Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-19E: Lies and stupidity in the news

By Nathan Barton

Good morning; the week seems to be progressing well.

After yesterday’s articles, I have one last example of lies and ignoring the truth.  It seems that people are in a panic about earthquakes.  In many places, politicians and environists have blamed a whole rash of quakes in the past couple of years on lateral drilling and fracking for oil and gas production. Others have, bizarrely enough, blamed it on “global climate disruption,” and of course, we know famously that one amazingly brilliant member of Congress thought that too many troops and equipment stationed on Guam would cause the earth to tilt (a quake, definitely.) But it seems that there are places, like Idaho, where NONE of these things seem to be happening, and no one can figure out why there are so many quakes now in a place that didn’t used to have any.  The common sense answer:  “Gee, we don’t know, so let us figure out why,” is no longer any more acceptable than a six-year-old boy turning his fingers and fist into a pretend gun on a school playground.

Now, on to other news!

According to a YouGov poll, only 4% of Americans think they are more stupid than the average American.  Lake Wobegon Syndrome, of course.  And obvious, when you think about it.  Most people are too stupid to realize that they ARE stupid.  Especially when it comes to politicians and lawyers.  And we know that MANY police departments weed out candidates who are “too smart” to make good cops.  I am reminded of a quote from Margaret Atwood: “Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.”

I know it isn’t nice to mock the disadvantages, even when the “disability” is just being stupid: they can’t help it, after all.  But I see that once more, the Fuehrer’s hometown, Chicago is again in the news for its large-scale (by American standards) murder rate, which is mostly blacks killing other blacks. Perhaps the Fuehrer’s preacher, good ole boy Jeremiah Wright, should think about preaching a little less about the evil of America and more about the Golden Rule and being peacemakers.  And maybe Raum Emmanuel should seriously think about ENCOURAGING a gun culture among the honest and peaceful (and constantly threatened) residents of Chicago.  “An armed society is a polite society.”

Speaking of guns, I got a kick out of this: North Korea is criticizing the US for “insufficiently oppressive gun laws.” Gee, what an honor!  Perhaps the minions of that second-only-to-Dennis-Rodman-weird beloved leader recalled what Admiral Yamamoto once said about a rifle behind every blade of grass, as he contemplates how to dis South Korea in return for their insults by invading and occupying the South, rapidly-emptying Japan, and of course, the Fifty States.

A liberal columnist made this insane claim this week, that Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn’t murdered in Libya; he died of smoke inhalation.  As someone pointed out, this was very sad, and especially after those sympathetic Libyans dragged him out of the embassy trying to get him to an emergency room…

Otero County Commissioners (in southern New Mexico) have defied the FedGov regarding access to a spring for ranchers in severe drought conditions.  On top of the business in Bunkerville, Nevada and last week’s defiance of the FedGov by people (again, road access) in San Juan County, Utah, I fear it is only a matter of time before sizable chunks of the western States are declared to be in rebellion.  The FedGov dare not call up National Guard troops, at least not from those or neighboring states: even Democrats like Hickenlooper in Colorado are unlikely to take point for the Fuehrer.  Active Army units are too integrated to be trustworthy, despite many people’s fears. (I mean by political beliefs and origins, not “sexually” or “racially.”) But we have so many armed FedGov agencies that no doubt they (augmented by mercenary units as “contractors”) will be willing and able to go in and knock heads and bury bodies (not just cattle, this time).

Mama’s Note: We’d just as soon be left alone, of course, but we’re all done backing up…

The Philippines has protested China’s reclamation of land in a disputed reef in the South China Sea that can be used to build an airstrip or an offshore military base in the increasingly volatile region, the country’s top diplomat said.  Of course, “reclamation” is really the wrong word: China is creating land above the normal sea level, where there has probably not been land for millennia.  But this is hardly a peaceful enterprise,

In California “An Iraqi immigrant convicted of beating his wife to death in what police initially believed was a hate crime could get life in prison at his sentencing scheduled for Thursday in San Diego County Superior Court.”  Excuse me, but beating your wife to death in her own home and kitchen is NOT a “hate crime.”  Actually, the man tried to hide his guilt by making a copy of a threatening “anti-Muslim” note supposedly left in their front yard a few weeks before he beat his wife to death in what is obviously an “honor killing” because she planned to leave and divorce him.  In orthodox Islam, only MEN can divorce their (one to four) wives, with almost nothing but a snap of their fingers.  Of course, most of his family (the male side) were OUTRAGED that a court could convict and sentence him for doing what was his Allah-given RIGHT to do: kill her at will.

Mama’s Note: Beating someone to death certainly sounds like a “hate crime” to me… but then, all such violence is the result of hate – one kind or another. The aggression itself is far more important than whether or not the perpetrator “hated” the victim’s race, religion, etc. If it is proven that he killed her purposely, that’s that. I’m sure she was as completely helpless as this man and his sick, ugly culture could manage. These women need to learn how to defend themselves, and accept that they have every right to do so. I wish I could teach that to each and every one woman on earth.

Amid wails of grief and anger in Turkey, coupled with protests and riots, rescue workers trudged repeatedly out of a coal mine Wednesday with stretchers of bodies that swelled the death toll to 274 — the worst such disaster in Turkish history. Hopes faded for almost a hundred more.  It is important to note that while this may be the worst RECORDED mine disaster in MODERN Turkish history (defined as since 1920), that the Turks and their “Ottoman Empire” routinely killed THOUSANDS of slaves in their various mines and other operations over the four centuries before that, to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of Armenians and other subject people killed, sometimes merely for sport.  Or the bloodbaths of their repeated invasions of Europe.  Or their current vendetta against the Kurds (and still against Armenians), driven by a combination of tribal and imperial ambitions AND Islamic fervor.

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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-19E: Lies and stupidity in the news

  1. Okay, here’s the plan. We let the Chinese go forward with building their island base …. and then laugh when it capsizes because of a) all the troops and equipment and b) ocean level rise due to “global warming.” I mean “global climate instability.”


    • MamaLiberty says:

      “We” – “let” them build it? Hmmm… how did it get to be any of “our” business? 🙂 Not mine, anyway.

      Just watching from the sidelines here… we do live in “interesting times.”


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