Libertarian commentary on the news, #14-35C: Insanity in the news

by Nathan Barton

Good morning.  Insanity is a serious problem today, especially in government, education, and Islam.  Today’s news stories show what I mean. Insanity in government and more:

California’s demonstrably insane legislature has sent a plastic bag ban law to Governor Moonbeam, the first statewide ban in the US, and supported by many GOP lawmakers once they were allowed to “protect” bag manufacturers.  Who will protect the people?  Both paper and cloth bags have been demonstrated, time after time, in labs and elsewhere, to contain more bacteria and other detrimental items, cost more, cause as much or more problem with waste collection, landfills, and litter.  When you worship Gaea and other demonic “gods” in new religions like environism, you get even MORE stupid than the average legislator.

Police in Ohio who shot and killed a man in a Wal-Mart for “openly carrying” a BB gun may face federal and state murder charges for their action, since Ohio is an open-carry state and there is proof that the man was not acting in a threatening manner – indeed, he was on the phone.  The police failed to open basic “reasonable” procedures, and broke the law.  Protests are growing, as yet ANOTHER killing of a black man for no understandable reason.

Claiming that more than 100,000 people will get Ebola hemorrhagic fever, and 50,000 die IN AFRICA seems to be triggering new rounds of panic in the Fifty States, and “preparation” which seems to be more about control and more power than actually dealing with this “crisis.” Sadly the panic seems to be infecting even liberty-minded people.  There is no reason to panic over this disease if you are willing to maintain good habits of personal and family hygiene. If…

The LAPD police officer that killed a retired Napster executive because the cop was typing on his computer and swerved into the bike lane will NOT be charged and tried.  It may be that even a civil suit for gross negligence on the part of the thug and the LAPD will be denied.  The Los Angeles District Attorney’s report into the incident says that even though it is illegal to text and drive, Wood was not negligent because police officers are expected to respond quickly to messages from colleagues.  Is this not more than enough reason (and excuse) for the family and the company to take unilateral action to see that justice is done?  Either now, or come the revolution?  (By the way, where are the Ferguson-like protests about THIS death?  Was the victim too old, too white, too wealthy to be considered the victim of injustice?)

We are all used to government lies and the UN is as big a liar as we’ve ever seen, but the sheer bald-facedness and stupidity of this propaganda is shocking.  The video has “realistic” weather reports from 2050 (just 36 years from now) that exaggerate even the IPCC and other claims. The more “global warming” is disproved, the more outrageous their claims of disaster are, and too many people are drinking the Kool-Aid.

Educational insanity:

A school in New Jersey is offering rewards for students who squeal on other students who are attending their $14,000 a year schools but live outside the school district and don’t apply “properly” for the privilege.  The money is apparently the excuse for the control and power:  to me this is much the same as if there was a law that said you could only buy groceries from the same town or county that you lived in, and other shoppers were offered rewards to rat you out.  Prisoners indeed!

A good deal is being said about Common Core but it has been claimed for years that this was a state and local initiative.  Home School Legal Defense Association has an excellent article explaining that just ain’t so: that the FedGov has been pushing and coordinating and instigating this further perversion from the gitgo.

I’ve discussed the stupid and cruel things that government-ruined, theft-funded schools do to their students (and to the parents), and here is a nice compendium of recent events, including two new ones.  I am deeply embarrassed that the school in the West Texas town of Seminole (itself named for a resistant AmerInd nation) would send a Dineh (Navajo) child home from his first day in kindergarten for having long hair.  But at least he learned immediately NOT to trust the idiots that staff these institutions.  In Oklahoma, another state that should know better, a child was sent home for violating the dress code IN A POLICE CAR because his mother missed a tiny spot of red when using black Magic Marker to cover his red and white tennis shoes in order to meet the dress code, because they couldn’t afford a new pair of shoes.  This sort of behavior is more than stupid, it is evil.  Get the children OUT of these places!

The insanity of Islam (Islamic wars):

This week is the tenth anniversary of the Beslan Massacre or as Wikipedia waters it down, the “Beslan School Hostage Crisis” in which 1100 hostages, including 777 children, were taken by Chechen Muslim terrorists, and in a 52-hour seige, at least 334 people, including 186 children (even a newborn) were killed: murdered or caught in the crossfire.  The one surviving jihadist, in prison, was interviewed and has no regrets. “I don’t feel guilty,” he says.  Why should he?  He did only what his religion and his god demanded that he do to infidels and their children.  Only two religions that I know of, still existing today, kill children: humanism (and its sister progressive religion environism), and Islam.  These religions NEED to be exterminated.  (No, I don’t believe that the FBI and BATFE killed children at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian compound on purpose, but they still need to pay for the evil deeds.)  Like the worship of Moloch and Ba’al millennia ago, and the worship of the Azteca gods about five hundred years ago, these religions need to be ended as a matter of self-defense.  Otherwise the atrocities like Beslan and the Caliphate in Mesopotamia will happen again and again, and OTHER wicked people will use those as excuses for the killings in Gaza and the police states that will in turn kill more and more. Not that they need an excuse, even for negligent killings, as we see in the next story.

The murderous nature of Islamic governments came not just from the example and teaching of Mohammed (peanut butter und honig) but from other sources, including the despotic and cruel rule of the Ottoman Empire, forged in oceans of blood (of Muslims, Jews, and christians) by the Ottoman Turks, and finally collapsing just shy of a century ago, the core of which the legendary Ataturk took to create a modern “secular” state called Turkey. Today warnings are being sounded that Erdogan, now leader of Turkey for longer than Ataturk, is calling for Turkey to establish a NEW Ottoman Empire founded on Islam and the glory of the Turkish people, to rule all ten “nations” of the Ummah (the Dar al-Islam or House of Submission), which includes much of southeastern Europe (the Balkans and more).  Some claim that ISIS (the Caliphate) is just a tool of Turkey.  Interesting times and something that needs to be a concern of Europe, and NOT the FedGov or the Fifty States.

Three church buildings in Columbus, Indiana were vandalized by someone spraying citations from the Quran last week, in a situation which clearly bothers many people.  It may NOT be Muslims doing this, but it fits in with fatwas against cartoonists and high-speed internet, doesn’t it?

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