Libertarian Commentary on the News, 13 October 2015, #15-40C: Hypocrisy in action

By Nathan Barton

Hypocrisy is, of course, always with us. Especially in government and big business. Consider some of the following.

Do as I say, NOT as I do.  Of course, she has now “resigned,” no doubt for the good of the squatter.  Freedom Outpost reports that a female White House “Special Assistant” got into an argument with her boy-friend after complaining that he was also having sex with another of his girl-friends (you have to specify whose, these days), and grabbed his pistol and shot at him. Her boy-friend was a Capitol Police officer, but apparently survived the attack.  Of course, this reminds me of a point a number of folks have made about hoplophobes and hoploclasts, they are so afraid that THEY cannot control their tempers and resist the temptation to use firearms to kill people without justification that they just naturally assume that NO body can control their temper and resist temptation.

Mama’s Note: Indeed… I drove up to 400 miles a day on So. Calif. roads and freeways over more than 14 years. All over, from the empty desert to many of the worst areas of big cities from San Diego to the Nevada state line. I’m very sure that there were lots of people carrying guns in those days, and I know there was lots of road rage and many unfortunate collisions, yet I don’t remember any of those things involving ordinary people shooting it out afterwards. Gangs and criminals shooting each other, a few, none of whom were NRA members, I think.

Again, an armed customer saves the day, this time in North Charleston, South Carolina.  The Post and Courier reports that a hold-up artist was shot (and later died) by a customer at a Waffle House.  What is interesting is that Waffle House policy prohibits ANY customer, including police and military, from having weapons.  Was it a violation of the property owner’s rights for a customer to be carrying concealed? No one expects Waffle House to stop being a hypocritical corporation.

YES! Government pork has been banned… but sadly, only IN the federal prisons and not in Congress.  CNS News reports that the entire federal prison system (300,000+ inmates) has been forbidden to serve ANY pork products in order to avoid offense.  I guess that no one cared how many Jewish inmates there were for all these years, or those christians who belonged to groups that practiced Kosher – or anyone who was a vegetarian.  Apparently it is ONLY Muslims that are offended deeply enough by the mere presence of bacon, ham, chitlins, pork chops, sausage, etc. to mean that we must ban the stuff.  In fact, is it not the case that prisons who refused to offer fish or other non-meat dishes on Fridays, back in the days when Catholics had meatless Fridays year-round, were upheld because to do so would be a violation of separation of church and state?

Mama’s Note: Insane, but completely consistent with any government idea. Personally, since wild and feral pigs are such an incredible problem in so many places, I think it should be mandatory for all prisons to sponsor hunts – whether manned by non-violent inmates or open invitations to local hunters – to harvest as many of these animals as possible and use them to feed not only prisoners, but anyone else who would like to have the meat. They can provide an alternative for the prisoners who don’t want pork…

Do RAF warplanes have carte blanche to attack Russian aircraft over Syria? After all, Russian aircraft are in Syria at the invitation of at least ONE of the governments that claim to run Syria; don’t think the RAF have been invited by anyone on the ground.  According to CNS News, a British paper reports that Russia wants an explanation of such orders supposedly being issued: that RAF aircraft are free to attack Russian aircraft.  Do you have the feeling that these people (NOT the Russians, but the others) are TRYING to start a nasty war – or rather, expand it vastly from the current conflict. Is it hypocritical to say “we had to start a war to keep the peace?” Or just stupid?

They (NATO and the US/Western Allies) are not the only ones who seem intent on starting a war.  Claire Wolfe is, too, but I support her reasoning and objective.  In her most recent column at Living Freedom, headlined “Come and take them. Start here.” Claire writes in part: “Mass murders, whether by bomb or knife or vehicle or poison, are horrific individual tragedies. But mass murders by firearm result in a dreary sameness. Except this time. This time, instead of merely hissing about ‘common sense gun control,’ instead of the bad old lie that ‘nobody wants to take your guns, you paranoid crazy,’ the media elite now openly call for repeal of the Second Amendment and/or confiscation of firearms. … I have a suggestion for those who want the guns gone. This is for you, elitist scribblers. Here’s an invitation. Shut the hell up and come and take them. You can start at my house.”  It isn’t JUST the Press, of course: and they are mostly all cowards.  It is more than just the politicians, too: there are too many people who accept this tacitly and refuse to throw the media and the politicos into the gutter. Claire is closer than ever to saying “yep, time’s up.” It is NOT Claire who is the hypocrite; it is the media and government.

You probably heard that Ben Carson was attacked and condemned by many – including Jewish groups – for making the “controversial” claim that if Jews in Germany had been armed, the Holocaust might not have been so successful. David Kopel in Denver (with the Independence Institute) wrote this in response in the Washington Post: Unarmed Jews defeated the mass murderers in revolts at extermination camps.  The point is, imagine what they could have done with their own weapons!  Amazing that it was published in the WaPo, I think. Anyone who decries the Holocaust yet encourages conditions to let that evil action repeat certainly is demonstrating a sickening amount of hypocrisy.

