Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-38E: Stupid government and more

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! The FedGov has settled with the Dineh (the Navajo Nation) for decades of mismanagement and lost money from coal, oil and gas, and other resources for the princely sum of 554 million bucks.  Of course, if that were divided out among the 400,000 enrolled Dineh, that amounts to a grand total of $1385, not even one percent of their share of the National Debt.

This ups the amount paid out by the Department of Interior (not THEIR money, but the taxpayers’) to more than 2 billion, but the FedGov made out like a bandit on this: the estimated take was many times that.  And not one dime will come out of the pay checks or retirement checks of those BIA and Interior people who were the actual mismanagers, much less a Congress or White House that let it happen.

Sadly, I fear that the Navajo Nation Council will not use this money wisely, as there are too many political payoffs to be made and no one wants to spend it on common everyday things like decent housing or utilities or economic development loan banks where the decisions are made by people who know what they are doing.

National Guard recruiter hands out T-shirts at school; school bans shirts because GUNS are on the shirts. Is there an end to these stories? A New York public school has banned the state National Guard from handing out T-shirts during its recruitment visits. The kids can’t wear them to school because the shirts all have gun graphics. I know that there are many people who welcome this prohibition, because they don’t want “children” recruited to go fight more of the Fuehrer’s wars, and high school students (complaint by teachers: “they are too young to be exposed to pictures of guns pointed at people) who enlist now can probably expect to be some of the boots on the ground in Iraq War III.  But this babying of people and this insane sanitation of life, especially in New York, is ridiculous.

Meanwhile, in California, other young people are getting a taste of “privatized warfare,” as a “paramilitary group” of volunteer drug warriors (apparently motivated partially by profit and partially by concern for the impact of outlaw drug-farmers) cleans up pot and other stuff being grown in the forests.  The local sheriff is claiming this will all end in tears.  The profit comes from bounties paid by governments, though, so this isn’t exactly commercialization and getting government out of policing.

We find that Texans created over a thousand new local businesses after Texas eased restrictions on selling food made at home, bucking the trend of state, local, and federal regulations making home cooking a no-no except for consumption in the very same house (if then). Texas is enjoying a burst of entrepreneurship after enacting laws that let anyone turn a home kitchen into a business incubator.  Actually, Texas had come close to banning such, because of the neverending ever-more-strict “public health” laws, but some common sense (very little, admittedly: we are talking Austin) prevailed.  Of course, remember that once up on a time, a standard Texan diet consisted of as many ways of serving corn and pork products as possible (with various chilies for more flavor), including that bizarre habit of serving hominy grits (made from corn, if you didn’t know) with red-eye gravy (made from certain parts of pigs).  Most Texan kitchens just do not have the ingredients necessary to kill or seriously make ill the average Texan, fortified by chilies, Coke, and thick black coffee and tea strong enough that you have to cut holes in it for the ice cubes.

NCPA has a fun article about zombie government programs that is a delight to read, reminding us just how much we’ve been hornswaggled and looted by government.  Very stupid government indeed, but because people in large groups (like electorates) seem to be even more stupid…

States can be as stupid as the FedGov, we know.  Here is an example in Minnesota, where a new law that is supposed to protect consumers from shady bullion and coin dealers in reality makes it MORE likely that buyers will get ripped off.  It has already driven many out-of-state and in-state dealers out of business, and the costs to business (and therefore to consumers) is still climbing.  Don’t you just love the State protects you from being ripped off, by ripping you off themselves?

Want to take a picture in a wilderness located in a national forest?  Want to do a commercial filming in which you are in or can see a national forest wilderness area?  Well, sure, but ONLY if you get a permit to do so. And pay through the nose.  Otherwise, the Feebs will come and get you, if the rangers don’t catch you in the act.  Supposedly this regulation has been in effect for four years, but now the USFS wants to make it permanent. What I notice about the proposal is that it ONLY applies to filming for commercial purposes, but ANY kind of “still photography.” Since I live only about 10 miles from two such wildernesses, and can see parts of them from near my houses and office, as well as public highways, can I get thrown in jail by the Feds?  Hmmm.

The videos showed a homeless woman being beaten without mercy by a California Highway Patrol thug in broad daylight on a freeway.  Now, the CHP has settled out of court and the cop resigned – no doubt to get a nice job elsewhere without so many witnesses to his sadistic behavior. Meanwhile, earlier this week, a deaf man in Florida was gunned down by a cop in front of his child, when he refused to obey their shouted commands during a dispute over towing. (This cop, by the way, is a repeat offender, having shot and killed another man in January 2013, and with a reprimand for kicking another man in the face.)  And in New Hampshire, a DEA raider shot and killed a grandmother reaching for a baby: the raid was to seize oxycontin as the woman’s daughters were supposedly in a drug ring but nothing was found in the house.  Also this month, a South Carolina state trooper-thug shot (but did not kill) a man he stopped for a supposed SEAT-BELT violation. Amazingly, this week he was both fired AND charged with high and aggravated assault and battery.  The video shows evidence of panic and fear from a “seasoned” thug.  It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying that the driver was not killed.

I would LIKE to think that the resignation of that thug-of-thugs and minion of the Fuehrer (Holder) would be a turning point in the kind of daily killing, beating, rape, torture, blackmail and intimidation practiced by the occupation force that is the thousands of police forces that infest this country.  But we all know that isn’t going to happen. The Fuehrer’s farewell speech for the chief thug was sickening.  It will, however, serve as a useful summary either in front of a revolutionary court jury or when he answers to God for his evil actions.  I do have a question or two, however.  Why is this guy leaving now?  Are too many people to close on his tail?  And who is going to protect the Fuehrer’s rear end from all those nasty accusations about him being Kenyan, a ringer, a homosexual, married to a transgender, etc?  And what is going down on Fast and Furious and all the other scandals?

Mama’s Note: Other reports have been pretty clear that Holder won’t actually be leaving until someone has been verified to replace him. I suspect that he will never been held to account for any of his crimes, and that he is being groomed for even worse things such as the “supreme court.” Just let your imagination dwell on that for a moment.


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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-38E: Stupid government and more

  1. Bear says:

    RE: Lear- “letters of Marque”

    RE: Holder- I have a huge investment in popcorn futures, so I’m hoping to see Holder nominated for the SCOTUS. (In fact, this is probably just the usual. “Oh, I got caught? Then I’ll resign and you won’t bother pursuing those pesky criminal charges,” that we see all the time in the public master sector.)


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Yeah, well since the “Latina wise woman” made it to the bench, I don’t really care anymore… and never did care much. I like the sound of criminal charges, but it would have to be fair and include every single bureaucrat and politician, their media and lobby whores as well. Makes me tired just thinking about the trials needed for all of them there in DC, let alone all the state, county and local criminals. Only way to put them all in jail would be to empty the prisons of all non-violent folks… and see which of them we might hire as guards. That ought to be fun.


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