Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-20D: “Unintended consequences?”

Good morning… I think. Lots of fun things:

In Connecticut, one of the strongest (worst) police states of the Fifty States, the legislature has been “forced” (by the fear of losing federal money) to make chocolate milk illegal in schools, together with guns and common sense and sound thinking and teaching. The governor “may” veto it, but this is one of the many results of the Fuehrer’s Consort’s nanny-state whinging about keeping children from going hungry OR getting fat.  And if that is case in Connecticut, are the other Forty-Nine far behind?

Two car bombs exploded at a bustling bus terminal and market in Nigeria’s central city of Jos on Tuesday, killing at least 118 people, wounding dozens and leaving bloodied bodies amid the flaming debris.  Boko Haram is blamed (but hasn’t taken credit) for the attack which surely killed as many or more Muslims as people of other faiths:  it is part of their effort to force Islamic government on Nigeria, in the warped logic of too many extremists and revolutionaries.  The usual logic (as expressed by Mao and Diem and other Communist revolutionaries) is that when you demonstrate that the “legitimate” government cannot and will not protect you against atrocities like this, then the people will give up supporting that ineffective government and embrace the alternative, even if it is the alternative that is killing them by the bombings and kidnappings and such.  Bombings like this are harder to defend against, but having armed and voluntarily organized defense systems of the people can even prevent things like this, and demonstrate that the people DO have another alternative to the “secular” statists and the “Islamic” statists.

American firms pay billions and billions in taxes to foreign governments on overseas earnings, then pay taxes again to the FedGov on those same profits.  The effective overseas tax rate is more than 27%, but that is well under the US rate of 31%.  These are “on profits” but the bottom line means that consumers pay the taxes, and so we are all being stolen from.  Expect worse to come, of course.

The Nazgul of 7th Circuit Court has sided with the City of Milwaukee that it is okay to break in to a private home without a warrant, and then steal weapons and ammo, if it is because they are concerned about the physical or mental wellbeing of the occupant(s).  The article is a lengthy one, discussing the written decision and the circumstances, as well as the huge loophole in the 4th Amendment this creates, if it stands.  I don’t see it so much as a loophole as a simple negation of the entire 4th Amendment: our right to privacy, our right to be secure in our homes and property is no longer to be protected by the Constitution or any other document.  Oh, the words will still be there, but they are meaningless: lawyers will read them but study all the ways that they are rendered null and void.  Of course, this is just the Nazguls’ confirmation of a practice that has been getting more and more common, since we must be taken care of (one way or another).  Either way, people – MORE people – will die or be robbed.

North Carolina, a society of criminals?  Yes, but not necessarily because the population is all a bunch of scofflaws and gangsters: rather, it is because each year, North Carolina’s state government makes more and more things criminal.  There are (on average) 34 new “crimes” created a year, for the last several decades, and there are now 765 sections of criminal law code (approaching the size of the IRS Code?).  The data is scary, the consideration of WHY is even more scary: private professions and special interest groups push for quasi-governmental organizations to make more and more things illegal, and not just petty crimes or even misdemeanors, but FELONIES.  With JAIL or PRISON time and fines that in turn often result in jail time.  Thus, once more, we see where the politically connected and “elite” can use the law as a hammer against anyone they don’t like or whom they think  threatens them.

In the last three decades, extreme poverty has decreased by more than half (from 52% to 21%). Yet according to a recent Barna Group survey more than eight in 10 Americans (84 percent) are unaware global poverty has reduced so drastically, and more than two-thirds (67 percent) say they thought global poverty has risen during that period.  Really.  And we can see why, because we are hit with a constant barrage of how evil the wealthy nations (and wealthy people IN those nations) are, and frankly, $1.25/day (the definition of extreme poverty) just doesn’t go very far these days, not as compared to 1984.

The recent VA scandals and the idiotic speech made by the Fuehrer today are oddly juxtaposed against the story of Mario Hernandez.  Mario escaped from Cuba with his parents in 1965, enlisted in the US Army at 19 in 1975, served in the Army and then in Federal civil service, including background investigations every five years.  He thought he had been before an immigration judge when he swore an oath of citizenship in 1975, but apparently NOT – or the “paperwork got lost.”  When he found out, last year, that there WAS no record, he refiled paperwork explaining the laws under which he had MULTIPLE paths to citizenship (sound familiar) only to have DHS reject it and then apparently prepare to file charges against him for unlawfully passing himself as a citizen, illegally voting, illegally getting a civil service job, and as much as they could throw at him.  It took big bucks for an attorney and multiple appeals, but finally today (Wednesday, 21 MAY 2014, 39 years later) was sworn in as a citizen.  This is no GLITCH – this is government at its “best.”  His attorney said there maybe hundreds, even thousands of veterans in the same pickle.  Notice, the FedGov attorney-goons don’t charge border jumpers with these things, they don’t charge people who vote 3 or 4 times in the same election, but this guy…  People think I am being too harsh against the Fuehrer for the veterans scandal and the abuse, but this shows it is a natural part of the system.  Evil is evil.

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