Libertarian Commentary on the News, 23 September 2015, #15-38D: Government – evil AND stupid

by Nathan Barton

How much worse can California get?  Apparently, as reported by The Newspaper (.com), we are nowhere near the limit yet.  The California People’s Assembly of Idiots and Tyrants has passed a Governor Moonbeam inspired law to limit statewide petroleum use by 50% (of today’s consumption) by 2030, in the interests of “fighting” global warming – note, not just gasoline and diesel use, but ALL petroleum use.  The law gives the California Air Resources Board (CARB), already a star court and eminence gris, the power to apparently do just about anything to accomplish this. They will likely raise taxes again and again, spy on drivers, prohibit everything from idling to mandating lower speed limits.  I can picture border checkpoints where people might have snuck into Arizona or Nevada to buy fuel (Oregon is likely to join CA in this: that state STILL makes self-serve  gasoline “illegal.” 

Mexico… probably the illegals will get away it, but heaven help you if you are legal and coming back from Baja with a tankful of less than highway-robbery-price fuel.  I have a better idea; just go ahead, you idiots in California, and outlaw automobiles for everyone making less than, oh, $500,000: put a 100% excise tax on all automobiles, a 200% tax on all fuel, and charge $1000 non-refundable to everyone driving into California.  Then hold your breath to see what happens first: you getting hung from lamp posts, or starving to death.

Mama’s Note: I can just see Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, all of the tangled suburbs and vast multi named urban areas in between… with filthy, empty streets, blowing trash and crumbling dark buildings. A few ragged people move furtively among the piles of stinking, decaying debris and scurry to engage in savage fights over anything remotely edible… Ah yes, the politicians served them so well…

Just as with California, can we possibly understand how evil colleges continue to be, and just how STUPID their administrations and faculties are, when it comes to the essentials of liberty?  Eagle Rising tells us about the College of DuPage in Illinois (a community, ie. government-run, tax-funded, college) which had the pleasure of threatening to run in some students for “illegally soliciting” by asking people’s opinions on, and handing out copies of, the US Constitution (yeah, I know, THAT dirty old dead letter).  The cop clearly presents the softer side of tyranny:  steel inside the velvet gloves. He was polite but told the “children” that they would end up in jail if they persisted, insisting that they actually had a right of free speech.  But then, according to eyewitnesses, the cop got nasty when they tried to take a US flag into a school building.  Wow! This comes years after cases with FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights) settled out of court with Modesto Junior College in California, getting more than $100K in damages and costs for that GRTF school doing precisely the same thing.  The only thing worse to hand out, I suspect, would be the Bible: they are fine with the Koran or Das Capital or maybe even Mein Kampf (at least, an English edition), but try the US (or State) Constitution, Atlas Shrugged or The Fountainhead, or any part of the Old or New Testaments, and watch out!  And you want to bet a “Rainbow Flag” or even a Caliphate flag might get a better reception than the Stars & Stripes?  (And heaven help you if it is the Southern Cross.  I suspect they are too stupid to recognize the Stars & Bars, at least.)

Jumping to the OTHER Left Coast, Freedom Outpost tells the tale of a man robbed blind by the state, because of a “temporary restraining order.” They came to collect his guns and found that he had an ILLEGAL ASSAULT WEAPON, an M1A carbine he inherited from his father, which his father had carried in WW2.  So they are stealing ALL his guns: 21 of them, as part of a forfeiture: punish the other guns because under their stupid law in New Jersey, a 70-year old, under-power “toy” for officers and tankers is an evil, horrible devil “assault weapon.”  Good grief, even my FATHER owns an M1A – with the bayonet mount (which makes about as much sense as trying to put an earthmoving blade on a VW Bug).

