Crash of 2009 and government damage to the economy still with us (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-22E)

By Nathan Barton

According to the FedGov and its sycophants and supporters and hangers-on, the “last recession” ended sometime in 2009 and we have been “enjoying” a “modest recovery” for the last five years.  Now, there is worry that (blame it on bad winter weather, which is blamed on man-made global warming) we are sliding back into recession.  That is sheer garbage, and anyone willing to look around and talk to people – even in states that have fared better in the last couple of years (like the Dakotas and Montana) – can see that.

With that in mind, here are a few items of economic news this week worth talking about.  According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NOT a government agency) there are some serious health effects of graduating during a bad economy.  A higher unemployment rate at graduation is associated with lower income, lower life satisfaction, greater obesity and more smoking and drinking later in life.  Since we have been in a “bad economy” since 2008, despite all the claims of a “recovery,” and things have started slipping even in the eyes of bureaucrats and incumbents here in the last few months, we can expect to see a lot more of this.

Even some of the Tranzis, like the Pew Charitable Trusts, are admitting things aren’t right, reporting an uneven recovery when comparing various states. Overall, nationally, state tax revenue has recovered since the (supposed end of the) recession, but twenty-six states are still struggling to reach peak revenue levels (that is, the amount of money they were stealing from their citizens before the 2008 “downturn.)  And government actions are NOT doing anything to help the economy OR the states.

For example, a US Chamber of Commerce study estimates that EPA regulations could cost $50 billion annually, reduce coal-fired energy capabilities by one-third nationally and could cost as many as 224,000 jobs annually through 2030: that is 3,584,000 jobs: an incredible number.  The Fuehrer’s lackeys want us to switch from coal to natural gas, at the same time as they are rushing to export as much natural gas as possible and therefore drive natural gas prices back up to historic highs.  Just increased electrical costs are estimated at $300 per year per average household.  In the Black Hills, electrical costs nearly TRIPLED over the winter, and now this will add another fifteen percent.  And these numbers may be low: this may cost MORE dollars and MORE jobs.  Another study says that 15 percent of the coal system: everything from power plants and mines to trucks and railroad operations and the businesses that support them, could be eliminated if this regulation – “stroke of the pen” – goes into effect.  And I don’t think Congress has the guts to do anything to keep the Fuehrer from, at last, keeping a campaign promise.

It is something anyone in business faces on a daily basis.  Government “Overregulation” hurts job creation and economic growth, while benefiting those with influence and the resources to deal with it.  Remember, most job growth and economic growth comes from SMALL business.  But according to entrepreneurs, regulatory burdens, complexity and uncertainty are dampening their ability to launch new businesses and create jobs.  Over regulation is not a strong enough word: the nanny state and virtually ALL government regulations create far more harm than they accomplish good.  Supposedly, government “protects” consumers (including other businesses) by its burdensome and monstrous regulations, but somehow, consumers are STILL taken advantage of, and indeed the regs often seem to make it easier for the con artists and oligarchs to do so.

Supposedly, US manufacturing may be making a comeback, at least according to some economists. But skeptics are not so sure. Count me in that number: I’ve seen more clients go under or cut to almost nothing to try and survive, and what they tell me is NOT what the Fuehrer and all the suits in DC are claiming.

It isn’t just here, of course, in the Fifty States.  In Europe, even while (last week) the UK further distances itself from the European Union and especially the European Monetary Union (the Euro), and France and Denmark resist the EU , the European Central Bank (whose alter-ego – secret identity) is the German equivalent of the Federal Reserve) pushed the rate paid on savings deposits to -0.1%: that’s right, a NEGATIVE interest rate so that customers and banks get CHARGED for saving money and having reserves.  They are also praying that 400 BILLION EUROS of “easy money” will get their economies moving again.  Stupid as DC and NYC is, sometimes the Europeans beat them all hollow.  It is supposedly a fear of deflation (in what, I don’t know) but I think it shows how panicked they are.

Conditions like these, coupled with MORE stupidity on the part of the Fuehrer and his allies (or puppets) in Ukraine and Central Europe, just seem to be pushing for both a world economic collapse AND war.

The Cato Institute points out the foolishness of this, in a good article, “What Makes a Country Successful? Small Government, Economic Freedom” History shows, that the majority of the time, rising per-capita incomes, economic growth and low unemployment are associated with small government and economic freedom.  This is, of course, totally contrary to the wishes and ideology of those in power in DC, New York, Brussels, and even Frankfurt and London.  And it is the people, the families and businesses of the world (not the “multinationals” or “transnationals” but the small businesses) that will pay for their stupidity and panic.  And sooner or later, the big boys will also suffer as they push the world and its economy over the edge of the precipice.

Meanwhile, the Fuehrer and his minions keep frittering away more and more money. The Government is supposedly researching how to make Americans change their food choices, spending “only” two million dollars of taxpayers’ money to figure out how to manipulate those same taxpayers.  Of course, I’m sure that the techniques that this research center will come up with will be incredibly expensive to implement and further turn Americans into serfs of government.

Mama’s Note: It all boils down to the necessity of recognizing just who is responsible for the lives and health of individuals: the individuals themselves. As long as people are fooled into accepting the bogus “authority” of government to control everything, this will carry out to its inevitable end. Those who expect to obtain government guaranteed security and liberty at that same time, especially by supporting thieves and murders… will reap only slavery and death.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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