Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-37D: Weekend news good and bad

Good morning.  Despite the Road-E-O, had to hit a few stories today!

The National Institutes of Health study released states that more physical ailments are reported by people who live near natural gas wells (and therefore, fracking operations) in Washington County, Pennsylvania.  This study is already being used to reinforce claims that fracking is a public health hazard.  I did NOT read this entire study, but Debby and I recognize the phenomenon.  People who live near such places as landfills, industrial sites, waste transfer stations, and other “polluters” ARE more likely to report problems such as gastrointestinal ailments, respiratory problems, and other conditions, BECAUSE they are near these sites and well aware of the claims made.  It does NOT mean that they are more likely to HAVE these problems, but just that they are more likely to follow up, complain, and assume that their physical condition is due to the nasty thing next door or down the road.

In Argentina, Congress approved a law for controlling prices [sic], by letting the government intervene in setting prices and profits in an attempt to tackle one of the hemisphere’s worst inflation rates. Economy Minister Axel Kicillof said the measure, approved earlier by the Senate, would defend consumers against ‘the innumerable abuses we suffer every day on the part of concentrated groups with monopoly power.’  The major “monopoly power” I see causing trouble and problems in Argentina is the one of which Kicillof is a part: the Argentine government.  And this law just gives that monopoly MORE power.  When will people learn?  When will Argentina learn?

Mama’s Note: Yep, if something doesn’t work, just do more of it, faster and harder… that ought to help. Not.

Nanny state:  The Fuehrer is to unveil a campaign against campus assaults in the US.  The White House says athletes will appear in the campaign called “It’s On Us” that the Fuehrer and chief minion Uncle Joe Biden planned to reveal Friday at a White House event. With an estimated one in five college women assaulted, the message is particularly targeted at men.

Mama’s Note: Just about as effective as the “no guns” signs. Not a word about men and women taking full responsibility for themselves, to make better choices AND to be prepared to defend themselves effectively.  Here’s all the advice needed for both men and women to prevent most rape and assault:

Don’t go stupid places, with stupid people and do stupid things such as getting drunk/high/naked with strangers. And, of course, when you are not doing stupid things, you will be a lot better prepared to defend yourself against any other attack if you are suitably armed and trained.

Nathan: Of course, there is “naked” and “naked” – socially unclothed being unarmed – especially around strangers and in dangerous places.  But we KNOW that this is the very last thing that these two Tranzi clowns want.

Now, Police believe gun scare at Alexandria (Virginia) school was baseless. Two days after the Alexandria school system locked the doors of all of the city’s public schools as a security precaution, Alexandria police said Thursday that a gunman who was reportedly spotted near an elementary school never existed.  Once more, someone panicked and cried wolf.  Once more, the authorities got a thrill out of dictating to thousands of people.  Once more, the idea that guns are evil was reinforced for thousands of children.

The WaPo is calling the vote in Scotland “decisive” at 55% No to 45% Yes, with 85% voter turnout. UK Premier Cameron and leaders in London have pledged more autonomy for ALL parts of the United Kingdom, and the SNP leader, while resigning (as proper in British political activities) said he will hold Whitehall to the promises made in the last few weeks.  Scotland itself may see more autonomy for regions such as Orkney and the Hebrides, as well as traditional Highland and Lowland and Borders regions.  As I have pointed out repeatedly, it is NOT Union or Independence that is critical for the people of Scotland and all of Britain and Northern Ireland, it is individual and personal liberty and responsibility that is important.  Trading one nanny state for another, continuing to bow even SOME of the time to the dictates of the bureaucrats and elite of the European Union, or Westminster or Holyrood, is NOT what is needed.  The same thing applies in every other place where secession or independence is discussed and worked for.

Good news: New Androids will also encrypt data by default. The move is the latest in a broad shift by U.S. tech firms to make their products more resistant to government snooping in the aftermath of revelations of NSA spying by Edward Snowden.

Mama’s Note: I’m afraid that “Google” isn’t something I would ever trust for my personal privacy. Encryption is a magic word, but very few people are willing to take the steps needed to use it properly in the first place, and trusting some outfit like Google not to have back doors built in is pretty silly. But, as many banks and mega corporations have discovered, any electronic storage or communication can be broken into, by governments or ordinary thieves. Every person on line or with a telephone is a moving target, and the only way to remain at all secure is to keep moving.

What gives?  Killing medical workers in West Africa? Eight members of an Ebola information and disinfection team were attacked and killed in a Guinea village, and the bodies dumped in a septic tank.  Apparently many villagers do not believe the virus exists, and are fearful enough of outsiders that they are willing to kill unarmed medical personnel, who of COURSE were not armed to be able to defend themselves against something like this.

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