Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-30E: Abuse by government

by Nathan Barton

Good morning, and stay cool and calm.  Remember all those thugs are out there to protect us.

Like those Iowa Boy Scouts going into Alaska by road last week.  A good voice-only interview with Scoutmaster Fox fills in a LOT of the details. Here is the interview; worth listening to. The Government is sowing the whirlwind.  These Scouts DID learn a valuable civics lesson: their government treats them as terrorists, criminals, suspects, and threats.  One of these times, the BP or TSA will run into a troop of Scouts who are NOT from Iowa and practice the old ways, and armed to the teeth, and ready and able to defend themselves with the handmade knives, hatchets (or tomahawks), black powder rifles and pistols, and more…  And even some of THESE Scouts will grow up and join the Army to learn how to fight to restore liberty at HOME as well as abroad.

A couple who purchased a 25-year-old Landrover had the vehicle stolen from them by DHS, because the vehicle violated current emissions standards. Apparently, the EPA used DHS thugs to steal the Landrover, because the violating vehicle had been imported from the UK: so it became a matter of “national security.”  It became an excuse for a major SWAT-style live-fire exercise.

A mother of two, both caesarian, wants natural childbirth for her third, due soon.  Her primary doctor and other specialists say that is doable safely (and common), but apparently the hospital and its staff not only demand that she have a third c-section BUT threaten her with arrest and criminal charges of child endangerment if she keeps refusing.  And will use that to force her to have the c-section (no doubt to be immediately followed by seizing the newborn and her older children as OBVIOUSLY she is unfit to have them and a threat to them).

Mama’s Note: She needs to immediately find a qualified nurse midwife and arrange to have her baby born at home, or a natural birthing center. Time is of the essence in this case, but it is a far better choice for almost any new mother. Pregnancy and childbirth are not a disease, and should never be treated as such, and hospitals are extremely dangerous places for both mother and child, even with no surgery involved. I sincerely hope she will not allow herself to be intimidated this way, and will find a way to stay far away from this or any other hospital.

More evidence of MORE faked data by government agencies to “prove” global warming (aka climate change, aka climate disruption aka we’re all gonna drown) has popped up.  A Daily Paul contributor says it is getting warmer – for the frauds who are doing this.  Cute.  I say that we are again seeing the trouble with political or government science. It is no different than what the Soviets or the National Socialists and Fascists did in Russia, Germany, and Italy.  But never fear, the liars have an explanation for why the Antarctic ice is growing so rapidly: computer error.  From more than a decade ago, apparently.  I suppose if people really cared more about global warming instead of things like jobs and debts and being tyrannized by government, this story might make the “real” news in the Mainstream Media.

The WaPo has maps showing which states drink more beer, wine, and liquor, and do binge drinking.  Not exactly what you would expect.  Sure, the People’s Nanny State of California guzzles the wine more than anyone else, but who’d have thought that those NoDaker Scandahoovians were so into beer?  Or that New Hampshire tops the list on so much ethanol, with Vermont not far behind?  Of course, people point out that taxes on booze are much lower in NH and VT than in the People’s Greedy Republic of Mass, so maybe Green Mountain Boys and Hampshire-Staters aren’t such souses after all? And you know, I wish we could cross-reference government abuse and related things to the drinking rate…

The Unintended Consequences of Tobacco Taxes are significant. (From the Tax Foundation) Since 2006, the cigarette tax rate in New York has risen 190 percent. At the same time, the smuggling rate has risen 59 percent.  Look, the city fathers of Jericho knew this BEFORE the walls crumbled; high taxes and tariffs promote smuggling.  Prohibition encourages a black market.  Theft by government and more.  And did I say something about STUPID government?

Imagine!  42 Total Changes Made to ObummerCare, since its passage. The Abominable Act has been changed 42 times, twice by the Supreme Court, 16 times by Congress, and 24 times by President Obama himself, unilaterally.  We ARE in a dictatorship.  Or a MOSTLY-unlimited monarchy, elected through it may be.  You know, we were told (by Pelosi, I think) that it had to be passed before we could know what is in it – “pie in the sky, by and by,” I guess.  But with all these changes, it seems we STILL don’t know.  Years later.

Mama’s Note: The US government in general, and Obummer specifically, has zero legitimate authority to control, regulate, limit, or finance any form of health care – or education, diet, use of weeds… It doesn’t matter what the abomination act thing says… so let’s start talking about the legitimacy of it instead.

US, Europe impose new sanctions on Russia. “Spurred to action by the downing of the Malaysian airliner, the European Union approved dramatically tougher economic sanctions Tuesday against Russia, including an arms embargo and restrictions on state-owned banks. President Barack Obama swiftly followed with an expansion of U.S. penalties targeting key sectors of the Russian economy.”

As Tom Knapp points out, Recent events have made it clear that the US/EU are actively seeking a new Cold War; Russia doesn’t have to do anything to “spur” the US/EU to “action.”

Nathan: But when you look at the sanctions, they are meaningless and barely even symbolic.  Russia EXPORTS weapons: what good is an arms embargo?  Russia has already made deals with other nations to sidestep both the Euro and the Dollar, so what good these bank restrictions?  Trying to trash the Russian economy on the pretext of the airliner downing is just angering Russians.

Mama’s Note: AND angering more Americans as well. This is good. Obummer seems bound and determined to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is both stupid and evil.

A gang wielding knives and axes attacked civilians, a police station, government offices and smashed vehicles in a restive region of China, the country’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday, citing local police. The incident — called an ‘organized and premeditated’ terror attack — occurred Monday in northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Police officers at the scene shot dead dozens of people in the mob. So much for “gun control” effectiveness, but I notice that it was the COPS that shot dozens of people dead.  Seems like it is the cops that are the terrorists, looking for any excuse to murder civilians.

The Acton Institute clearly states that the “church” needs to stop taking government money.  Amen and Amen.  For all of its sins and errors of old, the Roman Catholic Church continues to do really stupid things like ally itself and get paid off by government.  93% of the funding of its major charity for homeless and refugees comes from Uncle Sugar and there are more than strings attached – cables with fishhooks the size of anchors is more like it.  Of course, the RC Church is FAR from the only religious institution that has sold itself to government.  Separation of church and state becomes more and more a myth than reality.

A congressional report states that Ebola Bio Detection/Diagnosis kits have been distributed to National Guard emergency teams in all Fifty States.  Wisdom, panic, or an excuse?  These test kits can be used for a LOT more than Ebola, but they can also be misused to start panics, create excuses for quarantines (read: indefinite detentions), round-ups, and martial law.

Mama’s Note: Amen to that. We’ve had a spirited discussion of this at TMM lately, and some folks are already in a panic about it. The answer seems clear to me. The US has not been over run by any serious epidemic in recent history, mostly because people here are well fed, well hydrated, maintain a relatively clean environment, and have the wealth for good personal hygiene. Any epidemic will be worse in a city, especially those parts where people crowd together under poor conditions, indulge in lifestyles that damage their immune systems, and ignore basic hygiene routinely. In any case, living in a big city keeps coming up as something less than a good survival strategy.

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