Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-01E: Legislatures in session: hold on!

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! A short commentary today, as I get back on the road.

For many states, and for the FedGov, the legislative season has opened.  Unfortunately, NO, you can not buy a license or a tag for your favorite variety of legislator.  But we WILL see a variety of fun (and insanely stupid) bills and actions. Remember Mark Twain’s advise: “The legislature is in session, hold on to your pocketbook, your wives, and your daughters!”

The big news of Tuesday was that Boehner (whose family name, I found, in German means “someone who lays floors”) was reelected with the shocking news that 25 GOP members voted AGAINST him for his third term as Speaker.  This has not happened, ABC assures us, in about a hundred years, and bodes ill for the health of the House.  Apparently this is twice as many as the last Congress, and Boehner may not be able to nuzzle up to the White House as much as he wants, even if he won 215 votes. Stupid is as stupid does.

For another example: An Oklahoma lawmaker’s bill could ban hoodies in public.  The bill would broaden existing law that already prohibits concealing one’s identity when committing a crime. Barrington says the proposed change is a public-safety issue to protect Americans from crime and harassment. Mama Liberty: “Let’s make crimes MORE illegal!” What an idea! But actually, I don’t need to know the “ID” of anyone attacking me. The bullet doesn’t need his name. This ID fetish has nothing to do with public safety.
Nathan: No, it has everything to do with power and control.  The “civilian” sheep must be kept in check, lest they overwhelm the sheep-dogs (rapid and feral as they may be).

Although we don’t hear much about it recently, the Caliphate continues to grow stronger and to attack and take over more areas.  Now it is not just US aircraft in direct contact: the Pentagon reports that ISIS mounts ‘regular’ attacks against an Iraqi airbase where US troops are based, which given the poor quality of performance of “Iraqi” troops, means almost certainly that US troops will be fighting on the ground directly against the caliphate’s forces.  So much for the end of the “Iraqi war!” (Or is this the formal beginning of the THIRD “Iraqi” War?)

How, exactly, would the FedGov PAY for a third war?  And the continued now disguised war in Afghanistan?  It seems that under Obama: Federal debt shot up to $84,266 per full-time private-sector worker.  Tax and spend, borrow and spend, and just spend, spend, spend isn’t going to go away even with a Republican Congress, given its weak and spending-mad leadership.

We aren’t hearing very much so far in 2015 about all the diseases, including those that were “world threats.”  But one person, a Dr. Fauci, says that the flu vaccine being pushed this year (as always) is only about 30 percent effective. Think carefully about your chances.

It is nice that FedGov policy seems to help small business some places, at least.  Afghanistan set record for growing opium in 2014. After thirteen years of occupation by U.S. forces, Afghanistan set a record for growing opium poppies in 2014, according to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Heroin is derived from the poppy, as we all know – except perhaps for whatever passes for FedGov leadership of the war in Aghanistan.  Of course, they can’t understand what “peace” means, so this should not be a surprise.

Neither should this. State Dep’t: Raising of Taiwan’s Flag at Private Event in DC ‘Not Consistent With US Policy’, and apparently neither would a reporter’s raising the flag of Narnia at his own home.  Seriously!  Our FedGov agents seem to get more braindead all the time.

Mama’s Note: Wouldn’t one need to have a brain originally to become brain dead? At best, these creatures have a lizard brain, just sufficient to manage respiration and other basic functions.

The cop war continues here on the home front, it seems, at least according to the cops. Three gunmen are in custody in shootings of NYPD officers (undercover officers, to boot) after an attempted hold-up. But the screams of “assassination” are still echoing, although this appears to be a typical New York City crime and shooting.

Mama’s Note: I read that they were “plain clothes” officers, not undercover. If they were supposed to be undercover, I’m sure their bosses are very annoyed with them right now.


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