Libertarian Commentary on the News, 06 August 2015, #15-31C: Stolen Liberty, Stolen Life

By Nathan Barton

What with the various issues here at home, I’ve not commented much on the daily news about the killings (also daily) in the “Land of Peace and Submission” that is the Muslim Ummah: specially the Mesopotamian lands, Canaan, Syria, Turkey, North Africa and much of eastern and central Africa. Never fear, the killing and fighting continues.

Nigeria’s Defense Ministry has appointed a new general to head multinational Boko Haram fight, says the Altoona Mirror. Boko Haram’s Islamic uprising has killed 20,000 people and driven nearly 2 million from their homes. Supposedly, the African states will have a better and deeper collaboration with each other in the fight against Islamic extremism. I see that as their military just better coordinating their own abuse and killing of the people. Self-defense and responsibility for their own security is not, of course, on the table: the thugs must continue to fight over the people on whom all these groups prey.

How close are the Tranzis with the Islamists? I realize that there are many who think that Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, and the Caliphate are just tools of the Western powers. That is, the Transnational progressives which control the west. This story in the Washington Post, about how Hillary Clinton exploits Islamic State panic in her call for Internet censorship, makes you think about just how this all works together. Supposedly, she is “drawing a line in the sand when it comes to the Islamic State.” No Twitter for you, evil terrorists. Gasp!!! ‘We have got to shut down their Internet presence, which is posing the principal threat to us,’ Clinton said during a stop in Nashua, N.H. – and she is firm on this. Right. This seems to be very much to her benefit, and to statists in general. Islamists this year, then the KKK and Confederates next year, Libertarians the year after that.

But more than liberty is being stolen. Or perhaps I should say that liberty is being stolen indirectly as well as directly. The theft of money robs us of the liberty that we can enjoy by spending the money for what we want and need and not what the state mandates. Consider the next two stories.

Ever do much travel? The Daily Policy Digest has an interesting article “Travel Taxes: The Hidden Trifecta.” They point out that travelers bear large effective tax burdens that can amount to 30 percent higher costs… Of course, taxes on travelers, especially from out of state and out of the county or municipality violate that sacred principle of “taxation without representation” (not that “taxation WITH representation” is any less immoral). This is something that has bugged me for decades, in part because I do a LOT of business travel, and get hit with taxes on everything that are higher than “normal” sales and excise taxes: special taxes on lodging, on meals, even (in South Dakota) on some reference books that are “tourist-type” in nature. They add up very quickly: many cities have special additional taxes of 10-15 percent in ADDITION to the usual sales taxes, which are astronomical these days.

For decades Congress has been spending like a drunken sailor (sorry, that is probably insulting to sailors: Congress is worse), and one of the sources of their pocket money is the Highway Users Trust Fund, which we all pay for through excise taxes on gasoline and diesel. But only 5% of that actually gets spent on major highways, like the Interstate system and key US highways. So they are in bad shape, and getting worse. So, of course, with truck traffic expected to increase 45% in the next two decades, all the federal and state bureaucrat-parasites and their highway contractor buddies are trying to figure out how to take truckers and trucks for more. Daily Policy Digest for how to steal more from trucks and truckers (and therefore all of us who use their services directly or indirectly). Not a pretty picture. But about what we’d expect: until they are FORCED to stop, they’ll rob us blind, and waste the money in every imaginable way, from “art on the highways” to new buses and light-rail schemes to fill cities with junk, while telling us what horrible people we are for driving around in private autos.

There is financial abuse, and then there is physical abuse, and abuse of power. For example, The Root reports a case in Florida where a sheriff’s officer’s 9- month year-old son was rude to two college-age women, who spoke “sharply” to him. He ran to daddy, who with two of his cop-thug buddies arrested the women for “violently resisting” and trespassing. Nice to have that kind of power, eh? Bet the cop feels just as powerful as Clinton or those religious-thug police in Saudi Arabia.

Mama’s Note: Insane. A 9 month old child doesn’t have any idea what is “rude” or otherwise, and most don’t have any real language skills. Evidently, neither do any of the so-called “adults” in this situation.

