Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-12B: Dead people, dead babies

Good morning!  A number of fascinating items on the news for the beginning of the week.

It now appears that most of the conspiracy theories regarding the Malaysian airliner which disappeared more than two weeks can be forgotten.  It seems that a theory proposed by a friend of my wife’s uncle  (within two or three days of the disappearance) is substantially what happened: a fire killed the electronics and filled the cabin and cockpit with smoke, causing the pilot to turn to run for the nearest airport that he knew could handle the huge aircraft, before passing out.  The plane then apparently flew on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel.  It is likely that everyone was dead long before the plane dived into the water: there are much worse ways to die.  Of course, there are many more questions to be answered now.  And the incompetence of the dozen or so governments involved has to be addressed: what can be done in the future when there are survivors?

The White House says that sending U.S. troops and aircraft to Uganda does not “change the US advisory role” in tracking down and killing this so-called “christian” warlord/terrorist.  But, of course, the Fuehrer must protect all parts of the Imperium Americana, especially from religious tyranny (other than Wahhabi Islam and humanism and Tranzi-directed efforts). All we need is ANOTHER deployment into ANOTHER place in the world where the FedGov has no business meddling.

DOJ to Supreme Court: killing human embryo in womb is not abortion.  Well, actually, it is a bit more complicated than that: they claim that killing a human embryo by preventing the embryo from implanting in his or her mother’s uterus is not an “abortion” and, thus, drugs that kill embryos this way are not “abortion-inducing” drugs. This is the argument in the case of Hobby Lobby against DHHS, as if there was something in the Bible that Hobby Lobby is citing “Thou shalt not abort thy child.”  But dead is dead, and quibbling over terminology should not matter – except that with the Nazgul quibbling DOES matter: while people die and tyranny grows.

Mama’s Note: The problem isn’t actually any definition. The problem is tyranny, and aggression, being forced to pay against their will. Freedom means the power to choose, even if the choice is wrong on some level. The consequences they might face for the wrong being done is a whole different matter.

Arne Duncan, the ED secretary minion of the Fuehrer claims it is  ‘worth considering’ giving student athletes free graduate school education, apparently so we can see more people with master’s and PhD’s braining themselves on the nation’s pro football and hockey teams, and thus ensure that the circuses continue to sooth the masses.  And incidentally making a master’s or doctor’s degree as totally worthless as BA, BS, and HS.

Thanks to Brian for this one – if thanks is appropriate for such a hideous story.  Hospitals in the UK have incinerated the bodies of more than 15,500 babies, some used for “waste-to-energy” plants.  15,500 down, only about 5,984,000 to go to surpass the Dritte Reich in mass murder WITH incineration, instead of just mass murder.  I wonder how many of these stillborn and aborted children were Jews, and how many were Irish.  Surely burning them to produce power and heat is better than serving them up on English tables, no?  And if this is going on in the UK, how many is this happening to, in the US?  The modern Fuehrer and his good buddies on Downing Street, in Berlin, Paris, and elsewhere have far out-shone Uncle Adolf.

Connecticut Gun Grab In Full Effect. Media Gag Ordered, or so says “BeforeIt’”.  they claim that communications are being tampered with. Scott, who sent this to me, suggests: “I don’t necessarily trust source, but bears watching.” I agree with Scott on the source and the advice.  BIN had gotten thing wrong before.  But Connecticut officials have already done some stupid things, so this would not be outside the realm of high-probability events.  If so, it may be too late for many people to escape.  And sooner or later, someone is going to go ballistic and pull a trigger.

Mama’s Note: Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars has this to say about it: There is more going on it CT than the state government is admitting and the state-run media is reporting, but my sources say this is crap. No names, no locations, no ability for anyone independent to confirm or deny. Don’t believe it. There is too much on the line in CT to jump at shadows because of disinformation.

Of course, there is MORE on the hoploclastic (gun-haters) front:  we find a textbook teaching that the Second Amendment requires “registration” and is good only for certain guns. Now, this is truthful for some states (problably especially for Illinois where this happened), but only because they are VIOLATING the Constitution, and more important, rights given by God to man – ALL men.  Yet we let the schools and the writers and the officials get away with this sort of nonsense.  And more and more people seem to believe these lies, even those who own and use guns.

Another hoploclastic move (or presented as such) from my own neck of the woods, Durango, Colorado, where the local gun club had tried to go 100% NRA, and was threatened with eviction from the range they “lease” from the city for a dollar a year, south of the old town on the west side of the Animas River, near Home Depot and Wal-Mart.  Various reasons were given, but not the major one: a local shooting range with 100% NRA membership is covered for liability purposes by NRA insurance.  Now, Durango is a VERY liberal town, and filled with hoplophobes and hoploclasts, but has a lot of gun folks also: everyone is riled up.  At the same time, I personally think the NRA is a bad deal, all the way around.  There are other gun ranges and clubs in the region which ARE 100% NRA for just that reason: insurance.  And is one reason I will not use those ranges: I just plain won’t join the NRA.  Compared to JPFO or GOA, they are NOT fighting the hoploclasts nearly as much, and far too willing to compromise.  I do suffer as a result, but I am making my stand.  So I can’t feel too bad about Durango, for once.

Mama’s Note: I’ll have to research this myself. My gun club most definitely has NRA “insurance,” but no NRA membership is required to join. It might be a matter of how much coverage is available, but I don’t think there is any blanket requirement for NRA membership just for a club to get that insurance. I have to agree that the NRA is far from perfect as a gun rights fighter, but they do have the best nationwide novice training program available. If some other outfit wants to match that, I’m all for it. Until then, as an NRA certified instructor, I’m pretty much stuck with them. I do not donate to their political side, and never will.

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