Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-27C: Children and government

Good morning to all, after a long day and miles on the road, but seeing the beautiful almost-Irish green of the South Dakota Badlands and Short-grass Prairies (High Plains). Some news (a short selection today):

The statist School Nutrition Association has turned on Moochel and the school food mandates of the FedGov, saying they don’t work and want them repealed. Allies in evil turn on each other, eh?  And millions of school children rejoice.  They’d rejoice more if their parents started behaving like real parents and pulled them out of the state-ruined institutions of “learning” before it is too late.  But even then, as the next story relates, the state still thinks that they (not the parents) control children.

Not only that, but big government means big bucks.  The State of Washington refuses to allow home-schooling parents to teach their own children how to drive, insisting that they pay $1000/child for a “state approved driving school.” Do I sniff collusion and price-fixing and monopolization through a state-dictated system?  Especially considering that the parents already had their children complete a nationally-recognized, parent-taught 30 hour classroom, 50 hour BEHIND the wheel, course.  AND that the national standard has always been to have parents teach their children to drive?  It doesn’t take 30 or 50 hours to learn how to drive enough to pass Washington State driver exams.  And the ONLY legitimate party other than the parents in determining what qualifications are necessary is the insurance company.  The state is in it for the money, the control, and no doubt because this “state-approved driving school” has enough legislators in their pocket.

In Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, the environist groups are apparently doing their part to further the Fuehrer’s war on using coal to produce electric power (or anything else). by launching lawsuits against the FedGov for supposedly allowing the mining to be done without properly following the byzantine review process, and demanding that all mining cease. (A similar lawsuit in Wyoming has been dropped.)  This smells like one of those “friendly lawsuits” that EPA and other agencies love so much, in which they are sued by “public interest” groups, settle out of court for most of what the groups demand but including the agency’s agreement to pay most of the groups’ legal costs, thus funding the next round of suits, and pushing us ever closer to the Tranzi utopian dream.

Speaking of allies turning on each other, an IKEA store in Tacoma Park, Maryland (suburb of DC) told a uniformed cop that he could not enter their sacred premises while armed with his holstered service weapon.  They supposedly have a “weapons free environment” policy – which fortunately (according to some reports from friends) isn’t enforced all that much in some Western States stores.  Conservative commentators, and even a few generally-libertarian ones, are screaming about this, but I cannot see this is ANY worse than refusing to allow ANY person to carry openly in an IKEA store.  There is no reason that police should be granted a waiver to even the most fanatical hoploclastic policy.  Nor is it really (in the eyes of many) anyone’s concern but IKEA, a private company and landowner, to decide whether or not they want their patrons to carry.

Come to think about it, with cops averaging killing innocent people more than daily for the last decade, a business might consider that they can protect their patrons by posting signs PROHIBITING ONLY COPS from bringing weapons into their stores!

The Fuehrer will seek $3.7 billion in emergency funds from Congress to meet the country’s “moral obligation” to care for unaccompanied minors who have flooded in recent months to the southwestern border, White House officials said today. That is $74,000 PER CHILD!  Incredible.  At the usual child support rate ($10,000/year or so) that is enough to take care of them for 7 YEARS!  The ONLY “moral obligation” ANY one has to these children is to return them to their parents or families and culture.  Maybe, MAYBE in a very few cases of older children, they may be fleeing abusive parents and need real homes, but that is NOT going to cost $74K.  This may be “border theatre” (as some lovers of liberty have labeled it) but it sounds like an excuse to get more money, to me.  What a con job!

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