Libertarian Commentary on the News, 04 August 2015, #15-31B: Politicians – liars

By Nathan Barton

Once more, the squatter at 1600 PA is lying. The Blaze reports on the grand announcement of the Clean Power Plants Initiative, which is supported to be the “most important step” ever taken on climate change. The rhetoric was intense and passionate, telling us that we are all going to die and destroy the planet if we don’t cut our carbon emissions, but trying to sooth people. He (well, his toadies) claim that the shutting down of major coal-fired plants and massively-expensive rebuilds on those that are allowed to remain, with deadlines of 2022 and 2030, will “save” households $85/year in electrical bills, by uping the “renewable energy” sources target to 28% of all electricity. But, as with ObummerCare, the real numbers are probably closer to a 40-50% INCREASE in monthly and annual power bills for most of us. That of course, doesn’t matter: if we don’t stop emitting carbon dioxide, New York City will be the New Venice and Arizona will have beach front property… according to the madmen running the agencies for this guy and his backers.

One more reason people should be sick that they voted for him: the squatter at 1600 PA says that Crazy Uncle Joe (Biden) would “no doubt” make a “good president.” The Blaze reported it, and I got to listen to a ten-minute replay of some of the gaffes Crazy Uncle Joe has made in the past six years on Sean Hannity’s radio show: It sounded like a replay of Archie Bunker’s most famous lines from “All in the Family” all those years ago. Is insanity an impeachable offense? I suppose the squatter is so grateful to Joe because every time someone got serious about impeaching him, they would stop and think about what would replace him: like Goering replacing Uncle Adolf.

Joining California in insanity and a pathetic desire to impose their laws and views on the rest of the Fifty States, New York fined major retailers $330,000 and cranked up the ban on “realistic toy guns” being sold to New Yorkers, even if sold on-line, the Blaze reports. Excuse me, but how is a 12-inch long replica of an M-16 with an orange tip a realistic toy gun? Does New York think that if you accidentally put the rifle in the washing machine with a hot water setting, it shrinks? Supposedly, there have been eight deaths in three years and 400 incidents in that time in which someone MIGHT have been killed, because cops supposedly mistook toy guns for real ones. Sounds to me like the solution would be better training for cops, and teaching cops NOT to automatically gun down children. Of course, this ban is as stupid and useless as bans on selling real guns: you can still go to Connecticut and Vermont and Jersey and Pennsy to buy them, or (as I’ve seen done) paint your orange and blue Nerf ™ gun matte black, or even have Amazon or Wal-Mart deliver your “realistic” but miniature gun to an address just across the border. But have I mentioned how stupid politicians and bureaucrats are, recently?

Two “christian” meetinghouses in Las Cruces, New Mexico, were bombed on Sunday: one Baptist and one Roman Catholic, according to the Huffington Post. No one injured, and no serious damage. What is almost as frightening as the bombs themselves are the pictures: one of a woman holding a hand-printed sign “No Mass Today” and the second of a group of heavily-armed and armored “peace officers” looking more like a patrol in Fallujah than anything we should see in the United States. But clearly in Las Cruces. What was NOT pointed out is that Las Cruces was the birthplace of Anwar al-Awlaki, the infamous Islamist terrorist and Al Qaeda leader killed by a drone in Yemen in 2011. (Why is the “no mass today” photo frightening? Because clearly these Roman Catholics in Las Cruces are not willing to die for their faith, but instead are cowardly: a sin according to the New Testament’s teaching of Christ Jesus. Of course, clearly, at least SOME Muslims: the Islamists, certainly; are willing to die and to kill for their false religion. Something is very wrong here.)

Both Breitbart and the Chicago Tribune report that one of the weapons used in the attack on the cartoonists’ contest in Garland, TX, some time ago was one of the many guns sold with DOJ approval as part of the illegal Fast and Furious gunrunning operation, arming cartels (and others) in Mexico and along the border. Meanwhile, the perpetrator of Fast and Furious, buddy Eric, indicted on criminal and civil charges, remains at large. No one will do anything about him.

