Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-07B: Police State Karma

What a week!  Good morning, all kinds of interesting things going on.  Here are a few of them.  Some really wacky ones, to start from the wonderful world of law enforcement and gun-haters and gun-fearers.

John Morales of Texas, the actor who played McGruff the Crime Dog (remember: “Take a bite out of crime!”) and made thousands of appearance and recorded PSAs played on radio and TV millions of times, is no longer a “scofflaw.”  He was recently sentenced to sixteen years in prison.  With our lousy court system, it took three years,  after police seized a thousand marijuana plants and twenty-seven weapons from his house in 2011. (One weapon was GASP! a grenade launcher.)  Did he think “Crime Dog” meant that he was supposed to be committing crimes?  (One person opined that maybe he took a bite out of crime and just really liked the taste of it.)  But there is more to this disturbing chain of events than just the irony of a public face of “law enforcement” going down for the count.  Cops  stopped Morales for speeding. Then they seem to have found designs in his car for his pot growing operation. Then raided his house (with a warrant, maybe?), and found the plants and weapons.  Karma?  Perhaps.  Certainly a total abuse of their powers, from the gitgo.  The idea that cops can search a vehicle to protect themselves from dangerous weapons surely does not extend to figuring out what is written on a bunch of pieces of paper.  What if they had found something really dangerous, like a copy of the Constitution?  Police state, indeed, and McGruff did (and is doing) his share!

In New York State, certainly, the police state is in full effect.  And another facilitator of the police state is getting a bit of his own back. Thanks to the insane and immoral Safe Act, it is now a felony to have a gun in a school, not just a misdemeanor.  It appears that one of the first victims of this crime (the stupid law) is one of the idiots who helped get the Safe Act passed. Not only that, but all these hoplophobic school types are appealing for leniency in his case because he is such a hoploclast – and hypocrite, obviously.  The report reads like a bad TV script: he was at a school meeting, police were called because someone saw a guy with a gun, and they locked down the school and started searching everyone, including the fifty students this idiot had assembled in the lunchroom.  They found his concealed gun on him, and he claimed he just forgot about it.

Of course, we see this kind of stupidity and karma not just in our homeland. In Mesopotamia, things are NOT going well.  Not only are dozens of people being murdered by both sides each day, but a suicide bomb instructor accidentally killed several of his iraqi pupils during training.   The worst sort of friendly fire.  As Mama Liberty commented: “Now, this isn’t really funny… but, I’m wondering why they’ve not run out of idiots yet.  This makes looking down the barrel of a gun look almost rational.” Of course, given that Islamic penchant for “Inshallah” (“As Allah [God] wills.”), clearly, no one pays attention to little details like safety devices.  It is, I have been told many times, why the Turks created their Janissaries by enslaving young christian men:  they still believed “God helps those who help themselves.”  (I.e., they weren’t Calvinists.)  Their children, raised as Muslims, could not train and fight effectively because they had this “calvinistic” idea that God would not allow them to fail if what they were doing was in accordance with His will and plan for the universe.

On to other news.

House Republicans caved to their leadership, Dems, and the White House, voting for a “clean” debt limit bill to raise the Nation’s borrowing limit without conditions, and increase spending immediately.  Boehner wimped out AGAIN, this time over a military pension provision that would have restored cuts from last year.  He and 27 other GOP types went along with the Dems.  As always, I ask, why bother to have two parties, when they function like this?

Meanwhile, the White House scored another victory for rule without law by once more extending the delay of the employer mandate, and it is the “messiah’s” own law!  Imagine how much attention they pay to other laws, if you can’t be bothered to keep track of how they constantly ignore or outright break the law.

It would logically seem like a good time for impeachment, but never fear THAT happening: Boehner “doesn’t have the votes.” Or the will.  Or, apparently, the brains.

As witness the way Boehner seems to be listening more to a Democratic strategist whinging that you don’t try to impeach someone because ‘They’re Black in the White House’. And just who might THAT be?  A recent rash of e-mails comparing the squatter in 1600 Pennsy to that wonderful guy who “occupied” Germany from 1932 to 1945 reminded me that even people with a skin color close to his said he wasn’t “authentically black” – and his bloodline shows it: half “white” and at least 1/8th Arab, and certainly not raised, socialized, or educated as an “American black,” it is harder and harder to see him as a victim of “racism” even while his supporters and speech writers and overlords seem to use that excuse more and more.

As I have often noted, what I call the “Crash of 2009” is still with us.  A report shows that the high school class of 2004 still has 13% neither working nor studying, and 23% are still living with their parents, a decade later. This is the college (BA/BS) class of 2008, or the post-graduate cohort of 2010-12.  The “Great Recession” or “Great Depression II” actually had its genesis in 2008 and the stupid decisions made by Bush II and his supposed replacement (the “messiah”), which converted a serious downturn into a major crash we are now still living in five years later.  This class of ’04 is just the first of many who are poorly employed, unable to be productive, and dominated as no generation since those becoming adult from 1940-1946 have been.  Dominated BY GOVERNMENT.  It is from this age group, born in 1986-1996, that will supply both the liberty-seeking counter-revolutionaries AND the modern version of the SS and Waffen-SS for 21st Century North America.  It is not a pleasant view.

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