Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 October 2015, #15-41A:

By Nathan Barton

My discussion in the last commentary on free speech was eerily echoed by an excellent column by Walter E Williams in Townhall about suppressing free speech: as he points out, it is growing more common and more blatant. Lip service is paid to liberty: we who are “extremists” must be put in our place: and MUST shut up.

At least a few (hundred) people in Oregon don’t understand that they have to shut up.  The Washington Times reports that several hundred people showed up at the squatter’s ghoulish visit to the community college to demand an end to gun-free zones and tell him (and Miz Clinton) to stay out of it.  Meanwhile, although his “advisers” pooh-poohed Clinton”s claim that executive orders can end the “gun violence” crisis, he appears to be trying to do just that.  Well, I’m sure that the Secret Service is working overtime processing the photos and setting up files on all the people out protesting. Like voting, if protesting like this did any real good, they’d outlaw it. More about Oregon and gun laws in a minute.

Patriotism, love of country, is one example of extremist speech that is increasingly viewed with disfavor.  A Wyoming high school canceled “America Pride Day” as part of their homecoming week events, for fear of “offending” some students. This politically-correct measure is reported by Freedom Outpost with a sense of outrage.

When I first read the headline, it seemed very odd – until I read WHERE in Wyoming: Jackson.  Situated in Jackson Hole, next to (and even IN) Grand Teton National Park and just south of Yellowstone National Park, Jackson is a festering sore of Tranzi infection that pollutes the State of Wyoming and has a negative impact even on nearby states like Idaho and Montana. Together with Albany County (home of Laramie and the University of Wyoming with their mind-numbed crowds of liberal and progressive clowns, closely allied with the University of Colorado in Boulder and sadly, Colorado State University in Fort Collins), they make life more miserable and less free for the other half-million residents of Wyoming.

The political correctness which this little stunt – instigated by brainwashed educrats in the local school – is at total odds to the normal way of life in Wyoming, except in Jackson Hole and Albany County.  Why Jackson Hole? For decades, it has been (like Palm Springs, Vail and Aspen, and Austin) the dumping ground and play ground of the uber-rich, particularly the Hollywood and Wall Street crowd, who behave like the imperial ruling class they try to be, the rulers of the world who have colonized the area, using their easy, tainted money to buy up properties and build incredible mansions, drawing in a degraded form of servant class (or converting locals to that class).

Indeed, I discovered that Teton County is the RICHEST in the nation, with an AVERAGE income of almost $300,000 per year. Even Pitkin County (Aspen) and New York County (Manhattan) are well below it (5th and 4th, respectively). The impact of the wealthy colonists, as compared to the average Joe in the county (everyone from motel clerks to waiters to construction workers) is seen in the median income of just $67,000 per year: only 4th in the State of Wyoming.  I am sure that, although few of the ultra-rich are sending their children to the local public schools, the high appraised land values make the school district flush with money and they can hire the “best” – by the usual educrat definition of “best” teachers and administrators.

Back to guns: As the squatter at 1600 PA wastes more millions stolen from taxpayers to go to Oregon to “mourn with the mourners” and hypocritically wax lyrical about the nine dead there, with the blood still dripping from his hands from the attack on a hospital in Afghanistan, the Guardian reports how the Democrats in the US Senate are making hay with their Capitol Steps photoshoot and press release about their new gun control bill to “stop the killing.”  They plan to push to close loopholes in current gun laws.  “Loopholes” like the 72-hour limit.  Loopholes like assuming people are innocent and peaceful until they are proven otherwise.  Their arrogance (no, NOT ignorance or naivety) as usual sickens me.  They want a tighter, nastier, more robust police state: they fear that the next “gun-free zone” to be attacked might be their own offices, or their own homes.  (Except, of course, none of those are REALLY gun-free zones: even local Social Security offices have ARMED guards, these days.)  There is NO proof at all that ANY of this garbage legislation has ANY impact whatsoever on gun violence.

We DO know that banning of weapons (or most weapons) from private ownership and control DOES result in an increase in overall violence and crime, as demonstrated in the UK and Australia.  None of the laws on the books in Oregon – NOT particularly friendly to gun ownership – stopped the killings that these thugs in suits and ties now use as an excuse to demand MORE laws.  Indeed, the laws probably FACILITATED the mass executions.  So “just one more law” will likely (a) result in more needless deaths, (b) lead to MORE refusal to obey the law – and work around all the gun laws, and (c) lead to the call for MORE laws.  These laws are worthless except for one thing. They are political pandering to gain votes and money and power.

