Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-48E: Home front and threats to defend against

by Nathan Barton

Writing this on Thanksgiving Day: As we give thanks this day, one thing I am thankful to God for is that I do not live, nor have any friends or relatives that live, in or near Ferguson, Missouri. The spectacle and agony of Ferguson continue, seemingly unabated for all of several weeks of apparent calm.  Their situation is both their own doing and that of the occupation army present and active.  I think that the radius of the disturbances and the occupation is greater than the first series.  Wise were the people that heeded suggestions to make sure they and their households were well-armed.  Not that we aren’t seeing the opposite being suggested.

Sometimes there are drawbacks to the modern electronic age: one is that you cannot insult certain newspapers by using them for birdcage liners.  “Newspapers” like the Huffington Post, which is busy spreading the Tranzi gospel every day. One of the latest screeds proclaims that the FBI has data showing that “thousands of gun sales are beating the gun background check system each year” to the tune of 512 per day.  Only when you read deeper into the article do you find that problem is NOT that people are buying guns and NOT going through the infamous system, but rather that the state and federal agencies are too stupid, too incompetent, to be able to do the work that they said that they can and need to do.  And the fearmongering talks about “perfect storms” and all of the dangers that SOMEone might get a gun that they shouldn’t have: as if the background check system, even if extended to private sales and gunshows and parents giving guns to their kids for Christmas, could prevent a single criminal from buying a gun from another criminal, smuggling it across a border, stealing it (even from the FedGov or state or local police), or making one – even in a maximum security prison.

Of course, the HuffPo and WaPo and many others find sympathy with the editorial in a Tallahassee, Florida, paper calling for the seizure of ALL weapons in private hands and the repeal of the 2nd Amendment. Fortunately, at least ONE commentary points out what is (to me) the obvious: the Second Amendment did not and DOES NOT “create” a right to keep and bear arms by ALL people, but recognizes a right given to each and every one of us by God, and which is a right not just for Americans but for every human being.  Tranzis, liberals, statists, and other flavors of tyrants do not want to admit this: men and women are born free and have the natural rights as a human being to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom to defend themselves, and many other liberties BECAUSE we are human.

Mama’s Note: The key here is to completely uncouple the whole discussion from the constitution or the increasingly mangled definition of “rights.” What each human being has, because they are human, is complete authority over their own lives and property. Authority to act, or not act, as seems good to them, as long as they do not aggress against another person. Any attempt to enumerate or describe individual “rights” actually clouds the issue.

At the same time, we have formerly Soviet Russia looking more and more like a free country (in contrast to many of the Fifty States).  New laws in Russia restore the liberty of its citizens to bear arms either openly or concealed, as they attempt to cut their homicide rate (from 21,000 per year for a population of about 160 million, as compared to just 13,000 per year for the Fifty States’ population of 320 million).

Mama’s Note: I don’t think so… The Russian government has no problem holding the people as the property of the state. This has been the case for a very long time. Putin has just recently announced that he would graciously allow himself to be “reelected.”  If you will read the “fine print,” you discover that the ordinary people of Russia are no more free to own a gun, much less carry it, than they have ever been. A few of the favored ones? Maybe.

Perhaps medical workers in Muslim countries need to consider being armed.  Four polio vaccine workers shot dead in Pakistan. Gunmen opened fire on a team of seven polio vaccine workers in Quetta, Pakistan, on Wednesday, killing four. Three others are being treated for their injuries.  Three of the dead are women, so I suppose that the Islamist murderers consider that they were successful in killing just one.  Allah forbid that modern medical technology be made available to the poor folks of Pakistan.

Mama’s Note: Perhaps the medical missionaries will simply stop exposing themselves this way, since I seriously doubt any of them would be willing to go armed, much less that the Pakistan government would allow it. Pakistan has a very well developed medical system, actually. Why are they not taking care of their own poor people?

Speaking of modern medical technology, Mama Liberty noted: Just think what could be done in a free country with a free market… sigh  Miracles like this come in spite of it all, however. 🙂 What a beautiful young lady. She is speaking of the story that the First US liver transplant recipient marks 25th anniversary . Government is a threat to advances in not just medical care but in ALL aspects of life and technology.

Of course, according to USA Today, the real threats to world and American peace and society and civilization are NOT the government, NOT the Ferguson protesters, NOT Islamists, NOT powerful and prideful police, but “Christian extremists” who refuse to submit to government and stop teaching evil things like creation, the lack of global warming, and the free market.

A century ago at Thanksgiving time (actually Thanksgiving 1914 was on the 26th), Europe and the UK were facing nearly four more years of insane and bloody war. We are nearing the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce of 1914, when German and British troops, in the first year of the trench stalemate and bloodbath of the Great War, refused to fight for a few hours and instead sang Christmas carols, played soccer, and even exchanged gifts.  Sainsbury’s (a UK chain of grocers) has made a wonderful advertisement remembering this, which has (of course) been condemned for “commercializing” history, glorifying war, and other crimes.  The USA Today story claims it “sparks outrage” – I found that it sparked tears.

Mama’s Note: I find that reading or hearing about any of these “wars” is heartbreaking. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of “wars” in the last 500 years that had any rational cause or could be justified in any way. The last defensive “war” involving Americans was in 1812, and that was only barely so. Nobody “wins” any war, except perhaps those who supply the goods needed to fight it.

Today, of course, we are IN many wars, and those wars are much more worldwide than in 1914, even if the direct and obvious death toll and destruction are not so great.  It is a war fought on many fronts, and as stupid in its way as the trench warfare and frontal assaults of the Great War.

Consider, for instance, the warning given to US troops stationed in or passing through European countries (Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium especially) NOT to wear their uniforms lest they trigger jihad attacks against them by Islamists.  Maybe this warning should be extended to the Fifty States, and indeed, encouraged to prevent attacks by cops on troops.  The cops seem to attack anyone and everyone, according to stories out of Ohio and Denver.

A surveillance video shows the cop shot and killed a 12-year-old with a bb gun within seconds of arriving on scene.  This is NOT some massive 18-year-old reaching into a patrol car and trying to seize the cop’s own gun.  Why are they wasting time with a grand jury?  Seems to me the best solution for this would be to put the 9-1-1 caller, the 9-1-1 dispatcher, and BOTH the cops into separate, well-built rooms with a loaded pistol, until shots are heard. But then, I am a cruel and harsh man.  But it would be “for the chillun,” right?  I am VERY curious: why no protests over the killing of Tamir Rice? Are the people of Ohio so much more cowed or so much more calloused than the people of Missouri?  Or are the cops so much more feared?

At least all three people who had contact with a police officer in Denver are not dead, even though the cop was beating a man’s head on his ground and tripping his pregnant wife, before other cops arrived and erased video of the beating from an observer’s tablet.  Fortunately, the cops were too stupid to realize the guy had already uploaded the video. Since Fox 31, a local TV station, aired the whole thing, maybe for once a Denver cop will get something of what he deserves for “protecting and serving.”

Education is important, but that is seemingly in short supply: at least education designed to make us something other than stupid.  Consider:

Mama’s Note: The stupid just burns… Student snapped his final photo before bear attack in New Jersey. The police report said that the young hikers attracted the bear’s attention by taking the nature shots. “They stopped and took photographs of the bear with their cellphones and the bear began walking towards them,” the police report said.  This ranks right up there with dozens of Darwin Awards, doesn’t it?  And with the growing levels of stupidity I’ve talked about in recent months.

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