Nathan’s Note: My error: the child is nine years old, but still, apparently does not have decent voice skills – nor a connection between brain and mouth.

(Correction noted, Nathan. The actions of the child are much more believable, of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that the supposed adults involved are idiots, or worse.

But Clinton and her ilk are unwavering in their support of worse abuse than these sheriff’s deputies metted out.

In the aftermath of the latest (fifth) video released by Center for Medical Progress, now showing (pending the next Nazgul ruling) at World Net Daily, there is the claim that in some cases, ala Dr. Kermit, Planned Parenthood victims are being born alive and killed outside the mother’s body. The video, which again show ghouls and murderers chowing down while dispassionately discussing specimens, cadavers and “products of conception,” is highly disturbing and the whole transcript even more so: an order for 120 “intact specimens” by some unnamed ghoul-buyer on-line is to use the tiny corpses for experiments “humanizing” mice: putting human cells into mice to create some sort of chimeras. World Net Daily reports this, along with speculation that the demands of researchers, and the profit motive of the soulless “non-profit” Planned Parenthood, are making it obvious that “live births” – getting the child OUT of the womb and birth canal – is desired by some researchers.

This sort of thing is exactly what we hung people for just seventy years ago, at the end of World War Two: killing people in ghastly medical experiments and doing live vivisection and other things for the advancement of “science.” Looking at the video of these women discussing killing over their meal, or rummaging through a freezer to find cadavers that have not yet been fully frozen to show off the quality of their product is far more hideous than watching some old WW2 movie about monstrous Nazi scientists using the untermenschen for their testing.

Of course, the National Socialist politicians and researchers and medical doctors were no more ugly and no less friendly and cordial and hospitable to other Nazis and “ubermenschen” (members of the Master Race), than these people are. Americans have BECOME the monsters that they supposedly fought to defeat and extinguish in World War Two. I have no doubt that the current squatter in 1600 PA, together with the last six or seven incumbents in that blood-soaked “White House” will have to look up and apologize to Uncle Adolf and Uncle Hermann and Uncle Josef Mengele there in Hell. To say nothing of doing the same thing to Joe Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot… America, led by the FedGov, makes all of them look like pikers.

Yes, I know that Jesus did not say, “I was killed in the womb and you did not try to rescue me,” the way He said, “I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you didn’t give me anything to drink.” But the principle and result are surely the same. As I have pointed out, it is not just the murdering mothers disposing of their babies for their own convenience, claiming the “sanctity of their body,” or the murdering doctors and assistants actually killing the baby for the mother, that really disturbs me, but where there is even MORE evil; that is, more absence of good. It is the ghouls who collect and sort out and buy and sell the baby body parts or whole baby carcasses, while patting themselves on the back for their glorious “life-saving” research work.

Excuse me, but can anyone point out to me any REAL difference between what Americans and Europeans and Russians and Japanese are doing and what worshippers of Ba’al-Moloch did in Canaan and Phoenicia and Carthage 3000 years ago, with sacrificing babies by burning them alive? Or what the Azteca did on the temple-pyramids of Mexico until the Spaniards destroyed their “civilization?” Or what Romans did by exposing unwanted infants so that dogs and wolves could eat them? Or what Uncle Adolf’s SS-men and Gestapo did to millions of Jews and Gypsies and Ukranians and other undermenschen for a decade plus?

However, it seems that most Americans don’t really care enough to do anything about it, even the puny action of denying federal funds to those with the blood LITERALLY on their hands. Instead, we are worried about someone killing a “pet lion” in Zimbabwe. And so the companies are being “socially responsible.”

While airlines ban hunting trophy shipments, UPS says it won’t bow to controversy, according to the WaPo. Hunters and others looking to ship lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo heads and other big-game trophies across the world still have options available, even as Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Air Canada announced this week that they will no longer allow such cargo on their planes. You know, I wonder just how the baby body parts are shipped? How about a ban on that by you airline companies? Or a refusal to allow murderers and ghouls to fly – or at least to fly first class? Is THAT too socially responsible? Or do you just not want to tick off Hillary and Joe and Bernie?

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