Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 Oct 2015, #15-42B: Self-defense and Jack-booted Thugs

By Nathan Barton

Self-defense? Is it a right? A natural, or God-given right of humans? Is it something that can be, should be, must be, limited? How? By what authority? There are many “christians” who believe that self-defense is something that can be waived: given up for the sake of their faith. But many of those who claim to have given up this right seem to think that the state can protect them… hmmm.

So let us talk of self-defense in some recent circumstances: Mama Liberty noted: “Somehow, this didn’t make the MSM headlines… but did finally show up in Fox News.” She says, “It should have been a defensive handgun situation.”  An Illinois Army vet, 75, saved 16 kids (and some moms) from knife-wielding teen who stated in public and to the cops that he was planning mass murder, of the children in the library for a home school chess class, taught by the vet who used fifty-year-old military training to fight off the psychopath with the knives. This man, in a rational society, would NOT have had to face the severe injuries he received in protecting his charges.

Mama’s Note: Actually, even a person with a gun and the training to go with it might not have avoided all injury from the knife. One thing most experts agree on is that if your attacker has a knife – and knows how to use it – you WILL get cut, at least some. We must understand the almost universal horror humans experience when faced with a knife or stabbing weapon of any kind, which can rob the most intrepid defender of precious reaction time.  It is virtually impossible to avoid or anticipate a sneak attack, and the sneak attack is simply the most logical approach – especially for someone with a weapon that requires close proximity to be effective. That’s why we need to be realistic, clear headed and well trained so we can respond appropriately and survive.

Having discussed “Christianity” and the habit of some who call themselves “christian” to depend on the state for their own defense, while refusing to take action to defend themselves, it is probably appropriate to comment on this one, also pointed out by Mama Liberty, who says, “… talk about giving Christians a bad name…: The blog Freedom in Our Time has a disturbing article, “Blessed Be the State’s Punitive Priesthood” talking about what they term as “Cop-worshiping Sundays” held by many groups who claim to be christian, and the “pastors” (false teachers) who push this sort of evil. To the point of claiming that policemen are “angels” of God and to be obeyed and deferred to and honored. Look, not all cops are all bad, but they are all (except some “private” and “institutional” police) parasites. And many ARE bad; scum, jack-booted thugs. And ALL of them are human. People need to reject this nonsense. Either get rid of the ones who preach this (and many other errors, certainly) or “come out from among them” and find or start a new assembly that worships God and not men.

One of the problems with depending on others – especially those NOT of your family or faith or with other close ties – is that those defenders can suddenly decide you aren’t worth defending. Consider that 13-year-old black kid who is expressing these “conservative views” critical of (among others) the guy squatting at 1600 PA. Prison Planet tells us that one of this boy’s teachers has stated in a tweet that “he’s not worth saving in a fire.” Don’t know whether or not the teacher is black, or just liberal, but it is clear that there is no “christian” love in him: also that he would almost certainly demand that the boy be disarmed.

Mama’s Note: While I don’t see “Prison Planet” as a consistent source for the truth, I have no doubt that this attitude is evident in many situations.

Of course, the teacher is not alone. That same squatter in 1600 PA has himself a new “czar” according to World Net Daily who will be investigating and prosecuting (persecuting?) “domestic extremists,” claiming that such non-foreign, non-Muslim types have killed more Americans than the foreign, Islamist, Communist, etc. types have since Bloody Tuesday (9-11). And no, that does NOT include members of the Blue Gang (unless they are also Oathkeepers), or any plain-clothes FBI and DEA types. Those aren’t terrorists, you know. They are on the side of the angels (or angels themselves, as the story above talked about). Odd, huh? The National Socialists in Germany and the Communists (International Socialists) in Russia only had two or three major secret police agencies to terrorize (excuse me, “encourage”) the population; our modern police state has many more. Can we even count them all? FBI, DEA, BATFE, NSA, CIA, EPA, and that is just at the federal level…

So, if these jack-booted thugs are “angels” of God, how does that explain this incident from some time ago, where the family is finally filing a lawsuit against the cop who stopped the 17-year-old for the “crime” of flashing his headlights at the cop’s car within 500 feet, and ended up killing the teen in a blaze of gunfire? The Blaze reports on this forlorn hope that some justice can be done. I’m not holding my breath.

