Human Sacrifice

By Nathan Barton

Planned Parenthood, one of the most prominent of Tranzi institutions in America today, constantly tells us that they are all about “family planning” and that abortion should be “legal and rare.”  So why did Planned Parenthood hand out a “Most Abortions” award to a Colorado clinic? Should they not be giving awards for the fewest abortions?  For the most children loved and placed in loving homes if the parents cannot keep the child?  Why?

There is an answer, but it is complex, and it condemns not just Planned Parenthood but many “feminists” and liberals and others.  I am not the first to point out that, to the Tranzis and all their organizations, abortion – the killing of an unborn child – is a sacrament to them.  Indeed, in recent years people have actually openly stated that they are not just empowered and liberated but actually ENJOY sucking a living human being out of a womb, or poisoning it in the womb.  The act of taking a human life, even under such restricted conditions, seems to have some kind of mystical, religious significance to many people.  Since they can no longer slaughter peasants or slaves or infidels or even enemies of the state without a lot of paperwork and agonizing and screeching, this is apparently a necessary way of expressing this hideous aspect of the warped human mind.

This need to kill other humans is not anything new by any means.  Indeed, it is an integral part of many societies and religions.  Archeologists virtually around the planet have found evidence of human sacrifice in many cultures and settings.  These range from the ritual burning of infants to Moloch and Milcom and Ba’al, to the execution and burial of servants when their “betters” die, to the vast pyramids of skulls of the Mongols, the assembly line ritual slaughter of captives on Azteca temple pyramids, the ritual killings of the “king of the land” in northern bogs and forests, to the Auto-de-Fe of counter-Reformation Spain and the burnings of heretics and witches in England and the Low Countries, the Terror of the French Revolution, right down to modern times; the winnowing of the kulaks of Ukraine, the killing fields of Cambodia, the death camps of Germany, and more.  And of course, today we see the fratricidal killings of Afghanistan and Pakistan and Mesopotamia, the attacks on Western public places by whomever, the weekly slaughters in Nigeria, the drone attacks on families, the sacrifice of nearly 5,000 American men and women in Afghanistan in the last decade, and more than 5,000 innocent lives taken by American cops, also in the last decade.

There are, supposedly, reasons for these killings, and sometimes there IS a justifiable need for self-defense.  But more and more it seems that these various actions, especially in the West and in Islamic lands, are little more than excuses for killing humans; for the warped sacrament of human sacrifice on a scale previously unheard of in human history.

There are, perhaps, two complementary solutions to this problem, but with the recognition that the problem will never completely go away until the end of human history. People will always kill other people, and some (many? most?) of those killings will be killing for killing’s sake, ritual slaughter as sacrifice to something.

The first solution is the establishment of what Heinlein called the “first rational civilization” in history. That is a civilization of societies which are built on the concept of liberty, of non-aggression, and a “live and let live” attitude.  One where there are no human masters or servants, and aggressive violence is met by the force of free people defending themselves, their liberties, and their honor.   This is a society with “freedom TO,” instead of “freedom from;” a society in which voluntary cooperation extends to everything, not just to a free market.

But the first solution is impossible without the second. There must be  a change, a maturity in hearts and minds, so that people understand and accept responsibility for their actions, who understand from childhood that interactions with other people can and must be voluntary.  Some call it “self-government.”  That seems possible only in godliness – not “organized religion” but belief in and acceptance of what Jesus called the Great commandments  to love God and then to love our neighbors as ourselves. A “religion” which has the Golden Rule as part of its core (just as the secular society has the Zero Aggression Principle or Non-Aggression Principle) as part of its central philosophy and image).  Responsibility is essential; self-responsibility, self-governing, and the most successful way of achieving these things seems to be a belief in God and in His Word, while rejecting all the things that men have tacked onto it over the centuries.

That concept, that system HAS failed time after time, but it also seems to have succeeded more often than others.  Humans seem (with very rare exceptions) to have a need to worship SOMEthing or SOMEone and the God revealed in the Bible seems preferable, all things considered, than a human or “reason” or some aspect of nature or an object.

People don’t HAVE to kill people to fulfill their “self-esteem” and “self-actualization” needs, but sometimes it requires more than the self-discipline and self-control that people have.  “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

Planned Parenthood is just another example of a sick human institution doing evil because it is based on a false (and evil) concept of people.  Easy as it is to surrender responsibility for our actions to someone else, things will not change until we accept that WE are responsible for our actions and the results of our actions.  Including when we condone, promote, and participate in such vile practices as human sacrifice, however we dress it up.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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