Scotland wins, UK loses. (was: Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-37D: Trash is fun!)

by Nathan Barton

Guid mornin.  Scotland wins, UK loses.  The 4+ million Scots voted an estimated 54 tae 46% tae NAY leave the United Kingdom, thereby forcing almost 55 million Englishmen, Welshmen and Northern Irish tae hae tae continue tae put up wi near bout 6 million nasty Gaels, or sae tis reported three hours after the polls close. Tis a sad, sad day for secession movements round the world.  Just think, the United Kingdom really had a chance to become a civilized, peaceful nation without nearly so much Gaelic/Celtic influence and troublemakers to put up with.  And they blew their chance.

Mama’s Note: Indeed. No matter which way the vote went, the people would not have come any closer to actual independence, just rearrange the chairs a bit on the sinking ship. Until they are willing to accept self government and individual responsibility, instead of everyone trying to live at someone else’s expense, they might as well forget it.

This week will be a short one for commentary as the International Road-E-O of the Solid Waste Association of North America is in Denver this week and the family is participating in various ways.  Trash truck drivers (and their family members, if they wish) will compete to show how carefully they can maneuver their trucks to pick up and empty the Dumpsters, avoid people and obstacles, and place containers.  Dozer and loader operators will demonstrate their skills at moving around obstacles, smoothing the ground, picking up and placing dirt, and moving barrels (presumed to have nasty stuff in them!).  They will also get to go on tours of landfills, transfer stations, recycling centers and hazardous waste processing centers – and visit some of those really big sporting goods stores with great sales on guns and other neat stuff.  And no, pot shops are not part of the event!

For whatever reasons, most people think that landfills and trash collection is a “government” service provided by local cities and towns.  In reality, there are thousands of companies, small and large, that provide trash collection services, sometimes in relatively free markets, other times having to compete against government-owned and -operated services, and sometimes through franchises or contracts.  And many hundreds of landfills are privately-owned and -operated, and more, though owned by governments, are operated by private operators or “enterprise funds” (government agencies that must operate on the revenue from their service, and with no tax money being spent).  Contrary to many people’s belief, trash services are neither natural monopolies or the kind of thing that we must “rely” on government to provide.  Many different companies (and some local governments) are going to be represented by some of their finest employees this weekend in Denver, and a lot of fun will be had by all.

Anyway, on to some of the news of the day.

The WaPo has polls that claim that the Democrats have a “51% chance” to keep the Senate in November.  If wishes were horses, beggars would ride seems an apt statement for the Washington Post and their “scientific polls.”  Not that it really matters: the GOP will do little if anything different that matters: the rhetoric will be different but the legislation will be little different.

British women who have converted to Islam and specifically to the rabid Islamism of the Caliphate have found their niche in life: enslaving other women and running the “temporary marriage bureaus” (brothels) for the 30,000+ fighters for the glory of Allah.  I vaguely recall once upon a time that feminists (and others) said that women would create a kinder, gentler, more peaceful and just world, when they were in charge.  If I had my doubts then, I really do now:  and to see that it is British women (English, mostly, I admit) doing this is a slap in the face to Wilberforce and countless others.  At first I compared these women to great British warriors like Queen Boadicea and Princess Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd, and to bloody-handed tyrants like Queen “Bloody” Mary of Scotland and her cousin Queen Elizabeth II, but realized that this is wrong.  These Muslim women are worse than the trollops and drabs and tails of London and other British cities. Indeed, they give those “working women” a bad name.

“Gun violators” are evil people, or so the Michael Dorn who writes this article for “Mass Notification and Emergency Communications” webzine tells us.  See how the enemy views people who believe in and practice the low-key kind of self-defense: Seven signs a weapon is being concealed. Enjoy!

Even as Scotland votes today on secession, Madrid is panicking about a similar (but “nonbinding”) vote in Catalonia, trying to end Spanish rule after more than 400 years.  The politicos are threatening even to close down the Catalonian autonomous government to prevent the vote: democracy is obviously alive and well in Iberia!  The Scots’ vote, too close to call based on opinion polls, is scaring a lot of other countries, and encouraging still more:  Brittany, for instance, and parts of Italy, as well as Spain.

Lots of nasty stuff about cops in the news here recently.  Here are just a few.  The man who had his home in Texas invaded at 0530 by four thugs, and shot all of them (killing one, maiming one and winging two) is being charged with murder and the local DA is asking for the death penalty.  Yeah, it turns out the home invaders in the Killeen house were cops executing a “no-knock” warrant.  Is that sick?  In Independence, Missouri, a teen who was video-recording a traffic stop was tazed, pulled out of the car and dropped on the concrete on his head.  He is now in hospital in a coma after going into convulsions.  His parents are ticked: including his dad, who is a cop in Kansas City, MO.  The kid is white, so most people don’t care.  But because it was blue-on-blue violence (family members are honorary members of the Brotherhood, I guess), the FBI is investigating.

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