Lessons Learned from Sydney

By Nathan Barton and Mama Liberty

To start off with, Australia has disarmed itself. Not a single one of the dozen or so hostages in the cafe were armed with so much as a pocket knife.

The Sydney hostage situation has ended with the death of the alleged hostage taker, a man “well known” to Sidney police, whose “motives are not known” but who had hostages raise the black flag of the Caliphate and other Islamist movements, and who was involved with the suspicious death of his wife some time ago, as well as various threats to families of dead Aussie soldiers.  But the siege ALSO ended with the death of two hostages, during or before an assault with fully automatic weapons – no word on who killed the hostages.

Keep in mind, NO ONE except this man is responsible for his actions.  He could have been a Vietnamese immigrant, or a Scots or Irish immigrant.  But he was an Iranian “refugee” and he had made it clear by his other actions that he was an Islamist. He and no one else made him act upon his beliefs.

All the Australian Muslim organizations and their various councils in Australia, including the “Grand Mufti” (equal to a Roman Catholic or Anglican “Primate” in a country) have condemned the “illegal” act of violence, and supposedly while a few Australians have spat on and insulted Muslims (especially Muslim women, easily distinguished by their hajibs), many more Australians are supposedly reaching out to Muslims and helping them.  Perhaps BOTH of these extremes of action are foolish. The one because these women were highly unlikely to have ANYthing at all to do with the siege, and the other because Aussies may very well have more of these vipers in their bosoms – “refugees” who accepted the hospitality of the people of the smallest continent and then turned against them for whatever reasons.

The Muslim groups and their non-Muslim friends have proclaimed that the hostage-taker “represents no one but himself” and say this applies to all of the various Islamist individuals who have created crises in Australia over the past several years.  This may be true, and he certainly cannot be blamed for what anyone else does.  But he is far from alone in the Muslim community in Australia or elsewhere, as regards his murderous beliefs – AND actions.

Sidney is home to half of the 500,000 Muslims known to live in Australia.  But according to multiple news reports, more than 100 Australian Muslims are KNOWN to have gone from Australia to Syria to join the Caliphate’s army; 75 Australian Muslims have attempted to go to Syria and have been prevented from doing so by having their passports taken. Mama Liberty points out (and I agree): I do think it is crazy to prevent anyone from going to Syria or wherever… Let them go! At least three Muslims in Australia have been involved with killings or attempts to kill (behead) people in the past year or so, and after a Muslim woman was arrested for trying to carry “supplies” to her husband in the Caliphate’s forces back in May, an unknown number of Muslims stormed a police station in protest.  Now, maybe those were the same 75 people not allowed to go to Syria, or maybe they were in addition to the 175+ people who clearly can be at least considered to be accepting of, if not “represented by” those who actually DO violent acts of aggression.

Even 200 out of 500,000 does not sound like a lot (less than 1%), but that is still more than a lethal dose of caffeine! (0.4% versus 0.192%).  The old adage about one rotten apple spoils the barrel comes to mind.  And I suspect that like in the UK and various countries in Europe, the percentage of Muslim inhabitants of Australia who support the Caliphate, terrorism, suicide bombings, beheadings, and the like is a LOT more than 0.4%, or 200 people.

Supposedly this is a wake-up call for Australia, but then, the last two or three incidents were ALSO “wake-up” calls.  I could not find any data for Australia, but apparently 13% of American Muslims believe that violence against civilians is acceptable at least some of the time.  I doubt if Australia is much different.  That means that as many as 65,000 Australian Muslims MIGHT do (or support) this sort of thing, if they thought it appropriate.  But each of them makes up their own mind, and are responsible for their own actions.  And it also means that 435,000 Muslim Australians do NOT support and would NOT take aggressive action against other Aussies in the name of their religion.

Sadly, Australians (or far too many of them, probably including those 435,000 Muslims) do not seem to care about the magnitude of the threat, any more than Americans do. Nor are they willing to accept that the government will NOT and can NOT defend them from this threat.  That just like the attackers who take 17 hostages, who go out to behead people with a knife, who seek to serve Allah by bloody jihad, THEY have personal responsibility.  THEY are the only ones who can provide for the defense and safety of their families and themselves.

But instead, they have believed the lies of the government – Federal and State and local, that the government can protect them, that they are their own most dangerous threat, and that they can do nothing to defend themselves or their families.

Australia has disarmed itself.

As Mama Liberty pointed out: “This is the problem. It doesn’t matter if the aggressors are Muslim, rednecks, KKK or stupid kids from down the block. Each person has the authority and the responsibility to defend themselves and their dependents. Nobody has any legitimate authority to decide some group or another must be displaced, terminated or whatever, based on the actions of one or more members of that group. That is the failed logic of the gun grabbers, of course. A few with “mental illness” act out, so therefore everyone who has any remote connection with “mental illness” must be completely controlled and disarmed.

Australians (like Pommies and Kiwis and Canucks and Yanks) have given away their authority to defend themselves to the government, which is incapable of doing anything EXCEPT disarm some of them.  Yet, obviously, at least SOME people in Australia have weapons.  And no one has YET explained how this Muslim madman got hold of HIS weapon(s).

As Mama Liberty said, “It also doesn’t matter how any of these psychopaths get their guns – or knives, matches or bombs. The tool is not the problem, as we all know. The problem starts when they decide to use the tool for aggression.

What DOES matter is that once again we are able to PROVE that the Australian and New South Wales government have LIED about the truth: that clearly weapons ARE still available to those who would attack civilians, who would help kill their wives, who would do hateful things to families who may or may not have agreed with their sons and daughters serving in the military.  And that for at least TWO dead and at least THREE wounded, plus the other 12 held in terrible fear for most of a day, the government LIED that it could protect them from a terrorist, even a “lone wolf.”

That is the THING WE MUST REMEMBER:  government is NOT going to defend us against one or a dozen or a hundred or a million terrorists, because government is too concerned with terrorizing us itself, with expanding the power of its leaders and bureaucrats, and with the transfer of wealth to its backers and “men behind the curtain.” Once more, a Muslim terrorist in a distant land has proven this fact, writing it large in blood and fear.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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