Libertarian Commentary on the News, 14 September 2015, #15-37A: Stupid public schools and more

By Nathan Barton

I am going to concentrate on the stupidity of public schools in this commentary, but this news has just come up, so lets talk about Germany first, and then to a few other stories.

The balloon is going up? Mama Liberty comments: “That didn’t take very long… This could get very interesting… The Telegraph announces that Germany is ‘to reinstate border controls’ as country struggles with influx of refugees. Latest from Germany as interior minister says refugees cannot simply choose EU country to protect them. This comes just days after Germany had announced (to the dismay and embarrassment of many other nations in Europe) that it would accept as many as 900,000 Syrian refugees.

This comes after years of Germany (and others) following the course of ever-increasing submission to the demands of Tranzis and Islamic advocates, which has been predicted (since about 1947 and especially in the seminal novel “The Caliphate” (by Tom Kratman, 2008) to lead to Europe being swallowed by Islam. Merkel’s Germany, with 450,000 refugees already has apparently reached at least some form of “the final straw,” and will possibly drag the EU along with it (as usual). Indeed, many EU nations are already lining up with Germany on this “temporary” border controls effort. As Gareth points out, he thinks that in the long term, blood will tell and the German Reich will again rear its head and lash out. It is far from that, yet, but enough that the Tranzis are no doubt seriously ticked.

Apparently, American liberals have a plan to bring an end to school shootings; Make disclosure of firearm ownership mandatory for all families enrolled in public education. According to the Missouri Torch, a pre-filed bill in the Missouri Senate would require parents of public school students to report to the school if they own a gun. Why, I think that is a WONDERFUL idea especially in Missouri. They will need so much room for the filing of the forms in the school office that they’ll have to add another wing on – after all, they’ll have to keep the original forms (to say nothing of all the corrections to the forms, given the high quality high-school graduates Missouri’s public schools produce) and can’t just scan and save them electronically. And then let’s talk about the additional school resource officers needed, especially temporarily after the frequent gun shows when Johnny’s and Suzy’s folks stock up and trade back and forth. WONDERFUL idea: keep the educrats busy!

Mama’s Note: The ideal outcome, if such a stupid thing passes, would be all the empty “school” buildings all over Missouri. In any case, I don’t see a whole lot of compliance happening. That state is the home of the Missouri mule, and it’s not a coincidence.

It is odd, but less than 12 hours before this next story crossed my desk, Gareth and I were discussing the worthlessness of high school, the approaching worthlessness of community colleges, and meaningless pieces of papers, as the education system continues its downward spiral of the last century.  We had specifically talked about an outlandish science fiction story in which California’s legislature had decreed that all residents of California were to be “awarded” bachelor of arts decrees for the sake of equality and opportunity.  Well, now comes an article in the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that the California Imperial People’s DEMOCRATIC Republic’s legislature has passed a bill, which Jerry Brown is expected to sign, granting high school diplomas to more than 40,000 students (maybe even a quarter million) who dropped out and failed to pass a high school graduation examination, all the way back to 2004, a full decade.

Talk about making a high school diploma a valuable thing to have –  they are usually too stiff for toilet paper or to clean up spills: and too fragile to use to fix holes in walls or windows. Firestarter, maybe? Frankly, will a California “high school graduate” born after 1988 ever make the first cut in getting hired anyplace EXCEPT California unless it is to pick up litter or wash dishes?  It was already bad enough. To pass the now banned test required a  score of 55% or better on 6th grade math and English: in other words you had to read, add and subtract, but not very well. If only these people’s parents had understood the need to get their children OUT of these places.

Stupid government tricks – urban tyranny division. One more thing from the PDR of California, land of nuts and fruits. They aren’t nuts, just fruity! Freedom’s Phoenix republishes a story from talking about how “evil” Guerrilla Grafters are Secretly Grafting Fruit-Bearing Branches onto San Francisco Trees that they don’t own. As they report, “That’s new to us. For the past two years, a group that calls themselves Guerrilla Grafters have been secretly grafting fruit-bearing scions onto ornamental, non-fruiting trees in San Francisco. City officials contend that Guerrilla Grafters are breaking the law, but their actions have been celebrated by proponents of urban agriculture. And they have been included in the US pavilion’s Spontaneous Interventions exhibit at the Venice Biennale. The streets of San Francisco are lined with pear, plum and apple trees, but out of fear that the fruit would make a mess and attract rodents, the city intentionally planted sterile trees that don’t bear fruit. By grafting fruit-bearing branches on those trees, Guerrilla Grafters make fruit free and accessible to anyone who picks it.

The group was started by Tara Hui, who started grafting fruit-bearing branches onto city trees a few years ago.” Honestly, when it comes to making a mess, the “good people” of San Francisco are excellent, even “professional” at it. Where else do you know that they have to make it a law (not that it works) that requires nude people to put a towel down before they sit on a public bench or ledge? I mean, really? A few squashed pears or peaches are a problem? As for rodents: well, no fruit on fruit trees MIGHT cut down the population in the city, but not much: I’ve seen trash bins in San Francisco. What self-respecting rat would go for fresh fruit when they can finish off someone’s piroshki or leftover Chinese takeout? And that stuff is there in the bins (or thrown on the street, pretty commonly) year-round, not for a few weeks during harvest. And don’t get me started on what the trees, sterile or not, produce as far as leaves, stripped bark, and giving places for birds to roost and do their thing… Stupid government wants to punish people for doing good. As usual. (Reminds me of New Hampshire arresting and prosecuting people for putting dimes and nickels in expired parking meters.)

Stupid government tricks, energy division. Thanks to Laissez Faire Today for pointing out this article by the Institute for Energy Research reporting on how successful the FedGov and the squatter at 1600 PA have been in gutting our energy supplies, by closing 1/5 of the coal-fired power station capacity in the nation.  To see a map of what has already closed and is being closed, go to Google Maps and cry.

What really hits hard is how badly places like South Dakota, Wyoming, and even Colorado and the Navajo Nation are being hit. These coal-fired plants don’t just produce electricity, of course, they produce jobs. Money flows into the community, and people live on providing the power that other people, especially in the West, need.  So not only will less energy have to travel farther to supply places like Rapid City and Newcastle and Gillette and Greeley and Denver and Farmington and Green River (both of them), so that they have to pay more (SD members of rural electric coops over the past five years have seen electric power bills double and triple even while their energy consumption DROPPED by double digits), but the jobs of mining and trucking and railroading and grocery clerking and everything else will go away, not just the power station workers.  Go Solar?  Go Wind?  Ha.  Double Ha.

One thing I really disagree with LF on is the potential for these sources. Yeah, provide solar power to replace windpower to pump water for cattle or even an isolated house, or to power a traffic sign or emergency communications.  Use wind power to furnish electricity to a casino or rural school, even.  But to replace 72 GW (enough for 45 MILLION houses)?  Hundreds or thousands of square miles of solar arrays: tens of thousands of giant wind turbines, 200 or more feet tall – that is the current technology.  Because, of course, nuclear – even incredibly safe and simple Thorium – is EVIL!

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