Libertarian Commentary on the News, 03 August 2015, $15-31A: Insanity, Satire, and Abuse

By Nathan Barton

Let us start with a weird one today. (Satire alert!)

Townhall reported that the California Legislature is debating a bill that has passed through committee that would phase out hierarchy within a company. The bill is considered a landmark bill by many to eliminate what has been referred to as “wholesale oppression” of employees of a company. Speaker of the Assembly Toni G. Atkins (D-San Diego) sponsored the bill and hailed it as the next step in equal rights for all Americans. In the State Senate, President Pro Tem Kevin De León cheered the efforts of Speaker Atkins and stated he and his caucus were fully on board. De León (D-Los Angeles) said, “No longer will workers confront the hostile environment which comes every day when they have to face being stratified in their careers.”

AB-69 details the terms which can no longer, as stated in the law, be used to “create a hostile work environment.” As codified in the law, the terms “supervisor, manager, overseer, team leader, leader, producer, director, controller, chair, boss, captain, head person, head honcho, authority, chief, chairperson, chairman, partner, inspector or any other term that may create a perception of inequity that an employee may perceive as harmful to their employment individuality.” Speaker Atkins stated, “This legislation in coordination with our recent law regarding bullying in the workplace will successfully create a harmonious environment for our residents which will enhance their life experience.”

Yes, we KNEW that the California legislature was insane, but this seems, well, insanity squared. BUT, the real AB69 is available on-line [pdf] and has to do with “Peace Officers” and body cams. Now, to call about 90% of California law enforcement thugs “peace officers” is disgusting and mad enough, but not quite the same level of insanity as this: unfortunately did NOT identify it as satire, though it (fortunately) is. Whew. Not that I really care that the California idiots are not quite as stupid as they seemed in this “story” but because I don’t think the Western States can handle the refugees in the numbers this (combined with the real, but still insane, laws) would generate.

A guy is in big trouble, according to Freedom Outpost in Augusta, Georgia for guarding a local military recruiting center and having signs saying slighting things about some Muslims – those who go around killing people like Marines and Navy personnel at reserve centers and recruiting centers. He calls them “Islamic savages” – but apparently the local Imam thinks he is referring to ALL Muslims, and is trying to entice him to the local center (mosque) to be educated. Well, I guess the Imam is in good company, because according to Stars & Stripes (a military newspaper published overseas), the Army is telling recruiters to treat these civilians as “security threats.” No war here, people: as usual, the military bears the brunt of the politicians’ stupidity.

How many military personnel died or are wounded for every member of Congress, or senior Administration official, much less a POTUS or cabinet member, who are killed or wounded in the line of duty? For that matter, how many cops are killed, maimed, or wounded/injured for every soldier who dies or is maimed for life? And when a congresscritter gets sick, guess where he or she goes for medical care? That’s right, they go to the front of the line at Walter Reed ARMY Hospital or Bethesda NAVAL Hospital. Guess who gets shorted on care, or moved to the back of the line? The troops.

People can complain all they want about military personnel occupying 90% of the countries in the world and carrying out DC’s imperial ambitions, but those troops, not even the four-stars at the top, and much less the NCOs and privates and airmen and sailors at the bottom, are the ones who embarked on this insanity: it is the few thousand Congressmen and Senators who have “served” in power in the past decades. Yes, flag officers are virtually ALL politicians by the time they reach star rank, but they still do not make the decisions about where to send troops, what nations or factions to bomb, or who are allies and who are enemies: that is Congress, the people at the White House and their cronies (political appointees and bureaucrats) in the Pentagon. The sad part is that so few flag officers are willing to stand up to Congress and speak the truth, and support their men and women. And obey the oath they have freely taken.

But back to the guy at Augusta: he may be foolish, but he is doing what he believes to be the right thing. The entire concept is that the citizens of the nation are an unorganized militia with the ability to arm themselves and be trained (well-regulated) and defend their communities. Primarily the women and children and families, but yes, even the military and police (consider the gangsters in Baltimore, a few months ago during the riots/protests) when need be. I may very much disagree with him doing this guard duty, but again, will stand up for his right to do so. Not DC, and not the Pentagon, obviously.

Meanwhile, Stars & Stripes also reports that those powers-that-be in DC have decided to expand the war in Syria and Mesopotamia and Turkey yet again. Those forces the US OPENLY supports will be aided to fight against the Caliphate (ISIS/ISIL) by getting USAF and USN and USMC air strikes against the Caliphate’s warriors AND Assad’s forces. (For those who forgot their scorecard, Assad is the “legitimate” ruler of Syria, who has been fighting rebels, Kurds, and the Caliphate, while the rebels and Kurds and Caliphate also fight each other. On second thought, forget the scorecard: it is impossible to figure out. Stars & Stripes also reports that US-led airstrikes (including those by allies) have killed 459 civilians in the war zone. Do you realize that is almost 1/6 of the babies killed with federal compliance and tacit support (and often, FUNDING) here in the US each day, and about 50% of the number of Americans killed by cops in a year?

Speaking of killing children, in DC today, that same powerful Congress that sends our soldiers to die and be maimed, and our airmen to kill civilians, decided NOT to defund the premier killer of babies in the Fifty States, Planned Parenthood. As reported in The Blaze at least one GOP type voted WITH the Tranzi Democrats and one was absent: how many GOP types worked out a deal to make sure that THEY could vote “FOR” defunding but ensure that the vote would fail, and still let them go back home and whine “well, we tried…” If you weren’t already sick of their hypocrisy… (I know: supposedly McConnell did this to let him bring it up again, later… look, I’ve got this great bridge in NYC I want to sell you! Cheap!)

The Navy now denies claims made by retired LTC Allen West, which I discussed last week, that one of the officers at the Chattanooga reserve center would be charged with violating prohibitions on carrying weapons, the Blaze reports. They are “still investigating,” and it will take a while. Funny, because Democrat, former Navy officer Jim Webb ALSO was told that charges were being filed. Now… well, we know who NOT to believe, and the Pentagon is part of that. See treatment of military personnel discussion above.

Some people are upset about the killings, it seems. One well-known figure said, “So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,”  He must have been speaking of Fort Hood and Chattanooga and… opps, wrong. It wasn’t some military retiree, it was Louis Farrakhan, the well-known Muslim preacher, speaking in a … must be another satire or joke … the Mt. Zion “Baptist” Church in Miami, and apparently speaking on behalf of Muslims worldwide. Man, is this guy out to lunch or what? He seems to think that FedGov intervention SAVES Muslim lives? And he wants MORE? Government is not the only part of our society that is messed up.

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