Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-13E: Governments: lazy AND stupid

By Nathan Barton

Good morning from the future lands of the free people of the State of North Colorado (or Pawnee, hopefully).

A Katy, Texas arrest of a man on terrorism charges is an example (maybe, for once) of someone who seriously was into the idea of going out and bushwacking people in a politically motivated homicidal rampage.  IF we can believe the FBI.  Can you? I have a harder time every day, with ANY federal agency.  As the next story illustrates.

For once I’m using Prison Planet (a disreputable site) because their data is backed up by local news sources in Albuquerque.  This is three shootings BY cops, and two dead, in about a week.  TWENTY-THREE DEAD and FOURTEEN SERIOUSLY WOUNDED in THREE years!  This last is FedGov, compounding what seems to be a needless shooting by trying to steal phones/cameras from witnesses.  Albuquerque is NOT some drug- and alcohol-sodden Mexican ciudad.  If El Paso can avoid this kind of murderous “law enforcement” then why can’t the largest city in New Mexico?  The protests this last weekend turned violent, and many people say it was the storm troopers – excuse me, police – riding MRAP vehicles into “battle” that caused it.  New Mexico’s hispanic culture, society, and government do NOT justify this.

Not that they won’t try, just as Turkey is trying.

The Turkish government is trying to justify invading and occupying parts of northern Syria, which proves that you cannot EVER trust government.  They have every right, under the 1921 treaty, to defend this tomb and the land immediately around it, but they want to use it as an excuse to invade a much larger area because they are tired of the fighting.  That may or may NOT be a good thing.  But coupled with duplicity and outright lying, it is a BAD thing.  An idiotic thing to do. And THEY compound the stupidity by declaring that the people who leaked this information have declared war on Turkey.

Back to the US, the FedGov is cracking down on all sorts of nasty, nasty things, like having a memorial table in a dining facility (“mess hall” for all us ground-pounder types) with (Gasp!!!!) a Bible on it.  Obviously, we must get rid of such an evil thing, lest our airmen become either religious fanatics OR are traumatized into uselessness by their extreme offense at such an object.  Of course, we need to traumatize them and their families some more.

Once more, we see a “gun-free zone” in an idiotic location like a military installation, and a man flips his lid and starts shooting others, then himself.  The terror and stupidity is once again compounded, this time by idiotic instructions broadcast in the housing areas. This shows how cowed the powers that be want everyone, even the families of military personnel, to be.  Imagine if this sort of instruction had been given to the families of officers and NCOs in frontier forts like Fort Phil Kearney or Fort Fetterman in the late 1800s?  (Of course, the hoploclasts and hoplophobes use this as an excuse to urge outlawing guns.  I assume this mad, dead suicide-victim soldier used his own personal gun, but he could just as easily have flipped out on the firing range and shot up even more using a government-issued weapon: even (gasp!) a fully-automatic assault rifle.  Isn’t it time to take ALL weapons away from our troops and issue them ONLY when we load them up (well, no, when we UNload them from) the airplanes in some foreign country where they are to go out and kill people?  Will THAT make Pelosi and Boxer and Reid and Ellison and all the other pieces of garbage happy?

I’m sure some Irish politicians (and not even the ones in Boston and NYC) are happy about this next event.  A bomber blew himself up, apparently because he forgot to set his clock back, in Dublin on Sunday (unlike our enlightened and compassionate politicians on this side of the pond, Ireland still uses the traditional changeover date for daylight savings.) This shows that it is NOT only government personnel who are incredibly lazy and stupid (assuming he wasn’t actually a government agent). By the way, don’t think this means I think that daylight savings is anything but a stupid idea.  Of course, I support using GMT everywhere on the planet, and ending this foolishness of time zones once and for all.

A bizarre tale of the efficiency and bias of our wonderful State Department (apparently under both the old mastership of Miz Clinton AND the new overseer, Massa Kerry):  twenty Nigerian state governors were invited to the US, and only ONE had visa problems: the one “christian”: the other nineteen were muslims.  From a land where the major news item each Sunday is how many non-muslims were killed by muslim attackers and bombers that Lord’s day. Are we not blessed that our benevolent Fuehrer protects us from the evil of those wicked, hateful people who claim to follow Christ Jesus?

The FedGov protects us from so many other terrors and horrors, like air pollution.  That is why the EPA used humans as guinea pigs. Up to 81 people, were exposed to air pollution levels 50 times what the EPA claims is healthy, without being told.  Were an industrial or commercial site to do such a thing to their employees, let alone the public, the EPA would be coming down on them like a ton of bricks.  It seems the solution is obvious: outlaw the EPA and ANY agency that abuses the public trust (and people) like this.  I know, I know: the few must die (or be exposed to nasty stuff) for the good of the many; that is fiction, and bad fiction at that. (/sarc)

More people are getting targeted because they drive in cars with Colorado plates, it seems.  The first story was about a 70-year-old Coloradoan stopped on his way back from Washington, by Idaho State Police.  Now it turns out at least Nevada, Illinois, and probably other states are “profiling by license plate” and using any excuse to harass travelers.  Police state, indeed.  (And that explains why the last few times I’ve had to rent a car in Colorado, they’ve had California or Texas plates: to keep me from getting busted in New Mexico or Utah or where ever!)

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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