Help for veterans?  No, not really, according to the Wall Street Journal as it explains that the VA’s troubles are everywhere, and the so-called fixes (like $16 billion increased spending last year) are making things worse;  $72 billion a year, and 300,000 employees to treat six million vets a year at 1,600 sites are a huge drain on the economy, Even when the VA’s senior leadership and bureaucrats seem more intent on killing off vets as quickly as possible, despite the best efforts of the actual care-givers and immediate support staff.  Again, the dirty wash of corruption and political power seem to be at the root of it. The Journal article calls for widespread “reworking” but this is not going to solve the problem. The only real solution I can see, assuming that the government does not simply abandon its promised commitment to those veterans who survived their abuse by the government for anywhere from 4 to 30 years, is to turn the VA into a financing agency and have “private-sector” medical institutions actually provide the care.  This of course will NEVER pass Congress.  A second idea, equally unlikely to be passed, would be to merge the active-duty military medical system with both the VA and the Public Health Service (PHS) systems into a single agency run BY military (active, retired, and veterans) FOR military members (active, retired, and veterans) and their families.  The worst thing about both of these options is that the opportunity for fraud, corruption, bureaucracy, and political power building just grows.  There IS no real solution that does not mean a total collapse of the system, which reports like this indicate is soon coming.

What gives?  It seems that too many people, including idiots in Congress, assume that Russia is our enemy, as reported on testimony given to Congress this week by CNS News.  I do not understand how Russia attacking Syrian “moderate” rebels (even if trained and sponsored by the CIA) is a proxy war against the US, as this general claimed.  The Caliphate is supposedly an enemy of the US and, despite testimony, multiple sources are reporting that Russia HAS been attacking the Caliphate’s forces, as well as other rebels.  So, unless the Caliphate is a tool of the US (as claimed by some people), it seems to me (for good or bad) that Russia and the FedGov are BOTH fighting against some of the same enemies.  And since it is widely reported that virtually NONE of the “moderate” rebels trained by the CIA or other FedGov elements remain (most having joined the Caliphate) the Russians would have to be very good to attack those few remaining.

Once more, I point out, the best thing to do is to get OUT of Syria AND “Iraq” AND Kurdistan and Yemen and where ever else.  For both the US and Russia. (And for anyone who is NOT Muslim or able to defend themselves against the Islamists.)

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, 12 October 2015, #15-41A:

  1. Paul Bonneau says:

    Woops, now that I re-read the Wyoming CC law, it does NOT allow CC on campus for either “constitutional carry” or permitted carry. So arguably, Oregon law is superior in this respect (at least theoretically – as I said, in practice the schools are disobeying the law so the outcome is about the same). I think OC is allowed in Wyoming however.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      There is no statute or any part of one that says anything about OC, period. I’m sure that nobody is welcome to carry into a jail or places like that… but I don’t think most of us would even want to do so. All federal laws pertain to both OC and CC, however. The fact is that, just as with Oregon or much of anywhere else, absent serious metal detectors or strip searches, the “law” is irrelevant to actual practice. If people want to CC, they are not apt to be stopped from doing so by “laws” or signs on the doors. If they are unlucky enough to be forced to draw or worse, fire the gun, THEN they can be charged with violations if they are in the “wrong” place. Even more unfortunate, a good number of people believe those signs and “laws” are legitimate, and so go about unarmed and helpless as a matter of choice. Dumb, but there it is.

      Not sure how many people in Wyoming bother to give it much thought, let alone compliance. Those who are going to carry do so, one way or another.


  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    “None of the laws on the books in Oregon – NOT particularly friendly to gun ownership – stopped the killings that these thugs in suits and ties now use as an excuse to demand MORE laws. Indeed, the laws probably FACILITATED the mass executions.”

    Not really. Oregon law actually allows CC in colleges and schools, unlike Wyoming (although the latter now has “constitutional carry” which is much better). More likely, the college regulations were the problem here:

    By any reasonable reading of the CC law in Oregon, colleges cannot ban carry, but the colleges have been violating that law with their regulations and the courts (surprise, surprise) have been letting them get away with that.


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