Libertarian Commentary on the News, 27 September 2015, #15-39A: Where is the outrage?

By Nathan Barton

Where is the outrage?  7 of 12 judges in an appeals court have decided that the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic order, are NOT having their religious freedoms abridged by being forced by the Abominable Act (ObummerCare) to provide contraceptives to their workers, according to CNS News. The reasoning is that the nuns are not interpreting their own religious rules “properly.” The five outnumbered judges said this was the equivalent of telling a Jew that, since the real reason for the Torah’s prohibition on eating pork was good health, and proper feeding and testing of pork made it a good, safe food to eat, then Jews can legally be forced to eat pork.  But… if that WERE the case (or if the same argument were made but it was a Muslim and not a Jew), the screams of outrage would be heard in orbit. But for these poor sisters – well, even the Pope isn’t supporting them, I guess: now he says contraception is okay, it is just abortion that is sinful.

Mama’s Note: Sure thing, but the nuns being forced to provide contraception is not the real problem, not by a mile. Do they accept all the rest of the Obummercare abomination, for instance, or even some parts of it? Doesn’t theft, fraud, coercion and slavery go against their religious convictions too? Aren’t they straining out a gnat and happily swallowing the camel? I’m afraid I can’t work up too much anxiety or sympathy for these nice socialist old ladies… I never met a nun who would choose individual liberty over forced “charity” and social programming by some external authority.  And I’ve known a lot of them.

Where is the outrage?  The Daily Mail reports on an episode of the sick and often gross “adult cartoon,” South Park, in which Donald Trump is raped and murdered.  Imagine, if you would, if the character in the series were instead Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders – or if it had been seven years ago and the character was the current squatter at 1600 PA?  The halls of Congress would have rung loud with the demands for punishment of the network, the show, its producers, and anyone remotely involved with it. The Secret Service together with two or three SWAT teams would have rounded up the writers and producers and voice actors, who would have disappeared into some gulag.

But because this is NOT a typical Tranzi (not saying that Trump may or may not be one) and apparently because he is running for the GOP nomination, and a rather wealthy man, it is “acceptable.” (Would it be acceptable if the tycoon had been, oh, Bill Gates or Elon Musk or the deified Steve Jobs?)  Look, “South Park” is a sleazeball piece of garbage, but we HAVE the God-given right of free speech, and they can broadcast whatever filth they want to, just as cigarette sellers and manufacturers can broadcast whatever ads they want, and liquor companies can advertise their products however they want, and neo-NAZI groups can post public notices and recruit people by radio and TV ads, and the KKK can produce and buy “info-mercials” to promote their hatred agenda.  Opps – wait, you mean none of those people CAN?  Huh?

(Let me add, I do NOT advocate anyone trying to pull this, or even that people SHOULD scream in outrage. I am not evangelizing or advocating that people get upset because Trump is being lampooned or even threatened.)

Mama’s Note: I’m outraged by all of the aggression, lies and evil behavior of people – especially those in government at every level, for their deliberate and evil destruction of individual liberty and the lives of countless people all over the world. I can’t imagine why I should be particularly outraged when they turn on each other.

Where is the outrage? And, what difference will it make?  The resignation of Boehner as both Speaker and a Congressman, as reported in the New York Times and screamed from every direction. WILL. MAKE. NO. REAL. DIFFERENCE.  None at all.  It isn’t just “Barton’s Theory of Organizational Personality” but the cold, hard, facts of history.  It takes an incredible, massive shock to a human organization, whether it is a military unit, a business office or branch or corporation, a government agency, or Congress to create real change. That shock usually involves the sudden (and usually violent) departure of virtually EVERY person in that organization, together with a significant change in the environment in which the organization functions. Otherwise the pre-shock personality is restored fairly quickly.

Congress is dysfunctional: like a family on welfare with a revolving door for the “man of the family” and children spaced about every 12-14 months, and the police have to knock on the door twice a week. Replacing ONE guy at the head of ONE of the two parties involved is a complete waste of time – worse than that, it is just giving false hopes to too many people.  It is buying time, NOT to fix the problems of Congress (and the nation) but, to allow the politicos to bail out. To abandon the sinking ship like the rats they are, to abscond with their ill-gotten gains. To find a nice bunkered house somewhere and hide when the mobs come calling.