Despite its evil past as a Czarist and Communist state, Russia today is not nearly so bad, as Yahoo News reports about a protest, in Moscow itself, against the Russian intervention in Syria. With 200 to 300 people (mostly “old” in their 50s and 60s) in the protest, only a SINGLE person was actually arrested: and that because he called Putin a dirty name, or so the story goes. Of course, in the old days it would be like it seems to be here in the Fifty States more and more – several dead, a lot more in some basement “holding cell/interrogation chamber” and maybe nothing at all in the “official” news.

When I was listing all the jack-booted thug (JBT) agencies of the FedGov, I forgot one: the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA. That joyful collection of nanny-statists has just announced (as reported by Fox News and NBC News that drone owners are to be required to register their devices. Mama Liberty points out: “Well sure, that’ll work. They just don’t get it, do they?” No, Mama, they don’t. This registration (which will, of course, make it easier to confiscate them and deny the use of them to as many people as possible) supposedly address “serious safety issues” – and will, of course, create thousands of new government employee slots AND contractor slots AND “consultant” slots. Motherboard touches on 8 questions this power-play raises. I can think of dozens more. And I can think of tens of thousands of people who already own “drones” (apparently the definition will include hundreds of thousands of radio-controlled aircraft (RCA), both fixed-wing and rotary-wing, that have been operated without -gasp!!!- government control for a century or more) who will almost certainly ignore the new dictum.

I touched on this last week, I think, but the mandate above reminds me again. Digital Trends touts the latest government weapon (no doubt to be used against those new outlaws, the “unregistered drone extremists”) which will cause the drones to drop from the sky. It will probably work on the $50 Radio Shack models, as long as you are stupid enough to operate within 400 meters (that’s about a quarter-mile) of a government unit armed with the “anti-drone gun.” But I betcha that weapon, even with all its limitations, sure costs a lot more than fifty dollars. Should be pretty easy for a good software/communications guy to come up with a way to make a drone go seek out the gun and perhaps deliver a tiny payload of tear-gas powder or a fully-charged capacitor to fry the gun.

Mama’s Note: I suspect that once we get the gov goons out of the mix, people will work together to manage the problems created by the drones, but I don’t see any real difficulty that has not already been long addressed regarding spotter scopes and all the other surveillance equipment that can be and is used by ordinary people. Violations of individual privacy on one’s own property is the realm of rational discussion here. Irresponsible and aggressive use of these things is always subject to reprisal and sanction.  A lot of drones may be shot down, and the operators of any wrongfully doing the shooting, will be settled in the normal way eventually.

I also forgot another alphabet JBT agency: the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM. The Blaze tells us of the latest doings of that gang (armed like so many of those agencies) on the Red River, the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma, where the BLM is seizing thousands of acres of land which is privately owned and in some cases has been for more than a century and a half (since before Texan independence in 1836) because they claim the land is part of Oklahoma and not Texas, and the law doesn’t recognize the river changing course. Oklahoma, of course, was ceded by Texas to the FedGov in 1844 when it was admitted to the Union, and so the land is still federal, since no one filed for homesteads on it when Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) was opened up for settlement by non-AmerInds. The farmers (and ranchers, further west) thought it was part of Texas and bought it or obtained grants of it under Texas law (and sometimes earlier under Mexican or Spanish law), but that doesn’t matter. Especially when the BLM wants to make it into a wildlife refuge or Buffalo Commons. And the BLM has the guns AND the drones.

By the way, last week, we learned that Mexican food is racist – or rather, cooking and serving Mexican food is racist. Now we learn that giving gifts that include watermelon and other fruit is also racist, or at least “racially insensitive,” and therefore banned, at least in one Texas government-ruined, theft-funded school distrct. The Blaze reports that the students of one school have been reprimanded and punished, as well as publicly condemned, for giving a gift to another school student body that included food and candy that has racial connotations. Even though the school that gave the food is 20% black, since the school that GOT the food is 40% black, giving watermelon-flavored candy and watermelons is evil and wrong. Heaven forbid that the gifts might have included coupons or gift certificates for KFC or Popeye’s, or recipes for hominy, grits, or chitlins.

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