Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-07A: Cold weather and politicians

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Apparently, we are supposed to enjoy the cold weather and snow while we can.  We are at two-thirds, a very high level of snow-covered ground for the US right now, which is impressive.  But this is supposed to change, according to the National Geographic, still crying wolf about global warming.  They have maps to show how bad it is going to get, IF you believe that all the ice will melt and raise sea level 213 feet. I don’t.  So, in the eyes of the establishment, that is one more reason I am a bad guy.

It doesn’t surprise me that Pat Roberts doesn’t have his own home in Kansas, as he hasn’t had his heart there for years.  Not that Kansas always elects conservatives, despite its reputation: Kathleen Sebelius and her father were both “bestowed” on the nation as a whole by Kansas, and Bob Dole was certainly a better Army Air Corps officer than he was a politician OR a conservative patriot.  But really (as I’ve mentioned before) is there ANY reason that a state’s two senators OR their representatives shouldn’t have their offices in their state: surely each state could find a couple of suites in the State Capitol for their two senators, who could telecommute to DC for senate meetings, committee meetings, and everything – even whispering to lobbyists.  It would save billions, and help them remember WHO and WHAT they work for.  And you know, maybe if Roberts actually had to LIVE in Kansas City (KS) or Wichita, or even in Great Bend, on a daily basis, he might not do the really stupid things he does in supporting the White House and dealing with the admitted Tranzis in Congress.

DC Police were “forced” to shut down Pennsylvania Avenue on Friday as they arrested a man trying to climb the White House fence, for an hour.  What a crock of garbage.  It takes all of what, sixty seconds to stick a gun up his nose, read him his Miranda rights, and shove him in the back of a patrol car, or at best five minutes if they really get their rocks off by nearly kicking him to death before throwing him the back.  Apparently DC police, the Secret Service, and other agencies are THAT afraid of what people could or might do, that they “have” to use (“forced” to use) tactics that might have fit clearing a town in the Hurtgen in 1945 or a village in the Highlands in 1970 or a city quarter in Fallujah in 2008.  And each incident, each operation, ramps things up

Bill Grigg has an interesting piece of news and commentary at about military-style police methods that terrorize communities, and shows how they date back more than 20 years.  (Actually, we can find examples back a lot farther than that, of course, but in “modern” times we find it long predates the USA PATRIOT ACT often blamed for it.)  While I think that some of his comments are totally off the wall and distract from both the news and the argument (like attacking a police spokeswoman for a dull delivery he attributes to being tranquilized to zombie levels), it is a good reminder of what we have come to in a very short time, and why things like clearing off Pennsy Avenue for a full hour is almost “routine” now.  It is going to happen more and more.

It certainly is NOT as much a concern as police gunning down and beating PEOPLE to death, but in Bloomfield, in northeastern Nebraska, the city has reprimanded a cop for killing and hiding the corpse of an elderly couple’s cat.  This sort of evil just adds to the reasons to get rid of the police forces.  Rumors are that he has been doing it for years, but now he has been caught.  I also read El Neil’s emotional sendoff for his cat, Ambrose, which made me emotional, as well, remembering all the feline friends I and my family have lost over the years, which makes me much harsher towards both the idiotic cop and the city which only reprimanded him.

On to some other news.

Deutche Welle reports that the Confoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation) has  narrowly passed a referendum to limit immigration, but the information in the article seems to contradict that claim: while the popular vote was 50.5 to 49.5 in favor, only 10 of the 26 cantons’ voters approved it, and the confederation requires that at least 14 of the cantons approve something like this.  Some libertarians attack a law like this, claiming it just reinforces invisible lines; I see it as similar to inviting someone into your home, or to join your family:  the family and community have the obligation and should have the power to set standards for who you allow to be either a guest or a permanent resident on your property, in your home: at a minimum, some indication that they are not going to abuse others who live there or steal from you.  This is not the same as “open borders” or freedom of travel, but about staying and becoming a part of the community.  This is NOT a perfect situation or solution, of course, it is really a decision that should be made by families and the local communities, including those selling property or renting.  But it is a better situation than the unlimited immigration/mass invasion, increasingly destabilizing and violent, which many other countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain all come to mind) are suffering.

Mama’s Note: Ah, excuse me… but how does that work? 50.5 to 49.5 — someone gave half a vote to both sides? Two people only recorded half a vote? Four of them only 1 quarter of a vote, two on each side? I knew the Swiss were different, but was not aware that their politics were so… fractionated. <grin> Forgive me, I couldn’t resist.

We are down to just nine months to the 2014 election, and in Texas (as usual) things are getting interesting.  Wendy Davis is getting her teeth kicked in by her supporters because she wants open carry to be legal in Texas (or so she claims).  Of course, the entire business is silly and probably intended to distract from a bunch of other things.  Frankly, Texas is as dead as a doornail, as liberal as Georgia, as far as liberty is concerned.  There is no hope in the east, but maybe West Texas has some possible opportunity to become free again.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… I do grow weary of the Texans who tell me how wonderful their state is, and how free they are. And then they act like raped chamber maids if you even mention carrying openly or suggest it is not the end of the world if a concealed gun “prints” or is seen. OC won’t happen in Texas until the gun owners there actually want it. And getting rid of the “license” will take even longer.

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