Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-07D: Lawless government and nazgul

By Nathan Barton

The Mainstream Media has its own perverted definitions of liberty and freedom, but even so, “Reporters Without Borders” has declared that the “messiah’s” administration’s pretense at ‘Transparent’ Government has dropped the US to 46th on the “World Press Freedom Index” down from 32nd last year.  Of course, the rest of us unprivileged non-reporters would rank the FedGov considerably lower, with very good justification.  Imagine if so much of the media didn’t worship the very ground the “messiah” walks on!

Some other folks are noticing it, however.  Senator Rand Paul filed a class action lawsuit against the NSA and its surveillance programs in a DC federal court which apparently also named the “messiah.”  Given the recent court decisions, I don’t think this suit will get very far at all, but I suspect that this is to position himself for further action, not because he thinks that the Constitution and his argument about violations of the 4th Amendment will get anywhere in the federal courts.  Paul is often contradictory in his actions and what he says, frustrating many libertarians, but his loyal following (like fandom) seems to grow and accept whatever he says (gee, is that like the “messiah’s followers?). So this could be establishing a base for further political actions and a possible 2016 run (after all, there is now an example of a first-term senator getting the White House) or as a reason for encouraging and taking extraordinary measures.  Could he be the one to lead a counter-revolution, furthering the ideals of his father?  It has happened before.  In Judaea two centuries before Christ, the Maccabeean brothers, following the lead and example of their father, successfully revolted against the Syrian occupation.  It could happen.

But will the courts listen even to the obvious fact that the NSA totally violates the Fourth Amendment?  After all, they haven’t been listening to congressmen stating the obvious, like Rep. Paul Ryan: ‘We have an increasingly lawless presidency’. Why listen to Rand Paul, or a dozen or a hundred or ten thousand of them?  We can compare the modern FedGov to the Seleucids of Syria except that the FedGov considers itself the most powerful government on the planet and in all history.  All-powerful, in fact.  And the USSC and the other courts are PART of this all-powerful organization.  And something that is omnipotent must also be omniscient which requires that the NSA be even more powerful, more intrusive than it is now.

Actually, as several people have pointed out this week, the only reason that Rand Paul can plead the 4th is because of that much-hated (and feared) Edward Snowden. It was HIS actions that revealed what was going on and cracked legal barriers that were set up by the FedGov to hide its own lawlessness.  (Which the government’s attorneys can argue is a moot point: since it is the FedGov that creates the law (God being consigned to the dustbin of history by them), there is nothing that they can do that is “lawless.”  And boy, haven’t we seen that a lot?

And of course, this would hardly be the first time in recent history that a government security agency has been lawless – breaking the written law of their own nation.  This week, someone pointed out that was the case in the OstZone for half a century. ProPublica notes that the Stasi collected metadata also, on at least a quarter of its citizens, during the Soviet-backed Communist regime after WW2. And in violation of the much-vaunted protections in the DDR’s constitution.  Since the FedGov is obviously more powerful and mighty than the DDR, it can do more.  Right?  And it is needed: Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent.  The NSA is the Holy Ghost to the “Great White Fathers” of the Congress and of course, the “messiah” on his white horse (or house).

The Nazgul of 9th Circuit Court has struck down a California law restricting concealed carry, saying that San Diego County violates the second amendment by requiring a show of “good cause” before being allowed to obtain a CCP.  Mama Liberty pointed out, “I’m sure this will put all of the politicians and cops knickers into a twist. And it will probably get knocked down by another court. We can’t have those mundanes armed, you know.” I, personally, am amazed that it got this far.  What were they thinking? Of course, police and the state will pretend that these three judges are just people off the street, and will ignore this.  If they DO accept this and start massive issue of CCP, then they will use it (as the cops did in Ankeny, Iowa) as an excuse to do massive home invasions.

Mama’s Note: How many eons have people been indoctrinated into the “divine right of kings?” How many eons have people been bribed with “a piece of the action?” I suspect that the big mistake the “king” made was “allowing” all of the comfort and convenience of the last 50 years or so… Many can see now that they don’t really need a “king” at all.

Another chimed in, in the Examiner: Ninth Circuit gun rights win underscores need for SCOTUS carry ruling but Mama Liberty responded:” Well, actually no. The whole thing underscores the need to stop asking for “permission” at all. This just continues to feed the evil superstition that any “court” or “official” has any legitimate authority. If we no longer believed in ghosts, we wouldn’t need “ghostbusters.” Why don’t they get it?  It isn’t THAT complicated.  Lady Susan added: ” It doesn’t really do much in the long run. It is still not making California a “shall issue” state, let alone anything more freeing… but I guess it is good for those who still insist on staying in California and have more than a passing interest in self defense. A friend just got her “permit” in Northern California… but she’s still too afraid to actually carry the gun much. She works in an office with a “no guns” policy, so she “can’t” carry it to work and is terrified of leaving it in the car. I told her to carry it at home all the time until she gets used to it and stops freaking out about it. Then, once she is truly at ease with it, she can carry it to “work” and nobody will be the wiser.  Far too many remain convinced that the “law,” and those who make that law, have some legitimate authority to do so… and the more folks who give up that dangerous superstition, the better. I see encouraging signs all over the country.” Nathan: Some last thoughts.  This court decision is a pile of dung and ultimately means nothing.  The State (California OR DC) has NO authority: legal, constitutional, moral, or otherwise, to keep ANYone – citizen or not, from owning and carrying a gun for their own self-defense either openly or concealed, at any time or any place.  NONE.

Mama’s Note: I believe that we must not limit the discussion to guns or self defense, by any means. Our natural and inalienable right to self defense is INCLUDED in our natural and inalienable right to own our lives and bodies, to be self owners and control all of our actions, choices and possessions, being equally responsible for the consequences. When people actually become self owners, self governors, self defense is no more questionable or remarkable than breathing.

Another one bites the dust: Republican Doc Hastings of Washington State is to retire .  He is 73, and claims he still is not tired but that the folks in Central Washington need someone new with “new energy.”  That brings it up to about a dozen: we ONLY need another 430 or so.  And then MAYBE we can see something about lawless government going away.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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