Libertarian Commentary on the News, 04 NOV 2015, #15-44C: Insanity is catching on

by Nathan Barton

A correspondent, Marsh, questioned whether the story as reported in the Daily Caller was really true: that a Chicago-area school has been ORDERED by the FedGov (Departments of “Justice” and  “Education”) to allow a “transgender” male who claims he is a female (and hasn’t been surgically altered) to use the girl’s locker room and toilet WITH real girls present (or lose all their federal funding). My response to Marsh is a bit crude: The Daily Caller is usually pretty factual.  The Chicago Tribune headline points out WHY this insanity is allowed: the media, like the government, believes that “feelings” outweigh reality (as in, flesh and blood and DNA/genetic proof).

The Trib refers to this pervert as “her” because, in their warped minds, “sometimes I feel like a nut,” – since “she” thinks that “she” is a “girl,” then biology must give way to feelings, and we ALL must not just accept that it is a “girl” but that “it” must be praised and honored and treated like a girl (even though the feminists want all women to be treated just like men… rationality is not their strong suit – or indeed, even in their deck).  I can’t wait for the first high-school kid to claim that he (or she, or it) is really a horse because that is what they feel like, and can take a dump on the classroom floor – if they can even be made to go to school (at least, a non-horse school).  Or maybe they’ll claim that they are an EPA employee and still take a dump on the floor.

Mama’s Note: Insanity indeed, that the “feelings” of one person should impose a burden on everyone else… as if others have no “feelings” at all. But we both know that the only rational response to this is to take the children OUT of the government schools. No amount of outrage otherwise will make the slightest difference.

No parent should abuse their children by making them go to places like this, for a plethora of reasons BESIDES this idiocy.  No taxpayer should have their money stolen to support “institutions” like this. We used to have insane asylums where you could tell which people were the inmates and which were the staff.

More insanity? Take it with a grain of salt, but they do have a picture (may be photoshopped of course); Prison Planet reports that Cinemark, a large theatre chain, is banning “simulated weapons” like light-sabers and blasters, from their theatres to ensure that the audience “feels safe.”  Not IS safe, but FEELS safe.  Theatres, like schools and colleges, and day-care centers, will REMAIN hunting refuges for nutjobs as long as virtually everyone is unarmed, and so-called “feel good” measures like prohibiting fake guns and toys does NOTHING except make matters worse.

Mama’s Note: It’s a little like the gun shows in this part of the world. When they were mostly put on by local gun clubs, nobody blinked an eye when some people (often MANY) carried their personal sidearm openly into the venue. There were a few negligent discharges over the years, but I can’t remember anyone getting hurt. Then came the big outfits, with their “shows” being more and more comparable to a flea market, less and less about guns and related things. Soon they began to demand that personal sidearms be unloaded and a “zip tie” threaded through the barrel. This was supposed to be mandated by their liability insurance, but I never saw any proof of that. I just quit going to their shows… and continue to enjoy the few local events put on by the clubs – safely armed, as always.

The insanity of government and other (environist “dogooder” groups, especially) worshipers of “global warming” grows.  As recently as last week, I read yet another article claiming that Antarctica is unstable, the polar cap is melting away, and vast amounts of loose ice are floating out to sea driving up sea levels.  So how do we explain this news from Business Insider that the continent is continuing to accumulate MORE ice and is actually pulling water from the oceans: and has been since 1992. Yet the lies continue, even from NASA.

Mama’s Note: This was well known even in 2012. ICESAT Data Shows Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses from Watts Up With That. This is an excellent source for all things climate related, and is a fun site to read anyway.

Schizophrenia?  Yep. When even the Tranzi (liberal progressive transnational) media admit that the squatter at 1600 PA – and the dominatrix that wants to take his place there – DO want to and plan to confiscate your guns, as The Daily Beast reported this week, AND points out that such an attempt at confiscating guns will end in a civil war in the Fifty States, it should be an eyeopener to the likes of those two.  But of course, the need to steal all forms of self-defense against tyranny is go great in those two (and all their ilk) that they probably will ignore even The Daily Beast.

But even so, it is clear the writer does not really get it. He compares the 1st and 2nd Amendments (and the toleration of “unpopular” and even rude speech) negatively, and compares the evils of 30,000 killed by guns because of our RKBA to tolerating air pollution from private automobiles, RATHER than to the 50,000 dead and hundreds of thousands injured and maimed on the highways – and conveniently forgets the million babies killed each year in the name of “freedom of choice.”

Mama’s Note: And they all conveniently forget the thousands (if not more) of people who use guns, the most effective tool, to defend themselves successfully each year all across the country. Most without ever firing a shot. And they never mention the many, many millions of individuals murdered by their own governments across the globe, as much because the victims could not meaningfully defend themselves as anything else.

Paranoia?  Maybe so – this is insane nevertheless.  CNS News reports that the EPA – yeah, those petty and not-so-petty tyrants, spent 14 million bucks on guns. The article goes on to discuss all the other waste the EPA and its staff are involved in, but the guns deal really takes the cake.  Maybe they are afraid the people of the Southwest (including the Ute and the Navajo) will go on the warpath and start attacking EPA offices in Denver and Dallas and elsewhere?

Insane behavior for the chief FedGov diplomat.  John Kerry, failed presidential candidate and billionaire trophy husband, denigrates the Fifty States in Central Asia, according to CNS News, by telling them that “American democracy is not perfect” – example being mass shootings and killer cops.  Well, he’s wrong.  American “democracy” IS perfect: perfectly awful, perfectly insane, and a perfect failure for a supposedly free people.

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