Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-12C: Short Wednesday Comments

Good morning!  When your family has all put in forty hours of work and it is only Tuesday night, you can figure it is going to be a long week.  That is the case with us:  a second landfill fire in three weeks that had to be fought for almost eleven hours on a Sunday afternoon and evening (and the fire WAS DEFEATED despite having to move at least 700 tons of burning and smoldering trash!), projects where one day’s testing turns into two+, and miles and miles of, well, miles and miles!  Still there is time to read quickly and scream wordlessly at the things of government and the world, so read on!

Jason Ditz at reports on congressional GOP members urging that the US send small arms to Ukraine to let them “defend themselves.”  While it is usually the DP in Congress that tell us that small arms exist only to let mass murderers ply their avocation, this strikes me as singularly stupid even for Congress.  The total irrationality about Putin and Russia at this time amazes me.

Meanwhile, a Ventura California man is finding that it does not pay to secretly record and expose abuse by the much-loved California State Child Protective Services, for they can do almost anything the agency wants with the help of cops, code enforcers, and the rest of the bureaucracy taking care of itself and in a code of omerta that makes the Capos look sane.

A north St. Louis man claims he was unfairly handcuffed and detained by St. Louis Metropolitan Police and has the video to prove that he was threatened to be imprisoned unless he falsely framed someone for a crime.  Police seem to be more and more like the criminal gangs that they are supposed to be fighting.  Even if it is “bad guys” that they are threatening and bullying, this is wrong: even bad guys have human rights.

The city of Venice has voted to break away from the rest of Italy. Eighty nine per cent of Venetians (of those voting that is) backed the move to create their own sovereign state, the ‘Repubblica Veneta,’ in a referendum on independence, to include not just the actual city but much of what once was an independent nation.  Of course, authorities claim the result is not legally-binding, since it was not done by “the authorities.”  I assume that the Fuehrer in DC will quickly condemn it as well, and issue letters of support for the embattled government in Rome.  This comes in addition to the Padanian independence movement to create a northern republic or at the least a federal system instead of the unitary “republic” which replaced the Kingdom of Italy at the end of WW2.

Gunmen in Yemen killed 20 soldiers on Monday at a checkpoint in Hadramawt province, the official Saba news agency said of the latest in a wave of attacks blamed on al Qaeda. ‘Twenty soldiers were killed in the armed attack on an army checkpoint,’ which is very likely nothing but proof of the low quality of Yemeni troops: no way an attack even by Al Qaeda gunmen on a checkpoint (if properly designed and staffed) should lead to 20 dead.  Incompetence is the most likely reason.

White House plan would end NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone data, IF you believe what the Fuehrer and his minions are claiming to be preparing.  More smoke and mirrors.

In another example of his senility or insanity (or just hubris), Harry Reid accuses GOP of helping Russia annex Crimea as Ukraine aid deal clears the procedural hurdles that kept it from being passed several weeks ago. If I understand it right, his insane argument is that Russia would not have annexed the crimea if the US had given Ukraine several billion dollars.

Report: GOP representative Markwayne Mullin earned $600,000 plus in outside income, which against House rules.  The problem with Congress is NOT a Democratic problem, not a Republican problem, but a problem with a corrupt, venal, stupid, and greedy Congress regardless of what they call themselves politically.  Another story, that a congressional committee says there will be no special ethics investigation of Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the fourth ranking Republican in the House even though she used taxpayer funds for campaign for a leadership post.  They “air-spanked” her hands, apparently.

Senator Barbara Boxer: Obamacare ‘is a huge success’ for the purposes which it was REALLY created, as far as I’m concerned, and NOT for the purposes it supposed was developed for.  No surprise, really.

Jimmy Carter again blames Catholics, other Christians for abuse of women and girls, and again proving how bad someone with a decent upbringing, decent education, and supposedly with a good work ethic and military background, can be, given enough time and temptation.

Republicans say what they claim they are running against, but not what they are running for, according to CNS News.  And no wonder, since their goals differ from the Democrats only in that THEY are the ones in charge of our lives rather than the guys in blue.  For more than 150 years, the GOP has brought Marxist socialism to the now Fifty States, disguised in order to be accepted, and taking advantage of the Democrats’ more blatant call for “change” to bring about the same results in an underhanded way.

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