Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-35A: Collapse, chaos, and corruption.

By Nathan Barton

Good morning. In the UK, it appears that society is racing towards complete fragmentation and collapse.  No, not the upcoming vote on Scots independence (which seems more and more to likely be a sham),but the increasingly brutal and overt kidnapping and rape and prostitution of women by Muslim males, both in groups and individually, euphemistically called “Asian men” and said to be “grooming” (nice euphemistic term there, too), and ignored by communities and the authorities for fear of retribution and being condemned for racism and profiling.  It seems pretty well documented that thousands of girls are being turned into sex-slaves or killed/dying.  Non-Muslim Asian-Brits are sick and tired of being lumped together with the savages that 95% of Muslims worldwide seem to be.  Although apparently a much smaller percentage are such in the UK and the Fifty States, there are enough to destroy society, even if only because the people of Britain have become worthless parasites and drones.

Ukrainian military prepares to defend key city from rebels. Military analysts think pro-Russian rebels could try to take Mariupol and establish a land bridge to Crimea.  It makes sense, and will no doubt send another surge of panic through both Kiev and Brussels (and DC, also).  Ukraine is, to be certain, collapsing into chaos, as its Western-backed rulers try to grasp power more firmly, and see everything escape between their fingers.  But the breakaway regions are also tearing themselves apart.

The Fuehrer sets his own pace in a world whirling with crises. President’s deliberative approach to foreign policy draws fire as problems erupt in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and Gaza.  The WaPo calls it “deliberative,” but a lot of us call it procrastinating and lazy and irresponsible. How many days on the golf course?  How many parties and dinners?  How many free trips to where ever?  His “style” of leadership (if I dare call it that) is seemingly nothing more than encouraging and promoting chaos and collapse, not just at home but abroad.

Mama’s Note: I’m wondering just how the whole world and its problems became Obama’s job. By what authority would he “do something?” I mean, a “something” that involved more US intervention in the affairs of the world. The very best thing he could do, of course, would be to bring back all the troops and equipment from all over the world and leave people alone to deal with it themselves. This is not a political reality – even if he believed it was necessary, so the next best thing is to sit on his hands and do as little as possible. As much as I despise the man, and as much damage as he’s already done, I’m glad he’s not “doing something” about what’s going on outside the US… for whatever that’s worth now that the damage has been done.

Fear in Freetown as Ebola arrives in cities. It’s already the worst outbreak of Ebola in history. Now it’s moving into Africa’s teeming cities.  And we know that historically, the cities are cesspools in which disease spreads rapidly and horrifically, and where hygienic conditions are often absent.  Today, they also are the nexi of the global network of transportation: a direct route of exposure to every other “stinking, polluted city.”  We really don’t have to worry too much in this country, since we’ve not yet surrendered our cities totally to chaos and corruption.  Well, not quite…

Unregulated day-care providers abound in Virginia, and the WaPo found there were 43 child deaths in such settings in the past decade in the commonwealth. Shocking, BUT 17 died in the same period in regulated settings.  And those are only the reported ones.  Regulations are no magic bullet, and regulators no superheroes.  Reading the article, even the selected facts given are pointing clearly to the reason for child deaths: irresponsibility on the part of both their parents AND the caregivers selected by their parents.  It is not hard to see.  Government cannot solve the moral decay and entropy.

U.S. airstrikes in Mesopotamia boost morale of besieged residents. Thousands of residents have been trapped inside for two months amid fears of massacre by the Caliphate (Islamic State). So they think that the Great Satan is going to rescue them? The mind boggles about how we humans deceive ourselves.  (See above: Fuehrer’s goals and the situation in the UK.)

Across the border in Iraq, an Ayatollah has proclaimed that high-speed internet (3G) is the work of Satan. This is not just Luddite thinking: he claims it is immoral and inhumane.  Shirazi said 3G and broadband internet were morally wrong, and that there needed to be standards to prevent users from dangers such as “immoral and inhumane” videos and photos, rumors, and espionage. I can understand his point of view: one held by the Roman Catholic hierarchy a half-millennium ago concerning the printing press and printing of the Bible, and again by many who claimed to be followers of Christ a century or so ago, because of the evil influence (of movies and radio, and they were long ago proved correct! To a point).  Two things make this ayatollah worth ignoring.  First, his moral hypocrisy when it comes to both Muslim and non-Muslim moral issues: killings and torture and treating half the human race as subhuman.  Secondly, the refusal to see technology as a neutral element which can be used for good or evil.  In our fallen world, knowledge is essential, and despite all its shortcomings, the internet makes more knowledge (and lies, admittedly) available to more of us around the world than ever before.  One more piece of evidence demanding a verdict on Islam.  Like those opposed to media five centuries and a century ago, the Islamic authorities fear that the people that they’ve bamboozled for centuries will learn the truth.

Can we do something to fight off this fall into darkness?  Yes, but the question is, do we have the courage and moral conviction to really do it?

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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