Libertarian Commentary on the News, 13 AUG 2015, #15-32E: Lies and more lies?

By Nathan Barton

Okay, so da man says nobody lies about who they are when they vote. Or so CNS News reports. Obvious experience in South Dakota to the contrary, (nobody has time to do anything other than send someone away when they claim that they are someone else). Happens all the time in certain precincts, but there is no “official record.” However, with “motor voter” and virtually eliminating residency requirements, the problem is with people voting in multiple locations and states, under different (or similar) names. And never mind that I know for a personal fact that Colorado required proof of ID for voting clear back to at LEAST 1974 (the first year I could vote) and that South Dakota has required it since at least 1992 (the first year I could vote in SD). No, the squatter is against it and it is evil and must be stopped. It cheapens and further degrades and despoils the corpse of the republic. But it proves how worthless government is. He (and most Democrats and a lot of Republicans) see it as the way to stay in power.

Is it time for lynchings? My “close to home” mess is getting worse, and this story in CNS News is just one of many. My friends and clients are working desperately to save their fish and their ponds and project from this government-caused disaster, and so far, may be succeeding. But trout have little tolerance for such drastic changes and the effects can be cumulative. We have the EPA Administrator, probably lying, saying that water quality is “back to normal” – to the pre-3-million-gallon-spill conditions. No one believes it; an attorney said that they “have to declare victory” lest the political consequences be even worse.

Meanwhile, the politicians and the Tranzis and the do-gooders moan about how industry really caused this, and point fingers. I hope that New Mexico sues and wins, and I hope that the Navajo Nation and the Southern Ute Nation and every single landowner within a mile, and every business associated with the river in ANY way, sue and force Congress to bail out AND THEN TERMINATE the EPA. With prejudice.

Tom Knapp recently proposed the death penalty for courts and prosecutors that would treat two twelve-year-old would-be murderers as adults, and maybe he is right. But if so, then what do the EPA officials who caused this AND THE CONGRESS that enabled them to do it, deserve? (PS: I really don’t expect the State of New Mexico to win a lawsuit. Or Congress to do anything about EPA. And lynching is too public. Probably time for Claire’s shoot, shovel, and shut up.) (P.P.S. I was at my friends’ property on the Animas for about six hours yesterday, looking at other contamination: the river is no longer orange or even yellow, but there are obviously deposits of sediment that were not there before, and you can NOT tell whether water is contaminated just by looking at it.

Even the governor of Colorado, a Democrat whom I heard lampooned as “Chickenlooper” (his name is Hickenlooper), is seeming to stand up to the EPA. And now Utah as well as the Navajo Nation, Southern Ute Indian Tribe, New Mexico, and Colorado have declared emergencies. And the tourists are definitely staying away. Traffic in Durango is calm… which is bad.)

Hmm, maybe ol’ Bernie has a good idea. In CNS News, they report that he is calling for EVERY public university and college in the Fifty States to provide a free education. Right on! Make those academics and staff and administration work for FREE for as long as possible, teaching everyone who comes to them without ANY costs: no tuition, no fees, no books, no parking passes, FOR FREE! Yeah, I suppose we will have to feed and cloth and house the faculty, but we can do that as part of a welfare program, a “workfare” or “edufare” system, or maybe just draft them or imprison them – they’ll be doing the “classical” thing: many Greek and Roman scholars and educators were slaves. It’s tradition! But something, so that they don’t starve or freeze to death before they ruin another generation or so of impressionable young students. But they’ve been parasites on the body politic for far too long: time for them to pay back to society. But, wait a minute. Maybe good ole Bernie isn’t going far enough. Why should just PUBLIC universities and colleges have to do it free? Why not private, as well? Couldn’t force religious schools, maybe (that pesky old First Amendment) but why not those like Harvard and Princeton and Stanford and Denver University? Those have BILLIONS of dollars in endowments and trusts, they might even be able to pay their professors something close to minimum wage (after all, private organizations and individuals can’t have slaves like governments can). AND almost all that money is from really obscenely rich old WHITE MALES – its dirty money and should be taken away and used for the public good. Maybe it could even be part of the reparations to black and AmerInd descendents of those enslaved and disinherited by white people. See, Bernie can go a LOT farther. (Let me point out that Sanders is just plain lying: it is impossible to provide an education for free: SOMEONE pays for it, somehow.)

Huh? What kind of Nazgul is this? According to the Blaze, this judge upheld a state law that allows open carry in government-run, tax-funded schools, even if the schools do not want it. My oh, my, SOMEone might care about protecting children in these horrible institutions? Say it ain’t so!

Mama’s Note: He’s obviously an “only one,” and I seriously doubt he’d be in favor of any other father protecting his child that way… regardless of what he might say in this situation.

The ghouls: The latest video about the organlegger, Stem Express, LLC, identifies the users – the ghouls who want and use the baby body parts – by name, program, AND university or other institution: Harvard, UCLA, etc. and talks about how “Procurement Technicians” obtain “consent” from the soon-to-be-ex-mothers for “donating” their soon-to-be-dead baby’s parts. There are no pictures of “specimens” in this video, but the chilling discussion of the process, provided by the Center for Medical Progress will make you sick. (Unless you are already sick and believe that it is right to kill babies. In that case, what part of “do not commit aggression” do you NOT understand?)

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