Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-07C: Stupidity rampant

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, and my best wishes and prayers that you may have an idiot-free day; forlorn as that hope is for me and my companies and family.  Sadly, many stories today remind us that the idiots (or the stupid) are running around loose.  As usual.

Apparently, the true believers in global warming (and their reformed faith, “climate change”) have come up with an explanation for why nothing is warming up right now, but it is going to start getting warmer again soon.  It is because winds in the Pacific Ocean are causing the ocean to bring up deep cold water and cool things down.  No explanation of WHY the ocean is doing that (I’m sure the Gaea lovers would be glad to tell them about the sentient planet and all that), but of course, it is only temporary and we are still all gonna cook or drown (see my NG comments in a previous commentary).  IF this is true, and not just a religious mass psychosis, it just might be that the earth’s natural systems DO naturally balance out things, like massive releases of greenhouse gases in the past from volcanoes and forest fires and earthquakes.  Just maybe.  Meanwhile, the environists and global warming fanatics continue to demonstrate how stupid they are, and how unwilling to face reality.

Once again, I am reminded just how stupid and image-driven hoplophobes and hoploclasts are, as I read articles about how a gun manufacturer changed some of the design and appearance of an AR-15 so that the gun is now legal in New York.  At least until the government can panic again and spend a few million dollars on a special session to “close the loopholes.”  Funny, huh?  None of us ever thought that those old hokey Star Wars and other SF movie and television weapons would be useful for dealing with stupid laws and even more stupid people.

Tom Brokaw, that prime example of South Dakota Tranzi-dom, now 72, has cancer. It is a shame.  At the same time, considering all the damage the man has done over the decades to liberty and truth, it is hard to feel really bad for him.  He is, to some degree, responsible for the stupidity which seems to infect us so badly today.

I see today that Boehner is again playing games, helping the guy at 1600 Pennsy to ‘rewrite’ the Abominable Act (ObummerCare). Yeah, they are “examining all our options” on how to stick it to the nation yet again.  the ONLY acceptable solution is to repeal it.  (And every other federal health care law since about 1940, if not earlier.)  The longer they wait, the worse the consequences.  It may be that permanent, unrepairable damage to health care (at least under the current government we are saddled with) has been done.  Millions of Americans will die prematurely because of what has already been done.  But seemingly not just the Dems but Boehner and his inner circle are too stupid to do the right thing.

Guess what?  Only 7 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan so far this year .  If I calculate correctly, that is just 1 a week.  Of course, LOTS of other people (including the 21 Jihadis who were blown up by their own instructor) have been killed DAILY in Afghanistan.  As with ObummerCare and so much else, the FedGov has messed up things even MORE incredibly badly in Afghanistan than anyone could have imagined in their nightmares, and just getting out – not just troops but contractors and money  and anything at all – seems the only option left.  Nixon was actually pretty well off compared to what the squatter in 1600 Pennsy has to deal with – mostly because of his own actions. But I fear he and his advisors and the political generals in the Pentagon are too stupid to do what is needed.

It appears that the IRS (one of the more useful minions of the “messiah,” I admit) is now requiring that companies take an oath that they are not cutting their workforce in order to get special advantages in ObummerCare.  Thought crime, I guess. It is part of the patently illegal delay of implementation of the stupid and constitution-breaking “law.”  They can fire people or convert people to part-time, just as long as they don’t do it to avoid ObummerCare requirements, although cutting people or time DOES help them avoid the requirements.  Is this nuts, or what?  I guess it is typically liberal, like “don’t ask, don’t tell” and reams of the garbage spewed out from under the Capitol dome in recent years (not that that spewing didn’t start about the time the dome was built).

In some seriously weird (but funny) news, on Wednesday, eight Corvettes plunged into a sinkhole in Kentucky!  Strange things happen, and I am sure that the TV evangelists are going to see signs of the approach of Armageddon in this incident.  Wouldn’t it be funny if the sinkhole was the result of the collapse of the secret underground tunnel the Fed has been using to siphon all the gold out of Fort Knox? Thanks to Scott for this bit of news!  (I wonder, is this to be blamed on global warming?  And will their local government force them to move to a new location?  Even natural disasters serve government today, one way or another!)

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