The Islamic War – the war going on and building up in the “Dar Al-Islam” (the land of “submission” and “peace”) is getting hotter. Veterans Today tells us that Houthi Yemeni troops have sunk a SECOND Saudi Arabian warship off the coast of Yemen.  What is strange about this, is that NONE of the MSM have reported it. There are dozens of news stories out there, many from Arabic/Persian sources, but NONE in the Brit, US, or Euro media. Not even in the conservative/libertarian media. I wonder why?

Mama’s Note: And I wonder, given the incredible wealth and influence the Saudi’s have there, why they have not simply smashed the whole ISIS thing already. I’m sure they have the resources. Why are the Saudi’s playing favorites, especially when their own military is attacked. I wonder…

Weekend suicide bombings in Chad, Cameroon are blamed on Boko Haram, according to the Christian Science Monitor. “Nigeria’s Islamic extremist insurgents Boko Haram are blamed for using teens and women to carry out suicide bombings in neighboring Chad and Cameroon this weekend, killing more than 45 …. Two girls between the ages of 13 and 17 carried out suicide bombings in the northern Cameroon village of Kangeleri … on Sunday, killing at least nine and wounding 29 others …. five coordinated suicide bombings in neighboring Chad on Saturday killed at least 36 people and wounded some 50 others in a village near Lake Chad that is home to thousands of Nigerians who have fled the extremists’ violence. The government said a man, two women, and two children carried out the attacks.” Where, oh, where, is the condemnation of this by Western governments, especially the squatter in DC?

At least THIS was condemned, but then, it is an ally. CNN reports from Turkey: Thousands gather in Ankara in aftermath of deadly blasts that killed scores… on Sunday near the site of two deadly bomb blasts that tore through crowds taking part in a peace rally in the capital a day earlier. The attack, for which no group has so far claimed responsibility, killed at least 95 people, wounded nearly 250 others and threatened to deepen divisions and distrust in Turkey’s polarized society.”

I have read accusations that this is a false flag attack intended to get Turkey to openly enter the war in Syria, but I think that fails to take into account that Turkey is already involved in that war and others, and that the tendency is for Muslims to kill each other just as much to kill infidels. Mohammed (peanut butter und honig) failed in his efforts to end inter-Arab fighting and killing; he just expanded the venue. The hypocrisy of Islam is nearly (sic) as great as that of government.

More evil weapons use, as reported in the Indianapolis Star, a woman uses her medieval combat training and sword to stop an intruder. “When a man broke into Karen Dolley’s home on Thursday night, her training in medieval combat came in handy. So did her sword. The 43-year-old woman said she awoke around midnight to the voice of a man in her house … She leapt out of bed, turned on the lights and saw him standing in her living room, she said. Then her instincts kicked in. Dolley, standing 5-foot-6, said she immediately attacked, punching him about 10 times and cornering him in her bedroom. She reached for her gun in a nearby drawer, but she accidentally opened the wrong drawer during the chaos of the moment, so her gun wasn’t there. She reached for her backup weapon, a Japanese-styled sword called ninjato, which she keeps near her bed. Her intruder crouched in the bedroom as she held him at sword-point until police arrived, she said.” Back-up is good, very good. Cold steel isn’t usually as good as a firearm, but will do in a pinch. Bravo!

Mama’s Note: Actually, she was very lucky. A lot more training and practice with the gun seems obviously necessary if she couldn’t lay hands on the gun immediately. In addition, I have to ask how the intruder got in. No mention of breaking glass or a door being kicked in… so I wonder if the door was even locked.

Falling gas prices mean no Social Security increase in 2016, according to Fox News.

Mama’s Note: The price of gas just went up 30 cents a gallon here last week. I hope it comes back down soon. But what would really help is if the falling price of gas was reflected in falling costs of shipping, since the shippers have always insisted that the high cost of fuel required the high prices of their services. Therefore the cost of food and other products should come down when the price of gas does. That doesn’t ever seem to happen. Those prices just seem to rise regardless.

Nathan: This is due, in part, I think, to the continuing rapid decline of the value of the dollar, even though neither fuel nor precious metal prices are climbing. Most other things are, and the phony government inflation statistics don’t report that accurately. But just as gasoline price drops always lag behind crude oil prices, so transportation charges do as well. I am sure that there is some elaborate economic explanation for it.

Mama’s Note: Yes, I fully understand the role that fiat “money” plays in all this. It just seems that the price of the shipping NEVER comes down, regardless of how much the oil price falls. Crude oil has been at less than the historic high for a long time now… but “shipping costs” are still the excuse for sky high  store prices. There are many other factors as well, of course, such as tax and regulation changes.

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