Libertarian Commentary on the News, 16 June 2015, #15-24B: Signs of decay

By Nathan Barton

This weekend, a very bizarre and major incident took place in Dallas, as reported in Freedom’s Phoenix and numerous other news outlets: A number of people attacked the headquarters of the Dallas Police Department, supposedly using automatic weapons and bombs (improved explosive devices). Following a chase and standoff, one man was killed by a police sniper.  Now the screams of accusation and horror are reverberating across the land.  The dead man was “mentally unstable” (as are so many supposed perps of mass killings and bizarre attacks, even if the media refuses to admit that much of the time) and may have been on drugs for his instability (another common feature).  

Supposedly, his attack was in anger over a custody dispute: no explanation for the others, still unknown, who supposedly joined in the attack. Some groups praise the attackers for their “courage” and many condemn the police for doing things to make themselves a target.  Much of this is relative, and much is due to the spin that the media and the authorities are putting out.  I suppose we can say that someone who attacks a police station is “more courageous” than someone who attacks a school – or even a thug in uniform who attacks a teenage girl or chokes an asthmatic to death, but none of them deserve any honor.  But then, the attitude towards police in this country is changing, and bluntly, the police have only themselves to blame (well, and their politician bosses) because more and more behave like a thuggish occupation army. These attacks have happened before, and we can expect more, especially as the police and politicians react to attacks like this and double down.

Mama’s Note: The most recent news indicates that there were no other individuals involved in the attack… just another “lone wolf.” Sure thing… Much more likely, far as I’m concerned, is that this poor schmuck was set up by the powers that be, at whatever level, and encouraged to do his thing on a grander scale than he might have thought up himself. Not a single word on how in the world he managed to get hold of “automatic” guns (if they were), or a retired cop vehicle. Those are not things the mentally ill might pick up at a thrift store, for sure.

It is easy to point out things like this as an indication of decay of society, but I think it is more the decay of government.  As the next stories point out.

Let’s blame global manmade climate change for the poor behavior of the coal industry and the coal crash and therefore negative effects on pension funds and therefore retirees!  Or so the Guardian says.

Me?  I think they are grasping at straws to defend an indefensible theory (global warming is caused by humans).  Coal is crashing because GOVERNMENTS are forcing the abandonment of coal for many uses, especially producing electrical power.  Something I’ve pointed out a lot recently.  Expect more of this, though:  I’ve recently listened to speeches by Hillary Clinton and her major opponent, the Socialist Bernie Sanders, and they both swear on a stack of Das Capital copies that manmade global warming is a fact and not a theory, and go ahead and also lie about how “virtually all scientists” believe it is so.  (And out of the 11 GOP types so far officially in the race for 2016, it seems at least a plurality also buy into this as part of the GOP’s eternal dance to be elected “Miss Democrat-Lite” and sell out what few morals they adopted after the death of Honest Abe 150 years ago.)  We know that even big-business crony capitalists can have government turn on them and eat them for lunch, and pity the poor workers and pensioners caught in the gear wheels as the latest victims get dismembered.  It is not climate change or the markets that create messes like this: it is government policies and regulations, and the decay caused by them.

Speaking of messes made by government, and how government takes advantage of their own mess to make a bigger one! Just imagine what Caligula or Nero, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin could have done with this! Wired reports that smart water meters let cities spot and prosecute “drought-defiers” (the latest Newspeak word for people or companies who supposedly are wasting water in violation of draconian edicts as in California).  Instead of allowing free markets to allocate scarce resources (like water in California), the politicians issue new edicts and then find scapegoats, like a McDonald’s whose employees turned them in.  Of course, the reason that businesses and home owners waste water is because they pay artificially low prices created by subsidies – welfare (or, for a really bad pun, “well-fare” when it involves water).  Since I live upstream from California (in the Upper Colorado River Basin), I see how their welfare program and greed and lack of a free market harm many people.  And I see all the edicts as worthless.  If low prices were not maintained by more than a century of government subsidies, the Pacific Ocean would be the primary water source for the cities of California.  But government policies and stupidity instead create a deteriorating, decaying situation which gives the governments an excuse for more power to control.

Speaking of power, in several different ways: Are small nuclear reactors key in America’s energy policy of the future?  So claims The Hill, saying that key Congressional members and even the White House eye small reactors (like the Hyperion Power Module produced in New Mexico) as important in the future.  But then the paper gives examples of how there will be pie in the sky by and by, like 2022 or beyond, because the Feds are subsidizing research, although The Hill does point out that Federal energy policy right now is very much AGAINST these manufactured, delivered, and recycled small reactors.  But the article fails to take into account some key elements: developing and deploying (especially via some simulation of a free market) 300 MW or smaller reactors to the utilities of the nation will be counter to the desire (and growing need) of the FedGov to control more and more daily life.  If an entire county or region of 250,000 or half-a-million people can go “off-grid” for power, and have their own water and other resources (water is something that new EPA proposals would also take more control of), the FedGov slides back!  And Congress can’t have that, so I see this “key in future energy policy” as being a sham at best: lip-service and nothing will be done to liberate energy, at least not by Congress or the White House.  It will be up to private entrepreneurs and inventors to free our energy supplies from the dead hand of bureaucracy and the politicians, and stop the decay of our society and economy.

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    Mama: you are so right, when did he get this stuff and how did he pay for it???


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