Libertarian Commentary on the News, 25 SEP 2015, #15-38E: They just don’t get it

By Nathan Barton

They just don’t seem to get it, do they? Freedom Outpost reports the “strange” comment of a mayor about the concealed-carry gun owner who shot a bank robber who attacked him. The mayor noted his “support” for rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment, but warned that “we don’t want vigilante justice,” demonstrating the typical government official failure to understand the facts of life and liberty, and exactly what “self-defense” involves.

Although not necessarily good, Bernie Sanders gets something that seemingly most do not, as CNS News explains. Bernie Sanders is pleased with the way the Catholic Pope’s agenda is “very progressive,” which we can translate as “socialist, statist, and of course, Tranzi” transnational progressive” in nature. The man’s speech to Congress had lots about the poor and justice and the environment and equality, but didn’t even mention He Whom Francis is supposedly working for and representing: Jesus Christ.

Odd, that. Bernie Sanders, ally and supporter of Pope Francis, so opposed to abortion? Bernie, the “Independent” running for the DEMOCRATIC Party presidential nomination of 2016 as a self-proclaimed, dyed in the wool Socialist, says “He has a very, very progressive agenda. He is looking in the eyes of the wealthiest people in this country who make billions of dollars, and he is saying, you know what – you cannot continue to ignore the needs of the poor. You cannot continue to ignore the needs of the sick,” said Sanders. In THAT, Sanders (and millions of others) just don’t get it. The LAST thing the government is doing is “ignoring the needs of the poor,” much less “ignoring the needs of the sick.” This government is pouring BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars into welfare for the poor and the sick: or at least the lame and lazy. And the wealthiest – except maybe for the REAL welfare queens like retired politicians and their kind – are getting to pay the bulk of the bill for that.

Mama’s Note: And in fact, all of the government programs and spending – no matter what the true agenda for it – actively prevents the poor and sick from helping themselves or each other, and so often prevents the rest of us from helping them or ourselves either. The goal of government here is total dependence on government, total control of the people everywhere, and all but (perhaps) the most wealthy find themselves hampered now in their investments and businesses. And many people who still have a little money are finding other places in the world to live and do business.

They don’t get it: their religion is a death cult, and this again shows it. This is Pilgrimage (“Hajj”) season, when good Muslims make their “strongly encouraged” trip to Mecca, as reported in the New York Post.”More than 2 million Muslims on Tuesday started the first rites of the annual hajj in Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest pilgrimages that draws people from different countries to the holy city [sic] of Mecca to perform a series of rituals and prayers aimed at erasing past sins. Newly arrived pilgrims circled the Kaaba, the black cubic structure in Mecca’s Grand Mosque toward which all Muslims pray.” More than 700 will not go back home and proudly wear the title of “Haji”, thanks to the “Hajj Horror” reported by Fox News and CNN. Reminds me of a few SF stories of bizarre rituals of killing humans for “religious purposes,” I guess.

Mama Liberty has one word: stupid. Yep! I just don’t understand, why do not these mass stampedes and deaths occur in so-called “christian” pilgrimages and mass gatherings, like festivals at Kevelaer (Germany) or Lourdes (Spain) or even the Pope’s visit to DC and NYC and Philadelphia?

Mama’s Note: Latest news story at Fox reports that at least 717 people have died in these stampedes. One hundred eleven people died there just a short time ago when a crane collapsed. The Saudi government must anticipate such large scale disasters, since the article above tells us: “More than 220 rescue vehicles and some 4,000 members of the emergency services were deployed soon after the stampede to try to ease the congestion and provide alternative exit routes, according to the directorate.” How many even large cities in the US have that many ambulances and EMT people available?

The article goes on to say: “…There has been a history of crowd tragedies during the hajj…” Stupid indeed…

Do parents get it? If this happened to your child, would you be upset? Freedom Outpost tells about a man picking his daughter up from school, upset because another student put “super glue” in her hair, burning her and requiring much of her hair to be cut off, who was “upset” and threatened by the “protection thug” at the school (the “school resource officer,” a cop). Please, is there ANY reason at ALL NOT to pull your children out of these places?

You MIGHT be excused for thinking this parent gets it. Maybe, but he has another agenda. In Texas, the bogus clock-modifying Muslim boy (son of a Muslim activist) quits school and prepares for travel (the Hajj) and to be “honored” at the White House, according to BBC News “The family of a Muslim teenager arrested after a homemade [sic] clock he brought to his Texas school was mistaken for a bomb, has withdrawn him from the school. He and his siblings will be home-schooled, a good thing. Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, said … the arrest of the 14-year-old had a harmful effect. [Agreed, but not for the reasons this guy gives.] Ahmed’s arrest has been sharply criticised and the charges against him were quickly dropped. Ahmed was arrested at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, after officials thought the device he brought to school was a ‘hoax bomb.'”

