Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-05A: This and that

By Nathan Barton

Good morning: work and weather and travel kept me from posting anything yesterday, but here are a few stories of interest today.

In Kermit, Texas, in the Permian Basin, which used to be a nice place to live, the schools have gone as stupid and crazy as in the rest of the world.  A 9-year-old has again run afoul of the authorities and gotten a three-day suspension.  The first time was for calling a classmate “black,” although the young man WAS “black” – African-American or “Negro.”  The second time was when he took his copy of the “Big Book of Knowledge” to show his classmates the pictures of the Solar System, and the teacher saw that the BBK had a picture of a PREGNANT woman – clothed mind you, but PG!  This time he took a toy ring to school claiming it was the Ring to Rule the Rings and telling a classmate that if he wore the ring, he would become invisible. Of course, that was viewed as a terrorist threat.  Insanity is almost certainly catching: you get it from teachers.  At least teachers in government-run, theft-funded schools like the one in Kermit.

Theft (and spending) by government is on hyperdrive. The Fuehrer is sending $4 trillion spending plan to Congress, that seeks to raise taxes on wealthier Americans and corporations and use the extra income to “redistribute” money to “the middle class.” He would also ease tight budget limits placed by Congress in past budget deals, again proving that his word and that of Congress is more worthless than an American dollar.  Theft and trickery all with a leering face.

Mama’s Note: Far too many people still don’t understand that the problem isn’t who is being robbed, or how much… it’s the theft itself.

So, it comes as no surprise that US consumer spending slipped in December as auto sales weaken and people didn’t go out and spend insanely for Christmas gifts.  (I can safely say that I was able to spend less on Christmas gifts this last year than at any time since I was a cadet and living on a hundred a month.  The Crash of 2009 is NOT over, and is likely to get worse. Especially as the White House tries to make up for poor consumer spending by spending more and more for government.

Wannabe Prez Mike Huckabee compared being homosexual to using alcohol, profanity.  That is, a sin, a voluntary act that may be prompted by heredity and internal chemistry, but is STILL something that can be denied, just as an alcoholic can learn NOT to drink, and even those who have that weird illness called Coprolalia can learn to overcome.  It is NOT a fixed and immutable orientation, and he is pointing out the unpalatable truth and so being condemned even more.  He’d make a lousy president, of course.  But it is fun to watch him rile people.

Mama’s Note: What makes any of that Huckabee’s business? Or anyone else?

The Thai PM tightened security after mall bombs rattled a Bangkok shopping complex, as the Islamic wars continue to spread.

After a video was released showing the execution of a second Japanese man, Japan, Jordan seek news on fate of Islamic State captives, which is busy telling them to pound sand.

At the same time, a blast at a Pakistan Shi’ite mosque killed 20; and wounded 50. Again reminding us of Augustus’ quip about King Herod of Judea: “I’d rather be Herod’s pig than his relative.”  Muslims seem to LOVE killing their own, don’t they?

Of course, Islam is not the ONLY religion that terrorizes and kills people.  Consider humanism and its offshoot, homosexual “marriage” activists.

In Grimes, Iowa, a Christian business (owned by a Mennonite couple) stopped doing weddings in same-sex dispute, after they settled a complaint by a pair of men who wanted to be married at the popular spot.  Although the couple’s business always served homosexuals for coffee, meals, and snacks, they drew the line at participating in what they consider sinful and evil.  But since they were a “place of public accommodation,” they were guilty of a sin against the humanistic, often atheistic religion of political correctness.

As sales continue to sag, McDonald’s franchisees are telling the new CEO: back-to-basics, fast.  As in faster service by getting rid of a humongous menu, concentrating on burgers and fries.  However, the “common knowledge” is that McD’s is suffering because consumers want a healthier, fresher menu.  So we will see just what goes on!

War is heating up as 12 civilians and 5 troops are killed in eastern Ukraine; despite the difficulties of fighting a war in a Russian (or Ukrainian) winter.

It seems that some doctors won’t see patients with anti-vaccine views, either fearing their freedom of speech or that the patients will sue them for something or another.  Like people who have doctors that ask about guns at home, these patients need to find better service elsewhere.

It is easy to see where the idea comes from: a California lawmaker aims to raise smoking age to 21, treating tobacco like alcohol and guns, making 18-20 year old “citizens” into second class citizens.  And we all know how well the idea works with drinking and criminals getting guns.

“If we fail to act, Aspen’s climate could be a lot like that of Amarillo, TX, by 2100. Amarillo is a great town, but it’s a lousy place to ski.”  Who said this? Gina McCarthy, Administrator, USEPA. One of the Fuehrer’s minions. A bold lie indeed, or proof that she should not be teaching a grade school science class, much less running this dictatorial agency which is (theoretically) based on science.

A father and son subdued two gunmen threatening a mom with kids in a road accident situation.  (A video worth watching!)

Mama’s Note: I will say that the woman did some dumb things… being in that traffic being the first dumb move, actually, then following someone who sideswiped their car… not smart. But the guy who came to the rescue? That took real guts. Glad it turned out well for everyone – except the criminals, of course.

Nathan: We need to get people to face the facts: the cops are not going to protect anyone, and all too often will take action AGAINST those armed neighbors who do try to protect their neighbors.  We must be prepared to take action like this man did, knowing that the risks are very great and the consequences can be serious. But “Love our neighbors as ourselves” is a concept that can be lived, if we are willing to give as we’ve been given to.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-05A: This and that

  1. Matt says:

    One would hope that a 9 year old would of been smart enough to understand that a Big Book of Knowledge is not allowed in a government school that has no interest in knowledge.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      One would hope that any parent who bought her the “Big Book of Knowledge” would be smart enough to keep her far away from government indoctrination camps to start with. What were they thinking?


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