Be Careful Following the Masses

By MamaLiberty

The “news” is usually much more about opinion than factual happenings. And even the supposed “reporting” of things that are happening is full of opinions about the whys and wherefores, let alone omitted facts and  inaccuracies or – shall we call a spade a spade – outright lies. Occasionally the inaccuracies are corrected in subsequent releases, but the damage is usually done by then. How many people take the first thing they read or see as the absolute truth about an incident or person, and never bother to learn more? Impossible to say for sure, of course, but I suspect the number is very large.

And that would be among the people who pay attention to such things at all. These days, it would seem that conventional “news” sources are hardly noticed, and that “twitter” and other social media serve instead for vast numbers of individuals and their associations.

So, when someone pushing their own agenda tells us that “95% of the people surveyed” think, believe, want… this or that, what does that really mean? The “will of the majority” or mob rule? 95% of what… out of how many, and what was the actual question they were asked?

And, furthermore, so what? Do you change your beliefs, convictions or needs because some large group has a different outlook? And if you do… why?

If you do, think hard about the actual questions being asked, the potential for manipulation and lies, and the fact that none of them probably have any real interest in your life or needs, and most likely want to use your emotional response to further their own ends.

I can’t think of any other reasons anyone would go to all that trouble…

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2 Responses to Be Careful Following the Masses

  1. Darkwing says:

    I know people that watch Fox news and nothing else and they tell me that Fox tells the truth, all the time and you can trust them. Lambs to slaughter. People will never learn.


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