Once more I find myself very much in opposition to the “libertarian” powers-that-be as the hoax is certainly taking advantage of an abuse of power by a teacher and principal (gee, how tough is THAT to find) but it seems to me the REAL hoax is on the part of this teenager and his parents, and a whole lot of preparation of the entire scenario by a lot of people, including some handlers at the White House. The kid’s father just “happens” to be a Muslim, Islamist activist? The White House just happens to decide THIS “victim” of GRTF school abuse deserves a trip to the White House? And YOU tell me – the pictures are out there – is this device in a gun case (a clock removed from its plastic case, artistically arranged) a pretty good simulation of a bomb? Would YOU take it through an airport? Really? The Blaze tells us that the family has gotten big-gun lawyers to go after the schools for the “severely-traumatized” son. Good; I hope that the Islamist and the school beat each other to a legal pulp, even if the lawyers make out like bandits.

Again we have a story of cops on a tear. The New York Daily News headlines the cop pleads guilty. “The drunken off-duty NYPD cop accused of shooting two men in Westchester County pleaded guilty Tuesday– and is now facing nine years in prison, officials said. Brendan Cronin fired 14 shots at a car carrying Joseph Felice with a hockey teammate in Pelham just before midnight on April 29, 2014, officials said.” Oh, and to driving drunk. So he gets nine more years on the public dole. No doubt followed by a pardon and a return to duty: NYPD needs cops like this, who put the civilians in their place (or tries to), even when somewhat incapacitated by booze.)

It is sure to inflame the war over “intellectual property rights,” reports The Mirror. A judge throws out the “Happy Birthday” song copyright claim after company collects millions in royalties for DECADES.”A judge has thrown out a copyright claim to ‘Happy Birthday To You,’ dealing a blow to the company that has collected millions in royalties from the song. Music publishing company Warner/Chappell Music made around $2million (£1.3million) every year over decades after charging people to use the song. But a US federal judge yesterday said the song was in the public domain.” Okay, so who all gets compensated for this very long-term theft? Betcha, no one. And there is sure to be an appeal, and lots of screams over the impact it will have. Apparently the judge said the copyright is limited to a particular piano-arrangement of the song, only. Look out for the fireworks.  There is, of course, one obvious winner in this court fight; the attorneys will rake in millions.

Is madness spreading? There are presidential candidates and then, there are presidential candidates. Like dotty ol’ Uncle Joe. Joe Biden is now the top presidential choice for 1 in 4 American Democrats, according to a Bloomberg Poll, as discussed in Personal Liberty, even though he hasn’t formally announced he is running. Of course, he is not the only “dotty” one out running loose, and he at least has a few keepers, whereas this 25% of Dems mostly do not. And apparently he does not have the temper problem of Miz Hillary.

Mama’s Note: It’s really hard to believe or understand, but it seems clear that each election cycle, the “candidates” get more and more unreal and irrational. I’ve been watching this for about 60 years. The candidates, and the whole procedure just keeps getting dumber, and more dangerous to individual liberty all the time. How do you know a politician is lying? Their mouths are moving…

Political madness and political grandstanding in the “best” tradition: Senate Democrats have blocked GOP bill curbing late abortions, Fox News reports. “Senate Democrats blocked Republican legislation Tuesday prohibiting most late-term abortions, the second time since this summer’s release of videos involving Planned Parenthood that they’ve derailed an abortion-related drive by the GOP. Senators voted 54-42 to move ahead on the legislation, but that fell six short of the 60 votes needed to advance the bill.” But both sides got to scream about how bad the other side is. As usual.

Mama’s Note: What makes a “late term abortion” any better than an earlier one? Who decides which is which? The only reason anyone could want government involved would be to further their own agenda of control, and total disregard for individual liberty or even life itself. This horror will not be resolved through legislative action of any kind. Now, or ever.

Mama’s Note: “I’m really curious just how this could happen. No details in the report,of course, and no clue how the gun was pointed at the man, so I wonder where the wound was… maybe his foot. Of course, he could do whatever he wanted with his own property [the puppies], and shooting them isn’t “cruelty” really… but it does seem like overkill.”

She was commenting on a Raw Story tale, about a Florida man who was shot by a Florida puppy he was trying to kill. According to the Associated Press, Jerry Allen Bradford, 37, was in the process of killing a litter of 3-month-old shepherd-mix dogs by shooting them in the head, when one that he was carrying got it’s tiny paw on the trigger of the gun and shot him instead. I figure this guy is good for an honorable mention in the annual Darwin Award competition.

Thanks to Lonnie for sending me the information about this YouTube video. Yes, we now have some pretty significant, but CENSORED video of the initial moments of the Gold King Mine Spill, which dumped 3 million gallons of polluted and dangerous water into Cement Creek, Animas River, San Juan River, and Colorado River. The EPA (Environment-Polluting Agency) cut out some words, and it turns out that an EPA staffer has perjured himself before a Congressional committee, claiming that “foul language” was bleeped out of the videos showing the first trickles of flow and all the heavy equipment and operators sitting there doing nothing. But as a Congressman pointed out on the videos withOUT the bleeps, the “offensive words” were things like “What do we do now?” Many people point to this as the smoking gun indicating again that the EPA caused this spill intentionally to get approval for spending hundreds of millions to build and operate a massive waste water treatment plant.

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