Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 SEP 2015, #15-36D: Self-defense endangered

By Nathan Barton

Our right of self-defense is given by God, but man – in the form of government and nannies of all sorts, as well as prying neighbors and busybodies – constantly seeks to steal that right from us. Here are a few stories and comments that point that out.

An odd situation, indeed. In the Air Force Times, we learn that an Air Force officer on his motorcycle was assaulted and beaten by a group of “anarchist” “Occupy” type protesting against police in the Seattle-Tacoma area, It was NOT apparently,, because he was military, but because he had Southern Cross flags on his motorcycle. For the extreme Tranzis and nihilists, there is nothing BUT appearances; substance does not matter. Libertals – Tranzis – seem to want to resort to violence FAR more than your average soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine.

Notice, apparently this man was NOT armed or did not attempt to use any weapons to defend himself against an attack which could have killed him. He should have been, but he was probably “law-abiding” and (like most people in Washington State) presumed that carrying a loaded handgun on your person or convenient to you, when “in” a motor vehicle is illegal (it may not be, but apparently that is an area of some controversy). And, certainly, his attackers presumed that he would be unable to defend himself, as open carry is not common in Washington State.

Falling dominoes? In “The Truth About Guns, Robert Farago looks at very recent attempts in the United Kingdom to further disarm people, including taking away (confiscating! ML) heirloom, antique weapons. He makes this out to be an example of what we’ve seen in other lands and other times. Initial “common sense” gun restrictions are just the foundation for a monstrous edifice of draconian and tyrannical enactments that strip even more freedom (and even more weapons) from the more and more disarmed population. As the disarmament continues, the thugs grow more bold and take still further steps to bring the population to a condition of total submission. In the UK, that process is well along, as knives and swords and airguns join firearms in the banned categories, and as people who still have a few weapons face ever more harsh restrictions and punishments even for common self-defense. We are not so far behind this situation in the US, despite recent gains in open and concealed carry.

Mama’s Note: I do wish that everyone who wrote about this would use the honest word, “confiscate,” instead of the passive “taking away.”

In recent years, the FedGov has been insanely and amazingly successful in creating new enemies and getting new and old enemies to ally together against us.  Latest example of this is discussed by Zero Hedge “In Major Humiliation For Obamanation, Iran Sends Soldiers To Support Russian Troops In Syria”. The FedGov (in DC) is already pretending panic over the presence of Russian troops and aircraft supporting Assad (or at least, opposed to the rebels and the Caliphate), and the deployment of Iranian troops (almost certainly with the agreement and support of the so-called Iraqi government) not only makes the FedGov look bad and give more reasons (or excuses) to scream about a deteriorating situation, but probably DOES contribute to deteriorating conditions (including more abuse and killing of the mostly unarmed civilian populations). But we should keep in mind that this may be EXACTLY what the idiots in the White House WANT; more fearmongering to allow more meddling in the Middle East. In other words, they may be willing to be humiliated in order to score a major victory for their warmongering. And the profits and other rewards of such antics. Such fear mongering is good for them at home, as fear of Islamists seems to be easily transferred to fear of anyone – especially armed.

Does anyone recall “Car 54 Where Are You?” Or perhaps Barney Fife? In Georgia, the comparison is surely being made. Freedom Outpost has a field day with this story, as well they should! A DeKalb County Georgia police officer was shot after he responded to the wrong home, entering it and shooting a man and his dog. The interesting thing that occurred during the incident is that the police officer was actually shot by his fellow officer. It’s not even clear whether or not the homeowner had a gun. Although an “apology” has been issued, there is no certainty that the invaded landowner will not be charged with the “crime” of shooting an invading jack-booted thug. We are seeing two similar cases in Texas (except that the invading fuzz DIED). In one the grand jury refused to even indict, but in the other the jury has sentenced the man defending his home and family to death. Disgusting, but all three cases are being used to urge more restrictions on guns and ownership to “protect the police.”

This week,the news is filled with commemorations of Bloody Tuesday (9-11) and the refugee “crisis” in Europe, but apparently Japan is no longer important: you have to go to YouTube to find out about how the hurricane and typhoon are sandwiching and slamming Japan strongly. More videos are available in YouTube showing tens of thousands being evacuated as levees break, and of course, too many people again are screaming about how Fukushima is going to kill us all because of this flooding. Based on current economic and political trends, honestly, very few people are going to be able to live long enough to get cancer from the Fukushima radiation, in part because it really is very low-level (as I’ve discussed in earlier commentary this week), and in part because economic collapse and war have a tendency to shorten MOST people’s lives.

Just one more comment to make on the anniversary of Bloody Tuesday. We are now 14 years from that sad day: the equivalent of being in 1955, fourteen years after Pearl Harbor. Even IF the attacks were done by Al Qaeda in cooperation with elements in Afghanistan and Iraq, that is a ridiculous amount of time for the West, “led” by the FedGov, to be fighting against an organization that cannot begin to be compared to the combined forces and populations of Germany, Italy, and Japan. And it is NOT because the Islamist instigators (or even the mysterious “secret government” if you believe that DC and the Western powers-that-be) are so smart and powerful, it is because the way the war has been waged for fourteen years is so insane and criminal and stupid. And of course, secondarily because the people of the Fifty States and the West are so docile and easily gulled. When we look at the severe erosion of liberty in 14 years, we realize how bad off we are.

The contrast is certainly notable.  According to Last Resistance, in one school in Tennessee, atheists and “church-state separatists” are silent about students required to write and recite “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is His Prophet,” while spending three weeks studying Islam, while the chapters on the rise of “Christianity” are skipped.  But at the same time, Last Resistance tells us that a lawsuit is threatened against a Georgia Elementary School for a prayer at a graduation ceremony and a sign with “Jesus” on it posted – by Atheists. Several ways to view these, I guess: Do atheists not see Islam as a threat? Or do they support the growth of Islam because of… what? Islam’s bloodiness? Islam’s pitiful dogma? Islam’s close ties to various political parties and groups? Or is it just that Atheists really REALLY hate “Christianity?” (And consider Islam to be beneath notice or concern?) Or it like racism: blacks and orientals and Indians can’t be racist against whites (Anglos, Europeans, etc.) because the white race “has all the power.” Or is it fear, because Islam has millions of sworn soldiers and terrorists willing to kill and die, and these people are afraid that they will be attacked and killed. Whatever reason, these people are inconsistent (hypocritical) and, although I realize that to them, such is not a sin, it is certainly a character flaw. And another reason for parents to GET and KEEP their children out of these evil institutions. And work to get government OUT of education. Period.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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