Libertarian Commentary on the News, 23 September 2015, #15-38C: Civilization Falls

By Nathan Barton

As we watch things crumble. First, Europe:

I think that I know why Germany is changing its tune on Muslim “refugees” which are flooding Europe after “fleeing” Syria.  Or at least a major reason: Oktoberfest.  At that nasty little site, “”  someone in the Netherlands, is petitioning Stadt Muenchen (Munich) to cancel Oktoberfest as an anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim festival.  No doubt, Karnival is next.  A generally libertarian new site, Eagle Rising has an interesting commentary on it, pointing out the mess that Germany (and other European states) has gotten themselves into.  He does not point out that it is largely Euro-American meddling in Syria that has created the excuse for a “refugee crisis,” but does note the refusal of most Muslim nations to do anything productive. (Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon (a mixed-religion state) being exceptions to that.)  And he goes off on a defense of drinking for christians that is not well-reasoned or written.  (Using Martin Luther as either an example of or authority on The Way is always a bad idea.)

Next, North America:

The European “refugee” crisis hits America’s shores. In a report at Yahoo, Kerry, one of the chief minions of the squatter in DC, says that the US has 10,000 this year, and will take 85,000 in 2016, and 100,000 in 2017: a very clear indication that the FedGov expects the wars in Syria to continue indefinitely.  Europeans are talking about 35 million, so expect the number here in the Fifty States to go way up, also. Unarmed invasions are STILL invasions, and previous civilizations have died as a result.  Europe has lost its will to live, seemingly, and the various Islamic power groups all see this as an opportunity to finally accomplish what has been sought for 1400 years. America is not far behind. But one more place is even closer to being served up on the dinner table of evil.

That place is Japan. Cultural differences come to light, as a fistfight erupts over pacifism. Breitbart reports that a fistfight erupted during a debate on pacifism in the Japanese Diet. There have been large protests, heated arguments, and accusations of everything from heavy-handed politics to corruption.

Mama’s Note: I wasn’t surprised to see this in London, or the Ukraine, or Bulgaria…but what happened to “saving face” in Japan? Just more evidence that the world has gone stark raving nuts.

Still, it seems bizarre to watch a fistfight break out in the Japanese parliament over pacifism, complete with one parliamentarian coming off the wall and diving into the scrum like a pro wrestler diving off the top rope.  I wonder if having a real emperor instead of a placeholder would have made a difference. The collapse of Japanese society is far apace.

On to other news:

In Texas, long known for its slavish worship of law enforcement officers, we have this tale, a Whataburger employee was fired for not serving cops, according to Time reprinting a story from WFAA channel 8, a Dallas ABC affiliate. A Whataburger employee who refused to serve two police officers in Lewisville, Texas has been fired. Officers Michael Magovern and Cameron Beckham were in uniform when an employee claiming to be a manager said ‘We don’t serve police officers.’ … The former employee told WFAA8 that his refusal to serve the officers was a joke.” Tom Knapp pointed out, “If the customers’ gang colors didn’t represent a name ending in “PD,” nobody would think twice about it.” But he may not be completely correct: if they refused to serve a christian group or some Anglo-Texans, they’d get away with it.  But if it was a pair of homosexuals, however disgusting their dress or behavior, or a couple of Syrian “refugees,” or – heaven forbid, someone with a darker skin color and the right kind of Latin name, the corporate chiefs would have this guy’s head on a post (figuratively, I understand) muy pronto.

One reason to avoid law enforcement, by the way, is revealed in the book, “Where the Bodies Were Buried,” by T.J. English, whom I just heard on a radio interview.  The book is the basis of the new Johnny Depp movie about Boston Irish Mobster Whitey Bulgar.  But the REAL story is the partnership, for TWO DECADES, between Bulgar, his brother (President of the Massachusetts Commonwealth’s Senate) and the FBI.  The FBI allowed this guy to kill at least nineteen people with his own hands, commit literally thousands of felonies, and remain on the run for seventeen years because he was an informant.  In turn, he ALSO got the FBI to get rid of his Italian rivals. Neat, huh?  Apparently everything England writes about came out in the guy’s trial in 2012, but somehow the mainstream media failed to pick up on the corruption and double-dealing of the FBI dating back to 1975.

But people don’t learn, do they?  Daily Caller explains that some scientists have added a “new step” to the scientific method: sic government goons on those who disagree with you about your findings, ESPECIALLY if they have a sound basis in fact and theory to oppose your claims.  They are citing the RICO (Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations) Act, a truly diabolical way of dealing with the government’s enemies and a wonderful hammer to use during scientific (and other) debate.

Heartland Institute sounds the alarm about the next step in government-run, theft-supported schools: “If Common Core is scary, hide from new “Community Schools”  “The essence of the new education system, ‘Community Schools,’ is to provide every need (every meal, health care), of the student. Although the bill sounds friendly, it is not. Any initiative that shifts the center of a child’s universe away from home, church, and family to that of complete dependence upon a government entity should be seriously questioned. ‘Community Schools’ goes further than just strengthening government’s authority over our children. It robs parents of their role, their responsibilities, and the time honored family unit that allows families to unite in a bond of cooperation and love that can only be fully realized by those who have nurtured the child from conception to birth and each stage of that child’s life.”

Mama Liberty expresses our shock: Egads, I’d not heard of this abomination before. Next, newborns will be taken from their parents immediately and placed into a government facility to be raised by robots, no doubt.

I agree: This is precisely what was predicted in Brave New World, the novel. And what was done, to a large degree, in the Soviet lands. It is really the old Spartan idea as well. It supports totalitarian states and destroys civilization. And that does, indeed, seem to be the goal of all these various groups and organizations, indeed of Transnational Progressivism (Tranzis) themselves, to destroy the past and replace it with whatever horror they have in mind.

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