Libertarian Commentary on the News, 15 September 2015, #15-37B: This and That

By Nathan Barton

Oh, dear, here they come (again).  The Texas Tribune warns of the flood of Cubans getting to Mexico and crossing into Texas to take advantage of the benefits Dems and GOP have long granted people fleeing from Castro’s Cuba, especially now that the US-Cuban thaw has granted another extension of life to Cuba itself.  Funny, I thought it was kind of expected that once the US “normalized” relations with Cuba, all these Cuban refugees (from 1959 on) would rush back home.  Just like the Syrians.  Right?

Of course, this sort of fearmongering, along with predictions of doom to Texas from catastrophically low oil prices, and Rick Perry’s giving up on the White House, is just normal for today. Read on!

USA Today tells us that Goldman Sachs is warning that oil prices could plunge to $20 a barrel, a catastrophe that (to listen to some) will plunge Texas back into the dark ages when people lived on sidemeat, beef that was too poor quality to sell to the d***yankees, and corn, when you got your one pair of jeans every other school year, everybody went to church on Sunday. Doomsday screamers, every one of them.  I don’t think that the Saudis have the guts to drive the prices down that much, because without that money to buy them off, their guestworkers and under classes will rise up against the gang.

Oh, I guess I assumed the worst, and I’m wrong.  Breitbart says that the Saudis ARE helping Syrian Refugees.  How? By building 200 new mosques IN GERMANY.  Which kinda destroys the claim of Glenn Beck and others that these Syrian refugees are mostly “christian” and NOT Muslim.  Of course, with 900,000 of them, that is only one mosque per 4500 Muslims.  Hmmm.  Guess they don’t expect the percentage of attendance to be very high, OR they aren’t building these as places of assembly for worship, but instead as symbols of victory and central locations for organization, training, and control.  Of course, the Saudis may be disappointed with their investment in “missionary” work, as so many Western religions are with their missionary work in Africa and Asia, where the converts and their children and grandchildren there are proving NOT willing to go along with the agenda of the mother churches back home.  Maybe the Muslims invading Europe WON’T take over.  And maybe the pigs WILL fly, and the horse learn to talk.

In Ohio, the Dayton Daily News reports that a 22 year old Detroit thug is dead after the owner of the house he was breaking into shot him when he confronted her in her bathroom at 3 AM. Good for her, and good for all of us, that this thug isn’t going to cost any more than the price of a pauper’s funeral.  You know, if more people were armed and able to defend themselves like this lady, we wouldn’t NEED a death penalty. The problems would resolve themselves.

California set to ban kangaroo imports despite lobbying efforts by Australia, according to the Guardian. As Mama Liberty points out, this is California as usual.  Roos are too cute to eat, much less make boots out of, of course. So they overrun the Outback AND the countryside, just as Bambi and his cousins and such are destroying much of the Fifty States. As the article says, there are more roos than shielas (and guys) Down Under, and maybe these Californian serial-tyrants ought to adopt some for their own, instead of forcing the Aussies to put up with them.

Mama’s Note: A more or less permanent herd of mule deer beds down on my property much of the year. I can’t “legally” harvest any of that wonderful meat, but have quit trying to drive them away. They are now my “strategic reserve,” for when the SHTF and I’ll need that meat even more than I do now. The feral pigs will serve that purpose throughout much of the south in the US, and I have no doubt the kangaroos will be handy that way in Australia.

UK police are behind an effort to ban knives to end ‘knife violence’ », according to Personal Liberty. British police are supporting an effort called “Save a Life: Surrender Your Knife” in an attempt to curb the growing rash of “knife crime” in the country and have people place their “pointy” knives into bins strategically placed in almost every town. I suppose that rounded-point knives will be next, as you can still saw someone up with a rounded point knife.  And then ordinary table knives. I’ve seen some pretty bad wounds from those.  And of course, with a file or grinding block, you can put a wicked point on a round-tip knife.  And don’t forget forks.  And even spoons! Best to ban grinding wheels that might be used to put an edge on a soup spoon or a serving spoon.  And don’t think they can let people get away with plastic tableware instead of metal: A fork or knife in plastic can still carve up a cop if you are violent enough.  Hmmm.  Best for Whitehall to just plain ban metal AND plastic except maybe for drinking cups (disposable ones) and straws, to suck up Solyent Green with.  (After all, glass and ceramic cups and glasses, as with glass beer and liquor bottles, can easily be turned into weapons.  Opps! Almost forgot aluminum and tin cans, also.

A 103-year-old Georgia woman has been banned from her church, as reported by Fox News and passed on to me by Mama Liberty with her accurate and succinct comment: “There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the insanity…”  No, there doesn’t but I get to add more.  Not only are too many people “Little Hitlers” – totalitarians who abuse the power that people are foolish enough to give them in EVERY facet of life, but too many people are willing to make life more miserable for themselves and those they are in conflict with, by trying to get government thugs involved. (At least in this case, the cops were smart enough to say, “none of our business.”)  The woman objects to the preaching style of the “pastor” of her Baptist Church, and after six years of sparring, he got the congregation to excommunicate her, and sent her a letter telling her to stay away.  But she refused, and showed up for Sunday worship, so he called the cops.

Now, there are LOTS of things wrong about this.  And the woman’s actions are NOT.  First, we have the entire “pastor system” in which the people of a church, who are voluntarily associating together, go out and HIRE a tyrant that then, usually, has total control over their worship and other activities.  And they PAY him to abuse them.  And nearly worship “Pastor” or “Reverend” or “Excellency.”  Gag!  One-man (OR woman) rule is as wrong, stupid, and evil (yes, evil) in a church as it is in a town, city, state, or country – or for that matter, a housing association or civic club.  In the case of those who claim to be “christian,” it is also unbiblical and exactly the opposite of the way God commanded them to organize in the First Century.  Second (as usual), the “pastor” does it all wrong.

Again, the BIble (for “christians”) clearly explains how to deal with disputes in the congregation, and explicitly states that it is a SIN to go get outsiders involved; cops, or judges, or anyone else.  Third, there is certainly no LOVE being shown n THIS case, just the opposite. Tyrants HATE people who don’t bow down, and the followers of tyrants are even more hateful.  Indeed, and again (sorry if it bothers anyone), the Bible makes it clear that the elderly (men AND women) are to be respected, cared for, AND sought out for their advice and wisdom.  Can’t see that here, can you?  Setting aside theological arguments, ANY organization or society which ignores or abuses its senior members is by its actions dooming itself in the long run.  And making life miserable.  So even VOLUNTARY government can be bad, very bad.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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