The new Speaker will sound different, but inevitably he will not really BE different. If someone WAS different at the start, they’d put them in the polishing tumbler until he was “normal.”  But the likelihood of someone even as “different” as a Dr. Ron Paul getting the position is minimal; it will be more of the same-old, same-old.  And the GOP commitment to statism, compromise, and betrayal of their oaths will remain the same. Tweedle-Da-GOP-‘s face may be different, but he will still be a twin of Tweedle-Dee-mocrat.

Mama’s Note: I just shook my head sadly when a 2A blog I read exploded with glee over this “news.” I wrote and told him, “Welcome to new boss, same as old boss.” He wasn’t amused.

Where is the outrage? Last commentary, I discussed that old death cult, and the 717 dead in their major religious festival of the year. So far, virtually NO one has called for the abolition (outlawing) of the Hajj – nor even a fast-track bill in Congress to protect Americans by prohibiting them from participating in the Hajj. (As has been attempted with running the bulls in Spain, or fighting bulls in Mexico.) But it is not just in Mecca that they hold that Eid-whatever festival, of course.

And it is not just in Mecca that people die. NBC News tells that in Yemen, a suicide bomber killed 25 at mosque.  Where is the outrage?  What, no calls for outlawing vests?  Or explosives? Or symbols of hate? “A suicide bomber blew himself up during prayers at a mosque for the Eid al-Adha holiday on Thursday, killing 25 people in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, security officials said. Dozens were wounded in the blast at the al-Bolayli mosque, said the officials, who remain neutral in the conflict that has splintered the country. It is located in an area where many people support the Shiite Houthi rebels [sic] who control Sanaa.”

And what kind of “security forces” remain neutral in a civil war? (I’ll tell you ONE kind: the kind that are being bought off by BOTH sides.) This wasn’t some “Islamophobe” hater going in there and killing himself and dozens others.  This wasn’t a blow by some “Freedom Fighter” against the evil Western foreign devil occupation forces.  This almost certainly was not some angry husband intent on revenge against his unfaithful wife. And it is very unlikely the guy was a CIA operative or asset or the victim of an FBI entrapment scheme.  No. This was a member of one faction of a death cult “praising God” by murdering those of another faction and committing suicide to demonstrate his faith.  Even more perverted than the loving, doting mother handing her infant up to a sweaty, grimy priest so the priest can lay the child on the outstretched bronze arms of an idol, above the licking flames of a roaring wood fire in the belly of the idol.

This is the religion which the Roman Catholic Pope says we should all MERGE with? (HIS words, not mine). Following the explicit instructions of a book that should have been written on used toilet paper (except, of course, they never invented it, which is why it is a sin for them to eat food with their left hand).  And outrage? Hardly.  Even Tranzi dupes are not stupid enough to believe that 99% of Muslims would listen to their appeals for peace and sanity.

But there IS something horrifically fascinating about the Middle East, especially Syria and Canaan, that sucks EVERY one into it.  Zero Hedge  reports that a Chinese Communist warship transited the Suez Canal, almost certainly headed for a Syrian port to join their again-found Russian allies in helping the Assad regime fight the Caliphate (and also defend against that OTHER group of nations in the West which are fighting the Caliphate and ALSO allied with a rebel group fighting the Caliphate and Assad). (If this sounds like some sick version of the Superbowl in which the top four teams each get a corner of the playing field, the football is actually a bomb with a random timer, and all of the team members are armed with shotguns and unlimited ammo, you are right.)  I suppose we might be seeing the fuse burning down to the real World War Three.  Or just chapter 155 of the murderous saga of the Fertile Crescent.  China had not, until now, gotten sucked in. Macedon did, Rome did.  France and England and the Germanies and the Italies did.  The Arabs and Ottomans did.  And then the Brits and Imperial and Republican French did: the Third Reich tried to, and the Israelis were, honestly, stupid enough to try and come back “home” and the ‘Mericans did, and… you get the point.

Oh, one last thing: the guys in the White House have been sobbing about Russia getting involved, but so far, not a peep about China.  Where is the outrage? Is it because the Revered Successor of Mao is visiting the Fifty States?  Is it because of the debtor-creditor relationship? Is it because China isn’t seen as able to sustain an effort in the region like Russia could?  (After all, Russia has been trying to get a foothold in the Fertile Crescent for centuries.)  Or is it just because they are blinded by their own prejudices?  Or are they just stupid?

Mama’s Note: And maybe it just doesn’t matter much. They are all going to do what they are going to do, and everyone will just have to cope with the results. There is literally nothing anyone on earth can do about it at this point.

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