contraceptive Use, Multiple Partners Linked to Higher Rate of Abortion


Nathan: This study seems to be linking things that aren’t necessarily connected in the way they are trying to claim.  And making statements that are obvious.  I see it as a moral issue: people who have the morals of an alley cat are likely to demonstrate in various ways:  multiple partners and “eating” their own children.  And since many religious groups shun contraceptive use as it is immoral, even that can be seen as related.  And we also have a factor of intelligence:  if anyone is stupid enough to kill their own child, is it a surprise that they are probably too stupid to TAKE the contraceptives properly, as well?

Politics 2014
Gov. Christie: ‘I Am Ultimately Responsible’


Nathan: A surprising admission – and one which obviously makes him unsuited and unqualified for either the elective office he now holds, or any other office.  Seriously, this guy had already proved himself to be a politician that we want in higher office almost as little as the current squatter.  But people are asking the obvious:  why did the media suddenly turn on a liberal that they had been grooming for several years?  What is there about him that set off their alarm bells?  And how much further is this going to go?

Cop thuggery – Self-defense
Florida Man in Maryland: How did Cops Knew he had a CCW?

(Tampa Tribute via Personal Freedom) – A Florida man was traveling South with his family on the way home from a wedding in New Jersey when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MTAP) began tailing his Ford Expedition. After about 10 minutes, the police pulled him over and told him they knew he owned a gun. They demanded he produce it for them on the spot — even though the firearm was locked away in a safe 1,000 miles away.

Nathan: Welcome to the Police State, Mr. Filippidias.  Yes, the big question here is HOW did the Maryland state thugs in their unmarked car know he had a concealed carry weapons permit from Florida?  But there are other issues, especially with the man’s wife, who was stupid enough to blab nonsense to the cops, and so won the family two hours of misery that SHOULD result in a hefty settlement in a court. And why is the MTA so panicked about a CCW that they pull this kind of stupidity?  And about THIS family?  What twisted pattern of “logic” went through this cop’s mind?

It is this sort of thing that compels me to stay out of the Northeast as much as possible.  For someone from Florida, he probably needed the weapon to protect him and his family MORE in Jersey and Maryland and vicinity than he does in Florida.  But he disarms himself and still gets in trouble for it.  Still, one of the main points to remember is that families need to talk.  Often.

Congress in action
Congress Wants More Potatoes in WIC Program


Nathan: Because lobbyists and voters want more?  Or because the parasites (not saying that some people on WIC are NOT really in need) want more?  Why put a food item in the program?  Usually, because you can sell more of it, increase demand, and thereby raise (or maintain) prices.  The same reason that so many other foods are commodities to be issued or purchased with SNAP and the like: cheese, powdered milk, and raisins all come to mind.

Mama’s Note: If this is limited to fresh, whole potatoes, I doubt they’ll move many of them. Many people, especially the “poor,” have little or no idea how to cook common, whole foods and rely on instant, packaged, prepared and frozen things – or fast food “takeout” almost exclusively.

Congress in action
Women are wielding notable influence in Congress

(Washington Post) After decades of trying to amass power, several women have vaulted to the top of influential congressional committees, putting them in charge of some of the most consequential legislation being considered on Capitol Hill.

Nathan: Leave it to the WaPo to publish an article that presents the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Olympia Snow as part of a downtrodden minority desperately struggling for recognition and a seat at the table, instead of the powerful, corrupt, lying, thuggish powermongers that they are.

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