Libertarian commentary on the News, #14-27B: Nazgul and thugs in general

By Nathan Barton

Good morning, everyone.  A pleasant day to you all.

The Nazgul have refused to hear a case which a lower court decided ALLOWED the thuggish State of New Jersey to deny any right to have arms outside homes, and created a “privilege” to be “allowed at the will of certain masters.  So yes, once more, people have their faces rubbed in the fact that COURTS are NOT the friends of liberty, but its ENEMIES. Courts are populated by, and run by lawyers, MOST of whom are both in essence idiot savants able to memorize and spit back on command AND insatiably lusting for power.  Second, courts are paid for by government. They will NOT risk their incomes and retirement and benefits to support a challenge to the immediate source of those things.  Third, they are corrupt beyond challenge, and have been for more than two millennia.  Fourth, they are incredibly fearful and hope, pray, and work to disarm as many people as possible lest they wind up at the business end of the barrel.  And finally, they are selfish, as the next story shows.

That’s right: one of those traffic safety-cum-revenue cameras on New York City streets got a JUDGE.  And the system to protect judges from such inconvenient and mundane matters apparently broke down, so HE is challenging the legality of these wicked little devices.  Any bets that they will find a way to let HIM off but not hundreds of thousands of others?

We see these stories EVERY election cycle: the Libertarian candidate that is going to, or did, keep one party or the other from winning.  Of course, the point is, it really doesn’t matter whether it is a Democrat or a Republican that wins senate and house seats in DC:  the tyranny, the corruption, the power, and the collapse of society and economy will continue.  I’ve seen this happen for more than two decades, at the state and federal level, and ultimately it has not made any difference at all in what liberties were canceled or how much more money was stolen from taxpayers and others. Not only that, but the polls who show this guy is getting 8-11% of the vote WILL be proved wrong on election day when the official, cacked up returns show him with 2 or 3 percent, at most.

The Bundy Ranch episode is STILL not over, as the evil Sheriff of Clark County again bows to his masters (in this case, BLM, NPS, and related FedGov agencies) and vows that Robin – excuse me, Clive – will NOT get away with his dastardly deeds again.  So what will be the results of the Sheriff and the Feds conspiring?  More land for China and the Fuehrer’s buddies, no doubt.

Heaven forbid that the war on some drugs end even when voters say so and the General Assembly passes a whole raft of ridiculous laws to “carefully regulate” the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.  Seems to be the case in Colorado, where “public” (where it is illegal to smoke pot) seems to be defined as ANYwhere except your own home, and where draconian laws against smoking in businesses or any indoor location (again, except for your own home) are being used against people who legally buy (and pay the huge tax, which is generating hundreds of millions for Colorado).

Mama’s Note: Except that smoking anything “in your own home” is under attack as well in many places. Don’t worry, however, the thieves are always thinking of new things to tax, even while they consider how to prohibit them. Ultimately, I’m sure they’d much rather take everything and keep only the essential people around like rats in cages. Hasn’t worked out for any government in the world so far, but I’m sure they’ll keep trying. At least until people get fed up with it and stop them.

One of the latest examples of the brutality and arrogance of cops comes from the overrated California Highway Patrol, where a video of a CHP thug beating an old, homeless woman on the shoulder of a highway has surfaced as the family launches a lawsuit against the agency, which claims they have every right to sit on top of and beat up unarmed old people.  I guess we should expect this, with the examples of brutal repression of protesters against having detained border jumpers dumped in their communities, and the many other “deaths by cop” in recent months.

Will they be deported? DHS Secretary Johnson says: ‘We have to do right by the children’ Jeh Johnson carefully avoided answering multiple questions about the deportation of some 50,000 children who have come to this country illegally from Central America so far. Well, he is RIGHT.  And to do right for/by the children, we need to get them back to their own homes, their own culture, their own families and customs and heritage.  Look, for years we have been complaining and fussing about treating our own AmerInd children in a very poor way by putting them into foster care with anglo and settler families, and not in their own culture (even though nearby).  And now we want to keep these 50,000 children (some only 15 months old!) thousands of miles away from their family and culture.  So YES, let us do right by the children, and send them back to their families, homes, communities, and societies.

Mama’s Note: I’m still trying to figure out how all these children got here in the first place. A 15 month old baby can’t come on his/her own, by any means. Why are they coming and why would their parents allow them to be sent here alone? Who is bringing them? Is this really new, or what has changed to cause this? How do the “officials” know where to send them in order to reunite them with their parents? The “news” reports are terribly incomplete, not asking the right questions, and making far too many political assumptions- or telling even more lies than usual.

*By the way, the national Libertarian Party just published a press release saying that “Libertarians say let the children in.”  It is yet another example of political organizations gone to seed, because it is clear that they care more for the perceived political correctness (“Libertarian,” perhaps) than they do about the welfare of the children.  Children belong with parents or at least family, and should not be victims of killing (as in abortion, ALSO a “good thing” according to the national Libertarian party at least as long as taxpayer money isn’t used to kill them) OR used as political pawns in a pathetic attempt to justify a travesty of “open borders” in which government is supposedly helping the children by keeping them in the States.  Maybe I’m just stupid, but I can’t see how this is non-aggression to do this.

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