Culture change? Counter-revolution? New revolution? (Thoughts on Independence Day)

By Nathan Barton

Saturday is the 4th of July. I was asked by an acquaintance earlier this week what my family and I were going to do to celebrate Independence Day.  After a long day and much frustration dealing with government agencies and regulations, my response was rather unguarded and blunt: “Why bother?  It is meaningless today.  The Republic is dead, the Constitution is a dead-letter except for following procedures, and we have a dictator, a tyrant squatting in DC, and a Congress that is venal, corrupt, and stupid.  And state and local governments are no better.”

To my surprise, she agreed.  Apparently there are many people who are NOT celebrating Independence Day, or even “The Fourth of July” today. It has been compared to those who see events of the last decade as being a “Great Divorce” between various factions in the Fifty States, and between the people and those politicians and lawyers and bureaucrats that make up “the government.”  It is time to recognize the fact that all this is NOT the CAUSE of the destruction of the Republic, it is the RESULT of the collapse and destruction of the Republic, of liberty.

Here are a few examples of how the culture has changed and why a counter-revolution or a NEW revolution is needed.

Ironically, the venue was Salt Lake City, where (as per Time) the Episcopal Church voted “overwhelmingly” to allow “gay marriage” in their church.  Of course, it was overwhelmingly only because we are seeing the rump of the Episcopal Church, which has lost many parishes and many members to other Anglican churches, mostly in response to the open (if not official until now) acceptance of homosexual “marriage,” women pastors or priests, and other examples of a growing rejection of the Bible.  The split in the Episcopal Church, a group of denominations often called the Anglican Communion, is worldwide; African and Asian dioceses are refusing to accept redefining marriage; American dioceses and parishes are split and splitting.  British and Commonwealth churches seem less divided and trending to supporting the changes.

Interesting juxtaposition: a couple of hundred miles north of Salt Lake City, a man and his two “wives” in Yellowstone County, Montana, have applied for a marriage license as a polygamous family as reported by Time Magazine.  The man is ex-Mormon, supposedly thrown out of the LDS for advocating polygamy.  This very quickly fulfills the prophesy/warning by Chief Justice John Roberts (and many others) that the 5-4 ruling would lead to recognizing polygamy, with both Fundamental LDS and Muslims secretly (or not so secretly) practicing this “institution” in the Fifty States.  It makes you wonder, especially since most of those “experts” also pooh-poohs the idea that intraspecies (human-animal) “marriages” (see also the NY Daily Times) and marriages between adults and children (pedophilic “marriage?”) would also be well on the way to legalization now as well.  (I had several people point out to me that this modern version of polyamory is NOT the first case. Three women “married” each other in Massachusetts in 2013. Can’t keep up with everything, I guess.)

Meanwhile, other prophesies and warnings seem to be nearing fulfillment quickly.  Time Magazine and the New York Times had an editorial calling for an end to tax-exempt status for religious and other charitable institutions and of donations to those institutions, as a follow-up to the SCOTUS decision, since it is obvious that these institutions will not support the “fundamental policy” of the government.  Other, less careful writers and speakers have already come out condemning churches, preachers, judges, county clerks and anyone else objecting to the SCOTUS decision, in some cases calling their actions “treason” and “rebellion” and calling for (in several cases) these people to be killed.  Expect this to happen soon. Opponents of homosexual “marriage” in California reportedly had homes raided, set on fire, and were beaten. And of course, at the same time, many apologists for homosexual “marriage” are claiming all threats to their opponents are false, that homosexuals are the most tolerant and loving of people, and willing to “live and let live.”

Which is why these two stories might be a slap in the face:  First, Fox News reports that the Oregon bakery (Sweet Cakes by Melissa) has been fined $135,000 by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry for refusing to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians, based on religious objections to such a thing.  This is, of course, supposedly what the majority opinion of the Nazgul last week specifically called out, that our religious rights to object to and not participate in things we believe to be wrong is NOT supposed to be stolen from us.  Right.  Of course, the BOLI states in their ruling that it really wasn’t the refusal to BAKE and DECORATE the cake that the business is being punished for, but it is the business TALKING about it in public!

The second example, which is not getting much mainstream press coverage at all, but is being discussed in The Last Resistance and a few other conservative or libertarian outlets. The loving, tolerant, inclusive and well-known Star Trek actor George Takai has made an astonishing, incredibly vicious racist attack against Nazgul Clarence Thomas. What is particularly notable about the general lack of reaction to Takai’s attack on Thomas is the contrast to the amazing outcry against Donald Trump for his characterization of many (not all) border jumpers, especially from Mexico.  We are all used to double standards, but this is a bit extreme, isn’t it?  Clearly, in our changed culture, it is not WHAT is said that is the reason for suppressing freedom of expression, but who says it and who is the target of what is being said.  In other words, the same definition of “free speech” as used in the Soviet Union (and Cuba).  Not the one the Founding Fathers had in mind. [In fairness, later I see that Takai has issued an apology for his ad hominim attack on Thomas, on his Facebook page.  It seems to be sincere, even while he continues to crow over the “victory” last week.]

To close, consider.  If 239 years ago the States were engaged in a “Revolution” and what is being done today by the government established by the victors of that revolution is stealing away the liberties that original conflict was fought about, then what we are in is a “counter-revolution” even if they claim to be progressives, Marxists, or some other kind of socialist (which are normally associated with “revolutions”).  So what is needed is NOT a “counter-revolution” but a renewal of that original revolution: a return to the concept that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights – with liberty; and that the major threat to liberty is government.  Enough is enough.

Mama’s Note: As someone famous once said (and then proceeded to prove it in spades), Government is not the answer… it is the PROBLEM. Unfortunately, all those who talk about any kind of reform, or “return” to any previous form of government, are simply spinning their wheels. If they have any real desire for individual liberty, self ownership, live and let live, they will have to eventually recognize that no form of non-voluntary government will ever get them there.

The “constitution” reset is a deadly false idea. Only the names of the rulers change, and people go on rearranging the deck chairs on the sinking Titanic. Unfortunately, this ship really must sink so the survivors can have an opportunity to rebuild their lives around the free market and personal integrity necessary for self government. Then it will truly be time to celebrate the liberty and prosperity that will be available to all mankind.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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