As does Mama Liberty, I think this is great: the Des Moines Register moans about the Farmer who ran for office and nobody voted for him. In fact, he didn’t even vote for himself.  “Randy Richardson, 42, is the Iowa farmer who ran unopposed but didn’t receive a single vote in the school board election for the local Riceville district — not even his own. You’ve heard the old farm adage, ‘Make hay while the sun shines?’ That’s what kept him from his democratic duty, Richardson said. He typically scurries from his full-time maintenance job at an organic bean processing plant in Riceville back to his farm in rural McIntire to tend to his crops. He was too busy again this week to meet in person: He had to hurry and bale hay on a gorgeous, sunny September afternoon. Of course Richardson is in good company, particularly during school board elections that routinely draw the fewest voters. Turnout percentage tends to languish in the single digits. Only 36 people total voted throughout the entire Riceville district.”

Mama’s Note: Now there’s a political deal I could live with. The election was canceled due to lack of interest… Nathan: Clearly, the Iowa (idiots out wandering around) law is pretty stupid. In South Dakota (and other states), if there is only one candidate, the election is simply “accepted” and the one candidate automatically is “the winner.” (Loser, more likely.)  It saves money but prevents a self-serving oligarchy, at least some of the time. By the way, you can tell that the Register (mainstream media) doesn’t think too highly of the farmer or others, another indication that there isn’t too much too bad about this “apathy” – government is losing its legitimacy and that has the media worried, and worked up.

Speaking of getting worked up, the “emotional” response of the guy squatting at 1600 PA to the arrival of that old guy from Argentina who now claims a nice neighborhood in Rome as his residence is an excellent example, isn’t it? CNS News is one of many stories to point out the hypocrisy of the squatter, who touts religious liberty to the Pope while his minions are litigating against 15 Roman Catholic dioceses to force them to accept (and even practice) abortion, the killing of children in the womb. What also needs to be pointed out is that the man visiting from Rome, to the incredible adulation of masses of people is NOT “preaching Christ and Him crucified,” but rather the Tranzi-humanist gospels of global warming and socialism and more government power. Consider how he gladdens the heart of tyrant Castro, as detailed in Religion News. (I get a kick out of the mixed message of a Communist dictator greeting the pope wearing an Adidas jacket.) The Man that the pontiff of Rome claims to be the founder of his religion would be rolling in his grave, except of course, that His grave has been empty for about 15 or so years short of two millennia.

Mama’s Note: I just wish all of these people would practice their religion, or whatever, on their own dime and in their private lives… leaving the rest of us to do the same in peace. Nothing good will come from the travels of this hypocritical fool… or any of the fools he visits.

When there is conflict between growing government and protecting the enviroment, Tranzis always come down on the side of government. Latest example of that is found in Public Works Magazine which reports on how the Huffington Post is promoting the idea of a “national water grid” which would allow water – obviously in massive amounts) to be transferred from one part of the country to another to alleviate drought and make up shortages. This insane idea, to say nothing of the vast amounts of power it would consume (which is going to come from where? Coal? Hydro? Natural gas? Some other “evil” source of energy? Certainly solar and wind are incapable of providing that much on-demand), would permanently destroy vast swatches of the environment by depriving them of the natural water and others by providing artificially high and often destructive amounts of water. We don’t need to speculate about this, because that is exactly what has already happened, if not on a global scale, on a regional scale. The massive transfer of water from the upper reaches of the Colorado River Basin across the Continental Divide to the Front Range of Colorado, the even MORE massive amounts of water taken from the Lower Colorado River Basin and pumped across into Southern California, denying water needed for the last few hundred miles of the Colorado River Valley and turning the LA Basin into the nightmare of subdivisions and freeways that it is today where green lawns compete with smoggy skies for “attractive living conditions” (for someone – don’t ask me who).

Oh dear, how awful! Or so says Stars & Stripes (the military newspaper) and many others, talking about how DoD prepares for a possible shutdown [sic] as Congress nears the statutory deadline for a new fiscal year and budget with – surprise, surprise NOT – NO budget for spending the stolen tax money, or even borrowing MORE money. Can you tell how my heart bleeds? Not that the White House or Congress will let the DoD or any other “critical” government agency actually shut down. But the political grandstanding is so fun!!

Mama’s Note: There actually IS a political slogan I’d support… “GRIDLOCK 2016” But it would have to be total and irreversible to do much good.

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