Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-23B: Politics and headaches

By Nathan Barton

Good morning. The big news on Tuesday evening was a Tea Party Movement victory in Virginia.

Actually it is being sold as a “stunning” Tea Party Movement victory and Eric Cantor of Virginia is toast, so (they say) the entire power structure in the House of Representatives is tilting.  Or so it could be, if the insurgents in the GOP are able to get their act together.  But at the same time, Lindsey Graham defeated those challenging him in part because they could not get themselves organized.  Stupid?  Yes, but that is the GOP in the 21st Century (and for the last 60 years).  I am not holding my breath that the Congress will really improve.  Yes, I know that Cantor resigned as Majority Leader, but tell me, do you seriously think that the GOP in Congress is going to elect someone COMPETENT to this office?

Again this past weekend, Boko Haram attacked various people at sites in Nigeria.  I found, however, this article from almost a month ago, explaining how in at least one town, the people (mostly “christians”) decided that enough was enough, and fought back – some even ambushed the Islamic killers on their way to attack people. But is this actually moral?  Is this self-defense or is it aggression on the part of those who attacked?  I’m sure that we will hear that this is NOT moral, and of course, it is NOT legal:  governments do not want people to take their own safety into their own hands.  I believe that it IS moral to act preemptively when it is obvious, when it is clear, that the enemy is moving into position to attack and try and kill you or others.  If there is SIGNIFICANT doubt that they really will not attack, then you might be obligated (by moral concerns) to not attack them to kill, but even then, a spoiling attack is justified to prevent their attack.  This is no different than creating conditions (fortification, secure site, etc.) that are designed to prevent attack or entry, provided that their actions are what trigger the use of deadly force.  When YOU choose the battlefield, you are often able to avoid the use of deadly force, and still force withdrawal.  As for Boko Haram, I suspect that they will (like many bullies – example the two “white supremists” who killed themselves in Las Vegas after actually encountering competent opposition) collapse like a house of cards (well, a bloody house) as they actually are opposed by people who are doing more than bowing their heads in submission and begging for mercy.

This article is a useful and sobering listing of recent news items that should help explain to parents why they need to get their children OUT of the evil institutions that government-run, tax-funded schools have become.  What is being taught, and what is being done, to children in schools today – by the very people who are supposed to be teaching and protecting them – and ALLOWED or even ORDERED by the politicians who run these places, is disgusting.  Share this with family and friends who are wavering about going to home schooling or private school for their precious children.

Bullets for … well, for almost anything.  Apparently there is a surge in barter using bullets, fueled by the ammo shortage of the past year, and people tired of bogus green pieces of paper.  This is a fun article to read, and hopefully will give people ideas of what they can do.  I had not realized it, but I was a part of this “movement” several years ago when I client made me a great offer I was glad to take…  More and more people are resorting to “real money” (silver or gold) and BitCoin (and its competitors, like Mazacoin) and barter, but the wide range of using ammo is surprising – and a good sign that people are getting ready for bad times ahead.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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