Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-10A: Congress and other thugs

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, after a long weekend hiatus from my column, dealing with all kinds of fun things.  Almost as much “fun” as in DC this week.

Incredibly, Diane Feinstein, in an act of incredible hypocrisy, denounced the CIA for spying on Senate staff.  To me, this is nothing more than a falling out among thieves (crooks); an internal squabble to see who can count coup on whom, and stick it to the rest of us more.  Now, notice, she hasn’t done this to the NSA, which shows even more that this little temper tantrum of hers is nothing but a turf fight.  Like the Bloods and the Crips, except that we are ALL collateral damage.

Of course, this isn’t the only hypocrisy in the Senate, and the GOP has their share.  Inhofe has complained that the “messiah” wasted $120 Billion on global warming, which could have bought 1400 F-35s so that the money would have been wasted on OTHER stupidity.  Do we need 1400 F-35s?  Hardly, not when we are mothballing or scrapping out A-10s – which are fine for defending the US.   Of course, doesn’t Inhofe need to go back to school and learn basic civics, that the Congress supposedly holds the purse strings and that therefore it took Congressional complicity for the “messiah” to ‘waste’ all those billions stolen from people.

Back to the CIA brouhaha, the WaPo says that the Senators rally around Feinstein, demand answers from CIA; that is, Senators of both parties voiced support Tuesday for Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) decision to publicly accuse the CIA of violating federal law and interfering with a committee investigation into the agency’s interrogation practices.  At least, some Republicans on the panel suggested that Democrats might also be at fault.  But once more, it points out this is falling out among crooks who are more concerned about their vaunted Omerta than their supposedly-legitimate oaths to uphold the Constitution.  The idea is sickening.

And still more hyprocrisy: Sen. Rand Paul says that he had lunch a week ago with Holder, which not only turns my stomach, but makes me wonder just what kind of a hypocrite Paul is, too.  Could YOU have eaten with Himmler or another of Uncle Adolph’s minions in 1938 or 1939?  I don’t think that I could, no matter what was possible.  The ONLY time a senator should be willing to talk to Holder (odd: Holder, Himmler… similar in name AND evil) is across the table in the Senate chambers during Holder’s impeachment trial.

On to other things:

On top of information from Georgia last week about the constant, continuing killing of black babies there, we learn that in NYC: 80% of abortions are minority babies, which ought to make people like the intellectual heirs of Margaret Sanger and Henry Ford all happy and excited.  We KNOW it makes the “messiah” and his minions tickled pink: they really aren’t “minority” babies as much as they are “lower class” babies, and “destroying” the environment.

Speaking of destroying the environment, according to a new report from the Environmental Policy Alliance, buildings that received the LEED “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” certification use more energy than the buildings that did not. So-called “Green” buildings are judged by LEED standards, which are one-size-fits-all and might work in the big urban areas, but when set in remote, rural, or even exburb areas, are expensive worship of “Mother Gaea” and the cult of environism.  (And therefore prove the value of that name: environists are people who claim to love and value the environment (environmentalists) but are brain-dead or just plain stupid, thus taking the “mental” part away and leaving us with “environist.”)  A green LEED building can cost 50% more than a non-LEED building, which makes it very hard to be cost effective OR environmentally sustainable, when they use more energy for their entire life.

The Blaze tells the heartwarming story of a man (no spring chicken himself) saving his 83-year-old mother from a knife- and shovel-wielding home invader after hearing the attack over the phone and racing two minutes to respond with his pistol.  No shots fired, although there was a physical fight.

At the beginning of this week, I had to travel deep into New Mexico for the first time in several years (quick sneaks across the border to Farmington or Shiprock don’t count: like visiting Dunkirk or Lille in France), to meet several groups in Albuquerque.  One thing I was surprised to see in myself is how all those “New Mexico State Police” vehicles patrolling the highways and lurking at good observation points upset me.  It is no doubt because of the recent news about the jack-boot thuggery of the Connecticut State Police and the Pennsylvania State Police.  As I have stated earlier in commentary, NO American state should have a “State Police.”  A “highway patrol” or “state patrol” (like Colorado or South Dakota has) is barely tolerable, when ALL law enforcement should be built on the Anglo common law bedrock of voluntary efforts and elected Sheriffs directly responsible to the people.  State Police, whether they are “Secret” State Police or just “plain” are an affront to liberty, even if they were reined in for a few decades.

New Mexico is indeed a land of contrasts, with Albuquerque one of the cleanest and quietest major cities in North America today, but with the disgusting tradition of Iberian government and the hideous powers given to any police by both law and tradition.  The same holds true in the pueblos, wealthy in so many ways with their glittering casinos and massive public works projects, but holding back the desert and pretending that this “good life” will go on forever.

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