Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-35B: The Blame Game

By Nathan Barton

Good afternoon!  Have you noticed it is always easier to pin the blame on someone else than to take responsibility for your own actions?  Today’s news has a few examples of that.

When faced with a crisis, the “good” government bureaucrat knows all the  best ways to defuse the situation, and one of the best is to demand or order an investigation that will produce a predetermined and favorable report, that (a) the problem was minor, (b) it was fixed, (c) it was someone else’s fault, and (d) it will never ever happen again. The best way to get a report like that is to carefully select the team (contractor, etc.) to do the investigation: knowledgeable, highly-recognized, and above all, closely allied to the agency or program being investigated.  This seems to be the case with the VA scandal regarding veterans’ delays in treatment.  The new VA Secretary has selected the same firm to investigate the scandal which audited the hospitals most recently and gave them all good to outstanding ratings!  Way to go!

More Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs, says the Fiscal Times. Who is to blame? An important indicator of labor market health is the job quit rate: how many workers are voluntarily leaving their jobs? Of course, the “why” is the real kicker: are many of us figuring we are better off on the welfare doles with a bit of work and business on the black or gray markets?  Or are we just sick and tired (see the next story) and willing to take risks of finding something else to do to keep us afloat? Folks, the Crash of 2009 is still with us, and it seems the FedGov are seeking to keep it going.  Who is to blame?  Certainly NOT the FedGov, for this or the next issue.

Why Are Doctors So Unhappy? asks the Wall Street Journal. Doctors across America are disillusioned with their careers and the medical industry in general.  Who is to blame? Mama Liberty can speak very well to the subject, which is compounded by ObummerCare and the regulations growing leaps and bounds in all parts of medical practice.  Even while we have so many great, almost-miraculous things available, the wear and tear on providers (and NOT JUST doctors) is terrific. Costs are not just in dollars (next story), but in much misery.

Mama’s Note: Western medicine was in trouble long before Obummer came along with his smoke and mirrors. The impossibly screwed up “rules” and feeding frenzy brought about by Medicare and Medicaid had already alienated a great many professionals who really cared about patients and were able to do the critical and independent thinking necessary. Take a good look at the doctors and staff at any hospital, clinic or nursing home. Ask any older nurses or doctors why they are seriously considering an early retirement. Then think about all of the young people there… and consider that they probably graduated from government schools… Do you believe any of them are capable of thinking for themselves, especially considering that Medicare is pretty rational and straightforward compared to Obummercare?

Federal Reserve Surveys Show Impact of Obamacare on Businesses. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, close to 29 percent of firms report having increased the prices that they charge to consumers due to the ACA.  Why is this not showing up in the inflation data?  The current ways used to measure the inflation rate are so corrupted, they report anything BUT the truth.  I suspect it is far more than a third, also.  Supposedly another survey says that Americans claim that the “recession” (the events leading up to the Crash of 2009) “permanently damaged the economy.”  That is garbage: if anything has damaged the economy, it is ObummerCare (the Abominable Act) and its takeover of so much of the economy under bogus pretexts.  But certainly the Fed’s insane policies and its mere existence have been damaging the economy for a century.  And the guilty always have to find something to blame, as in the next story.

The American Enterprise Institute points out that the Sugar Industry Blames Mexico for Falling Sugar Prices.  So the U.S. sugar industry is seeking to limit Mexican sugar imports.  Heaven forbid that consumers get a break.  For a century, sugar farmers have been protected and have had price supports for their products: beet and cane sugar both.  (It is one reason that high-fructose corn syrup took over most of the market.)  NAFTA wiped out much (not all) of the tariff system and damaged the price support regime, since Mexico can and does produce excellent sugar.  (I wonder if the massive import of “Mexican” Coke and Pepsi into the West has also had an impact:  in most stores, a real glass bottle of real-sugar Mexican Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Crush, or Mountain Dew demands and gets a 50% premium over HFCS-sweetened soft drinks.)  While the farm lobbies are not as powerful today as in the past (now being dominated by big corporate ag industries), they still have a lot of clout: Congress will try hard to find a way to cut off imports.  Will that mean that coke will be joined by Coke in being smuggled across the Rio Grande?

Speaking of south of the Rio Grande: There is an excellent article on problems in Latin America with  self-defense. The Other Gun Control. Other cases are less black and white. Police often find traumatized civilians who are unaware that in the eyes of the law, they were justified to kill. So they try to cover their tracks, and in doing so, commit a crime.  Mama Liberty opines: ” Some very good reasons for staying in the US… imperfect as it is.”  Gun control is harsher and more arbitrary in countries where “rule of law” is even more a fiction than in the US.  But never fear, they can all (as usual) blame the Yanquis!

And speaking of guns and blame, I see (thanks, Darryl!) that the Democrat running for Eric Cantor’s seat in Virginia is okay with exterminating five million Americans, using ebola (or whatever), because he blames the NRA for every gunshot fired in America and wants them all dead.  Way to go!

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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