Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-27A: Propaganda Wars

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, the long weekend is over.  Sadly, no one declared independence on either the 2nd or the 4th, and we have no new nations or states or groups on planet Earth.  Oddly enough, the 4th of July never seems to be a “significant” day to launch terror attacks these days, unlike Patriot’s Day (19th April) or even May Day or Cinco de Mayo.  Wonder why? There are not even any provocations that are presented on the 4th.  I mean, this would be a perfect opportunity for the Fuehrer to exercise his well-known Anglophobia and talk trash about the Queen and Parliament by pointing out how much better America has done than the UK since 4 JUL 1776, or how we ‘Mericans have never regretted telling monarchs where to get off.  Or in reverse, an opportunity to butter up the French by again remembering how wonderful they were to bankrupt their own country and trigger a revolution by assisting the US in our war of independence.

Propaganda, no doubt:  it is harder to spin on the significance without it backfiring on you.  People get into a rut even with propaganda.  But we live with it daily: here are some examples:

An on-line MSNBC poll is touted as “MSNBC shocked that nearly 90 percent of Americans support constitutional carry.”  But the story and claim is bogus: it is NOT a scientific poll but one that anyone can choose one of the three answers offered, and no way even to prevent multiple votes.  The actual total was 88% support – and no idea of whether they know what “constitutional carry” means (do you?) – 8% say no, it is too dangerous, and 4% say only for self-defense:  the choices aren’t really comparable!  But the propaganda needs drive the headlines and message, for BOTH (or ALL) sides.

The “White House rushes  to find  contraception solution” reports one story, and articles appear explaining what a bad headline the media is putting on this,   Of course, the White House has been lying since before the Nazgul on the Supreme Court made their decision, as discussed here. This surely comes as no surprise to anyone except the most naive and willfully blind.  Still, it gets harder and harder to see the truth and read between the lines.

Meanwhile others use this contentious issue to again push (for or against) their idea of the shattering of Fifty States: secession and “civil war” or “war between the states.”  One Salon writer explicitly stated this, while another Salon column used the same “inflammatory” language about the Supreme Court.

And this same decision is encouraging ambulance chasers to new heights of billable hours:  two attorneys for Gitmo detainees are citing the Hobby Lobby decision to claim the Religious Freedom Restoration Act applies to their clients who must be allowed to have “communal prayers” instead of being forced to pray alone to Allah.

The Fuehrer and White House are again condemned for claiming the US is an “Islamic nation” – that is, a nation which laws are in compliance with the Koran and Shari’a law.  Arguments over this fact to the side, the contrast between an “Islamic naton” and a “Muslim nation” are of interest only to the more fanatical of friends or enemies of any of the many parties to this debate.  This is nothing new:  in the late 18th and early 19th century, numerous American politicians could and did point out to Muslims (ambassadors and merchants who were themselves Muslim and were citizens or subjects of either Muslim or Islamic nations or both) that the United States was NOT a “Christian nation” because (even though at the time its laws were generally in conformance with “christian” morals and practices) the United States did not have a christian denomination as a “state church” (although, oddly enough, some States of the 13-18 did have state churches at the time).  The nuances of that situation are still used today by BOTH sides of the “Christian nation” debate to support their claim.  As so the propaganda wars rage on.

Here is another great example. It now turns out that the US Patent Office received ZERO public complaints about the Redskins trademark and name before again trying to void the protections of law granted to that commercial use.  This smacks of what I call the “Grynberg Syndrome,” a plan or attack flawed and often doomed to failure because it is based on the premise that the organization is so impressive and powerful that no one would even challenge it, so the preparation for the action is minimized to save money.  Whatever evil motive led SOME minion of the Fuehrer to tell the Patent Office to play this particular card in the cultural war games, at MINIMUM a brief pre-decision play of getting a few dozen people (including the usual brainwashed Tranzi-liberal fanboys and fangirls, and a few of the leading tribal activists who serve so well as shills in various political controversies) to write their usual, hate-filled screeds against the Redskin organization and send to the Patent Office would have probably sealed the fate of the trademark.  Fortunately, even in 21st Century America, trademark protection is still better provided by Common Law than by the reams of stupidity published by Congress each year, and the hundredfold generation of paper in the Federal Register that “implements” what Congress passes and the Fuehrer signs (well, what he delegates to the AutoPen to sign).  Yes, Virginia, sometimes liberals and Tranzis ARE as stupid as they appear to be.

More agitation and propaganda here? Private Prisons Save Taxpayers A Lot of Money, or so the studies say.  I suppose that MIGHT be true, but in order to REALLY save taxpayers money, we can do MUCH better by ending the evil of locking up people at the taxpayers’ expense for (a) crimes that should result in payment of restitution back to the victims and where violence is unlikely (nothing is certain), (b) “crimes” where the only “victim” is the person committing the “crime,” and (c) “crimes” that really are NOT crimes except in the warped view of a majority of Congress (or the Legislature) and the power-hunger and controlling nature of the chief executive and some special interests.  For the past thirty-plus years, I have heard about the awful situation of our prisons, even while more and more were built and more and more “crimes” were created “demanding” that more and more people be sentenced.  Private prisons aren’t even a Band-Aid for the problem.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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