Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-04E: Decline and Collapse

By Nathan Barton

Good morning: the theme of many stories today is “Decline and Collapse.”  How quickly is the system, the society, the civilization collapsing?  Here are some examples.

Educational system collapse:  The schools continue to decline ever more rapidly.  Back in the 1950s and 1960s, chewing gum on the floor (and under the desks) used to be the most serious problem.  Today, 50+ years later, it seems it is students supposedly dumping poop on the floor, or at least in one Texas school, where the teachers initiated “poop inspections” to see who did it. Yes, to put it mildly, that DOES violate the privacy of students, and so no surprise that some are complaining.  People, get your children OUT of these places!  Now! Please!  (I just thought that perhaps the quality of these government-run, tax-funded schools is even worse than we thought!  This small town in Comanche County, Texas, is apparently teaching its students how to become EPA bureaucrats.  (Remember the story from EPA Region VIII in Denver about employees smearing feces on the walls and floors?))

It is not just the primary schools.  We have this First World problem: Students protest milking,  pizza chain. “A group of University of California, Berkeley, students gathered outside of a local Domino’s Pizza store to shame the company for thanking the cows “grieving mothers” that provide the cheese for its pizzas.” Oh, bother!  What joy!  Maybe they will go protest the actual cheese factory next – or blow it up?  How about liberating (and arming!) the detainees on dairy farms?  (Cows with guns!)(This has subtitles: almost as fun as hearing the lyrics!)  Are these tomorrow’s doctors, nurses, and architects and scientists trying to protect the plight of “grieving mothers?”  Or just teachers and McDonald’s counter help and yard maintenance folks?

Regulation gone to seed: Denver International Airport has banned sales of marijuana-themed items such as souvenirs, fearing it will “hurt the airport’s image.” Yeah, right, like that giant blue horse with the demon-red eyes doesn’t max out the kitsch-meter.  Seriously (if that is possible), Colorado voters made a wise decision, it is good for the economy and a boost to tourism, but DIA (a government enterprise) is worried about its image… to the detriment of hundreds of thousands in sales, and tens of thousands in sales tax revenues.  And seriously, have you looked in an airport souvenir shop lately?  “Ski Colorado” whiskey shot glasses and bobblehead ski-babes and “Indian” totem poles made in China aren’t an overdose of kitsch already?

Cops collapsing in fear: Apparently, there is an application called “Waze” that lets people report the locations of cops, and is very popular for letting people KNOW where the JBTs are at – even more so than GasBuddy with its fuel prices.  But cops are telling Google, which recently bought Waze, that they have to turn it off, because it “endangers” police.  One more piece of evidence of the police state! Frankly, virtually ANYone (criminal or not) is going to use this application to AVOID the cops, and not some mysterious plot to ambush and kill them. There are better, more effective ways to do so  that don’t involve phone applications available to the public.  As Tom Knapp noted, if the police don’t have anything to hide, they why should they care if people know where they are?  Maybe applications like this will speed up the implosion of the police forces.

FedGov crashing and burning?  The Fuehrer has backed off the second of two major proposals from his State of the Union infomercial of last week:  this time it is the “free community college” proposal, after stating that the FedGov would NOT start taxing educational savings accounts.  The source points out that this may be the beginning of the end for the current regime (speaking of the current squatter in 1600 PA), but I wonder if it is not just another sign that the entire system is collapsing, even more rapidly. As I was discussing with a family member and several friends, we are torn between seeing the collapse come very rapidly, or holding off to give people more time to prepare.

The system fails – eating each other: The Federal Secretary of Transportation tells Congress to stop playing politics with roads.  Gee, what a NOVEL idea.  If all the highways were privatized and made to pay for themselves (and generate a profit to the buyers/owners), not only would TRILLIONS of dollars go to the states (remember, the land for highways does NOT belong to the Feds but to the States), but we WOULD get politics out of it – or at least Congressional and Statehouse politics.  AND we’d get better roads, better service, and all the benefits of competition. But never fear lest you think that I agree with Foxx – the guy is a typical lapdog minion of the Fuehrer. He claims that the congressional game-playing has virtually destroyed the will of State DOTs to build roads.  What an outrageous lie!  The DOTs may be frustrated because they don’t have unlimited money to build everything they want to, but they certainly don’t lack any will to do so.

Islamic wars: A detailed and well-documented report states that the Fuehrer was secretly backing Al Qaeda in North Africa in the months leaded up to the Benghazi assault, which is sure to further more anger in Congress and more attempts to avoid congressional responsibility for any of the mess.

Islamic wars continue. Extremists rampage in northeast Nigeria, no troops fighting .Islamic extremists are rampaging through villages in northeastern Nigeria, killing, burning and looting with no troops protecting civilians, fleeing villagers said Wednesday. More than 40 people have been killed in seven villages in Adamawa state this week.  The killing never stops, in large part because (1) these people have no means to defend themselves, (2) their government is incompetent, corrupt, and too interested in power to protect people, and (3) the Islamists who are killing them in the name of Allah are a vicious evil horror.

Other wars: Mexico’s internal war is definitely “cops versus everyone” now, with the admission that the police apparently killed all 43 students missing for months.  I can’t tell how many sides there are: cartel versus cartel, various government agencies against the cartels and other government agencies, militias and home town  groups and more, all against each other.  The government is a major part of the problem: not just the Mexican governments (village, district, state, and federale), but the American governments that wage the war on some drugs that makes murder and mayhem both profitable AND the only way to resolve disputes.

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