Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-08C: Secession and Nullification

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Governors were upset about the proposed budget cuts for military forces and gutting the National Guard budget, manpower, and missions.  But some are upset about more than just that.  Sure, it is politics as usual, but it is worth understanding, as more and more people talk about de facto if not de jure nullification and secession.

Two GOP governors are in the news attacking the White House and Congress.  So what is new?  For once, they are speaking the truth.  First we have Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal saying that the ‘Obama economy is now the minimum wage economy.’ Assuming you have a job at all, I might add: more and more people do NOT, despite all the glowing reports in the media about how we are over the Crash of 2009 (which they never admitted to being a crash).  No wonder “he” (the “messiah”) is so hot on the minimum wage: more and more jobs that people CAN get are going to drop rockbottom.  And for only 30- hours a week, to avoid ObummerCare mandates.

At the same time we have Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pointing out that success is not measured by ‘How many people are dependent on the Government.’ Well, it all depends on who is measuring, of course: for many of our “masters” in Congress and the Executive Branch, that is EXACTLY how they measure that success: how many people got food stamps this month; how many enrolled members of Tribe X had to live on commodities this quarter, how many people got Pell Grants or BEOG this semester to go to College? Now the funny thing to me about these two GOP governors is that what they are attacking is the result of the GOP living up to its historical Big Government agenda, and its cooperation with the Democratic Party (which is always sold as a “failure” of the GOP to get its own agenda – a paper tiger at best).  That is assuming that they are honest in what they are saying, and not just doing what so many other GOP types do: putting on a big brave false front to hide their statist, stealth Tranzi beliefs and practices.

On to other news:

Not content with trouble at home, DC courts more abroad.  Not just Ukraine and Syria, but… Uganda? Uganda could lose U.S. aid, face sanctions over its homosexuality law, as the threat behind the “messiah’s” words about damaging the US’s ‘special relationship’ with Uganda is revealed.  Funny, huh?  Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan and Iraq all are “special” to the US, and I’ve not heard a WORD from DC about their laws against practicing homosexuals.  But let Tennessee or Utah or Uganda do anything, and before you know it, the diplomats are sounding tough and threats to funds are being made.

A newly-proposed Republican tax plan lowers rates, but imposes a surtax on the wealthy, once more demonstrating the hypocrisy of the GOP, especially at the national level.  The term “wealthy” can be defined in so many different ways that it lets them play games and try to conceal what are nothing more than lies about how much they want to steal from you and me.

In Nigeria this week, Boko Haram terrorists murder 58 by attacking and setting fire to a college dormitory and then killing the students as they fled: male students, apparently.  No information available, but it is reasonable to assume that the female students were raped instead of being killed.  What is noticeable about this is that apparently government security forces protecting the college were withdrawn just before the attack took place.  So we see (again) government facilitating the murderous actions of an Islamist death cult.

The World Emperor a/k/a the “messiah” tells the Pentagon to plan for full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as his frustration with Karzai and company grows stronger.  This has a few people delighted, but there is no indication this is anything more but discarding part of the hand in continuing negotiations.  Karzai is unlikely to kick out the source of so much wealth.

It was reported that 36,000 rounds of ammo and 9500 pounds of pot were seized by the Border Patrol over 3 days this week, and just in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas.  The ammo, supposedly all 7.62x39mm, was being smuggled INTO Mexico, and the pot was being smuggled into Texas.  They are proud of themselves, as this sets new records for stealing, and because “communities” on both sides of the border would have been devastated by this much ammo.  Yeah, right.  First, ammo (like guns) seldom comes back north):  the only way this could be devastating to communities in South Texas would be because families and businesses would be short of ammo.  But the most common self-defense rounds are 5.56mm NATO and 9mm Luger, NOT 7.62×39, which is usually AK-47 food.  Second, although I don’t know what prices are in Texas, the “open” (hardly “free”) market price in Colorado is supposedly $400/ounce, which means that the Border Patrol harmed the American economy to the tune of $61 million in just three days:  that is $7.4 billion dollars per year!  Not counting how many times that money would have been spent in the economy overall.  Way to GO, Border Patrol!

Biden’s latest boasting: ‘Single women with children in a dead-end job’ can quit because of Obamacare, is great news to his Tranzi buddies and the welfare state bureaucrats.  But not for the rest of us, who will pay (one way or another) for tens or hundreds of thousands of single-moms with kids getting TANF (“temporary” aid to needy families) or ADC (aid to “dependent” children) and all the rest of the welfare state payouts – not forgetting the $100,000 per year salaries for all the bureaucrats running the programs (and ObummerCare).

Kerry: those who use rape as a tool of war will not be allowed into the USA, just those who kill innocent people with drones and use poison gas on their own supporters to try and frame the government they are fighting against.   And of course, those who think that man-boy sex is natural and “not rape.”

Mama’s Note: Rape has always been a tool of war. It always will be. Seems the answer would logically to be elimination of war… aggressive war.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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