Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-23A: News we really don’t want to have to hear

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, as summer is here, the news is not necessarily what we want to hear, both from abroad and at home.

The violence against Christians in Africa continues. While we usually hear about Nigeria, last week in Central African Republic (CAR), Islamists murdered 30 christians inside of their church where they were hiding from the violence between rebel groups on the streets.  Again, these people apparently were “law-abiding” and were not armed and able to defend themselves.  People in churches around the world should keep that in mind: BE PREPARED.

Oh, joy, I LOVE collecting stamps like this.  The U.S. Postal Service has issued ‘Global Warming’ stamps, as a follow-up to the Harvey Milk propaganda stamp.  People get so warped about things like this, but postage stamps have almost ALWAYS been a tool of propaganda for governments.  How is this any different than Kwanza or El Eid or for that matter, Madonna and Child stamps?

Catholic Bishops bless Massachusetts hoploclasts (gun prohibitionists) in a shockingly naive-sounded “pastoral letter” which seems to express their understanding that LAWS prevent crimes like illicit killing.  Would that people who consider themselves “shepherds” of a “flock” learn that God expected them to defend their flocks – and teach their flocks to defend themselves, against evil, and NOT depend on government!

As a follow-up to my comments previously, another story points out that EPA’s Global Warming regulations will cost $500 Billion over just a ten-year period.  This is even higher than other analyses have estimated.  A 25% or more increase in the average household power bill is expected, according to this story.  (Another story claims this will cause Power Bills to rise by 40%.) This is to “reduce” global warming, and to “improve air quality.”  But the data indicates neither will happen.

Imagine, middle schools filled with terrorists, at least according to the principal. I might agree in a joking sense, but this guy is serious, and suspended them. The guy needs a long vacation in some place quiet and without children around.  Apparently complaining about a dress code on Facebook, and “threatening” to work together to violate the code is considered terrorism.  Meanwhile what the idiots in DC do is NOT considered “terrorism” however many innocents that the government kills.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has repealed the Common Core in Oklahoma!  South Carolina also threw out Common Core Standards. The entire controversy is spreading.  I think some of the concerns about Common Core are over-hyped, but the REAL problem: government control of the schools; is ignored in the furor over the standardized requirements. The solution is to END government control and theft of funds for schools.  Who should set standards?  I’d suggest volunteer organizations, made up of parents and including businesses and teachers, just as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets standards for tens of thousands of activities and materials.

The Fuehrer’s weakness on Human Rights has let down not just the American people, but those of other nations as well, like the Chinese people. Human Rights isn’t the only place the Obama administration is failing – they aren’t even meeting their own standard of success.  When will we stop depending on some elected (or unelected) “massa” to protect our liberty?

Can you imagine?  First Consort (ya know, Moochelle) may be planning a run for the Senate.  Just like dear Hillary.  Stupid.  And yes, I’d have said the same thing about Pat Nixon or Laura Bush.  We need to figure out how to end these dynasties.

A poll claims that 61% of Americans think that the government should force businesses to pay for people’s contraceptives.  This is because that stuff is SO essential to business and to people working.  Frankly, bad as the American electorate is, I find this to be somewhat unbelievable.  Force for this?

From a friend: Not that you need more evidence that the government is out of control, but here’s some anyway. There is a wonderful caring guy in New York City voluntarily drives cancer patients to the hospital for free.  So does the NYC government give him a medal? Nope. The government is now trying to take his car and fine him for his acts of kindness.  He doesn’t have the million-dollar permission slip from the city to let him drive someone somewhere.

In Michigan, the idiots in Lansing have passed and are implementing a new law that FORCES parents to let medical personnel speak to their children, age 12 and older, without the parents present, and which will allow children to block parents from viewing the child’s medical records on-line (unless the parents are good hackers, presumably).  A photo of the warning notice is shown at the link.  The article ends with this manifesto from a parent: I am not checking my parental rights at the door simply because I am an American. I will obey the laws and work hard to be a “good” citizen… but the moment the government begins to infringe on my duties as a father, I will no longer comply. My children are too important and my government is too incompetent for me to allow that to happen.

That is good, as far as it goes, but laws should only be obeyed if (a) they do not conflict with our duty to God and our families, which are more important than ANY government, (b) they are intended to prevent harm – real harm, not “feelings” or “offending” – to others, (c) they do not violate our God-given rights, and (d) they make sense.  It is not just a matter of government being “incompetent” (though they are), but of what real, legitimate, moral power that governments do NOT have. And parents need to apply it to EVERY part of life, including public schools, zoning, and all the nanny-state laws that “are for our own good,” but really exist to allow government to control every aspect of our lives.  Enough is enough.

One person was killed and three others were injured Thursday in a shooting on the campus of Seattle Pacific University that ended after a student disarmed the gunman. A student building monitor at Seattle Pacific University subdued the gunman as he reloaded after he entered the foyer at Otto Miller Hall, and several other people jumped on top of him and pinned him down until police officers arrived, police said.

Mama’s Note: Another “disarmed victim zone” story with a twist… the bystanders didn’t just stand around helplessly. Too bad at least some of them were not armed, of course. Going against a shotgun with your bare hands (or pepper spray) is not my idea of smart.

Nathan: I saw this late last night.  Seems to be a mixed report: some claim that the student was a security guard.  And the number of wounded seems to be unclear. Obviously, the killer went there assuming he would be unopposed by anyone armed, which is perhaps the point to again make: if the site were not known to be a disarmament zone, the incident may never have happened.  No-gun signs kill.

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