World economy pieces are dissolving… China has lost 40 percent of its stock markets’ values, while Greek stock markets are taking a hit after the drama of the last several weeks and more bailouts and more taxes and punishment to pay off the EU. Townhall reports on the Greek markets, as the Greek people finally accept just how badly they’ve been shafted, and the Wall Street Journal reports on China, with a graph showing their troubles, and reports that – surprise, surprise – Communist politicians are just like any other politicians and want to blame someone, everyone, else, and promise what they cannot do. So, what is next? Many people fear it is the American economy: my email in-box is filled with claims of this or that date being the next economic cataclysm. We’ll see. But if we aren’t prepared at home and in our community, we are not doing things right.

One of Townhall’s new columnists has a commentary about Marine scout snipers having to “hold a bake sale” if they want modern sniper rifles instead of the “upgraded” Vietnam era rifles (from 50 YEARS AGO), pointing out that one copy of the dubiously-useful F35 V/STOL fighter would pay for every scout sniper to have a modern rifle AND ammo for training for decades. But he also points out the truth: the F35 provides PORK and POWER for Congress… ammo and new rifles, even at a couple of thousand a piece, just don’t do it. Sounds like Parliament in the 1770s, telling Ferguson to take a hike with his breechloading rifle.

Venezuela: Government has occupied a food warehouse of biggest private company , according to ABC News. “Venezuela’s largest food distributor on Thursday denounced the government occupation of a Caracas warehouse amid accusations that the company is hoarding goods. Soldiers took over the warehouse complex used by Empresas Polar late Wednesday just as Venezuela’s federation of brewers announced that Polar’s beer manufacturing subsidiary is shutting two of its six plants because of a lack of imported barley.” Venezuela is “enjoying” the fruits of socialism just as Russia, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea and others have over the last century.

In New York, Nazgul dismisses lawsuit seeking personhood for two chimps, as reported in Fox News. The two chimpanzees will not be “freed” from a New York state university where they’re used in locomotion studies after the court dismissed a lawsuit that had sought to afford them legal personhood rights. While the Nonhuman Rights Project had standing to bring the lawsuit on behalf of 8-year-old chimpanzees Hercules and Leo, a higher court decision last year that found a chimpanzee named Tommy was property, not a person, necessitated the lawsuit be tossed, according to State Supreme Court Nazgul Barbara Jaffe. How about “personhood” for humans, like unborn babies? I know that folks like L. Neil have their ideas about the primates, but the truth is, there is no real evidence of self-identity AND intelligence AND ability to communicate that can support an idea that they are “people” and we do not have anything in our laws and traditions to encourage that. And exactly WHAT would “personhood” mean? New “caregivers,” certainly. But freedom? How very, very unlikely. Let me say again, how about personhood for unborn Homo sapiens?

That of course is highly unlikely also, given the power of the Nazgul and Tranzi demands and control: Another Nazgul has gagged the Center for Medical Progress, an “anti-abortion group” by banning release of new Planned Parenthood videos, according to the Christian Science Monitor. But as of Tuesday, the videos (five, now) are still coming out: the CMP is ignoring the nazgul, even though the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary restraining order preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video from a sting investigation of the company StemExpress, which provides fetal tissues for research in conjunction with Planned Parenthood. The temporary restraining order will remain in place until a hearing on Aug. 19. Some sources have claimed that the nazgul who issued this ruling just has a wee bit of conflict of interest: his wife is a well-known pro-abortion activist.

That news no doubt cheered the White House, which publicly opposes cutting off corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood, as reported by a Reuters article. The squatter will oppose any efforts by Congress to divert money from Planned Parenthood. Is this one of the reasons that Republicans in Congress have failed in their threat to pull $500 million in federal funding a year from Planned Parenthood after released videos show that the organization profits from supplying aborted fetal tissue (baby body parts) for medical research. Planned Parenthood of course claims that it broke no laws, because abortion providers are allowed to charge costs to cover expenses associated with fetal tissue donation. I suppose the Congress did the usual good job of writing its laws, but I’ve discussed elsewhere that murder is murder, regardless of man-made laws that try to make it “lawful.”

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