Libertarian Commentary on the News, 02 July 2015, #15-26C: the real Independence Day

By Nathan Barton

The REAL Independence Day. As I often do, let me wish everyone a Happy 2nd of July, that being the anniversary (this one being the 239th) that the Continental Congress voted for Independence from the United Kingdom.  Today, of course, as the events of last week in the Supreme Court reminded us, the celebration of Independence Day is really a moot point. It is more in the form of a memorial for what we once had in the Fifty States – FREEDOM – LIBERTY.  May God grant us that we can have these wonderful gifts of His in the future.  And grant us the courage to work in every way to regain that liberty.  Enough is enough.

Meanwhile, we see people continuing to trade liberty for security, and freedom for safety.  I am amazed at how many people tell me that we are now in decline, now that the Supreme Court made these “landmark” decisions in the last few days.  People, this is NOT the cause, this is just another effect of the death of the Republic long ago.  The effects will continue to get worse.

Don’t you feel safer now?  According to World Net Daily, a TSA agent in Richmond Virginia took a photo of $75,000 in cash and tweeted it to the world before stealing the money from the traveler (who was apparently allowed to travel on, just without their money).  WND concentrated on the lack of privacy, as did the majority of the comments/responses to the tweet (good and worth reading) but to me, the fact that this money was stolen, most likely on a domestic flight, is a far worse crime.  It is nice to know that the highway robbers no longer lurk on the highways and byways, enduring bad weather and threatening us with drawn and cocked pistols: now they wear neat uniforms, work in air-conditioned terminals, and usually hide the guns away (or have some other uniformed thug wave them at us).

Even the WaPo has to point out that many black people do NOT hate the Confederate Ensign (or Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia), and it is definitely interesting reading. I know a few black folks who have great respect for that flag and do NOT view it as racist, but rather as a symbol of liberty.  (Sadly, too many “libertarians” view it with hate). But I have had my doubts – until reading this article; there are a LOT of black Americans (and others) who see it like I do.  The CSA had a LOT of faults: there is NO “acceptable” government.  But if we honor the “wonders” of Ancient Greece and its democracy or the Roman Republic, we have no grounds to condemn the Confederate States for slavery,  If the Southern Cross is a symbol of hate, then so is the cross  (not just the “Celtic” cross but all of them), and so are torches and white sheets.  As are the color red and the hammer and sickle and red stars.  And for that matter, lets include the French Tricolor (remember Haitian slavery and Algeria and Vichy France) and the Union Jack (remember India and Sud-Afrika and who established the American colonies in the first place) and much, much more.  (To say nothing of such fun flags as that of Hamas, ISIS, or other modern terror states and slavers.) When dealing with slavery in the Fifty States, remember that slavery survived longer in “loyal” states like Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri, than in any of the seceding states – and in DC, slavery didn’t end until several years AFTER the War between the States.

US EPA’s latest propaganda: The EPA has projected that by 2100, without global greenhouse gas mitigation, labor hours in the U.S. are projected to decrease, costing an estimated $170 billion in lost wages, according to a new EPA report. The EPA report, released on June 22, 2015, is titled “Climate Change in the United States: Benefits of Global Action,” and was created to estimate the physical and monetary benefits of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, otherwise referred to in the report as GHG mitigation.  This is, of course, sheer garbage: NO ONE can predict conditions in 2100, still 85 years from now: picture being in 1915 and predicting conditions in the year 2000.  But in addition, this number (the $170 billion) does not take into account the multiple billions that governments will steal from American workers over the next 85 years IF the massive plans to combat global warming are put into place – direct theft (taxes) and indirectly.  (And of course, who can predict inflation in 85 years IF the FedGov is (horribly) still around, considering that in the last 85 years (from 1940 to 2015), we have seen gold go from $35/ounce to about $1200 and a soda at a store from 5 cents to $1.80 (plus tax).  Anyone want to pay $65 for a bottle of Coke?  What does THAT do to this sort of prediction?  I think that the regime wants to scare unions and others into greater support for their War on Global Warming, which makes about as much sense as the Global War on Terrorism.

No foolin’? World Net Daily tells us, “The negative reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court’s creation of a right to same-sex “marriage” is surging, with clerks quitting, judges dropping their license procedures and even one U.S. senator telling people it should be ignored.” Even while the squatter at 1600 PA celebrates with Christmas lights, many people are upset and working actively against the Supreme Court.  Actually, just how many troops and cops do the Nazgul have?  How many people can they really send to a gulag?  Even with the help of the Tranzis and the two million or so “gay” activists (Is “gayist” or “homoist” an accurate description?), how much rebellion can they take, especially of the “small-mouthed pacifist” kind?  A friend who is a judge, but not an attorney, tells me that his Chief Judge told all the magistrates that they don’t have to marry ANYone and that he suggested that if they DID want to marry someone, to make sure it is either an immediate family member or a very close friend, so that they are not hypocritical in refusing to marry two men or two women.

Meanwhile, more and more Tranzis are coming out in support of the “next frontiers” of transsexuals (now officially “transgendered”) and polyamory, arguing not only that if “same-sex marriage” is now legal, then so should polygamy and polyandry be, for the same reasons: “Love Conquers All.”  Can dogs marrying cats (much less people marrying cats and dogs or, Nero-style, horses) be far behind?  Many people think it is closer, and this fuels the fires of rebellion.  When you add in the vast overreaching tyranny of the Nazgul, the entire abortion controversy, the EPA, taxes, regulations, banks and other monetary problems, and so much else, the situation must seem potentially dire to the Tranzis.  Have they won, or merely snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory?

Mama’s Note: We’ve always agreed that no non-voluntary government should have anything to do with marriage of any kind, or any other personal relationships between consenting people. I really don’t care in the least who my neighbor wants to marry, or live with, or do business with. If it does not pick my pocket or break my arm, it is absolutely none of my business. …or of anyone else.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, 02 July 2015, #15-26C: the real Independence Day

  1. Darkwing says:

    Mama: I agree, as long as they do not shove it in my face. There is the real problem


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Depends on what you mean by that. If anyone “shoves something in your face,” you have options all the way from leaving the vicinity (unless it is your property, of course) to active self defense, depending on the amount of aggression demonstrated. Far too many people actually allow the “shoving,” acting as if they have no choice, but then go on to complain about it. When the “shoving” starts, resist, don’t allow it. The real problem is when people use the government monopoly on force and bogus “authority” to shove it. One of these days we’re going to have to stop allowing that as well.


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